After withdrawal from Wright Martin Aircraft Corporation, Glenn L. Martin formed his own company at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1917, occupying a new factory at Baltimore, Maryland, in 1929. During Second World War operated U.S. government plant at Omaha, Nebraska. Aircraft production ceased December 20,1960 when the last P5M- 2 Marlin was handed over to U.S. Navy. MB-1 twin-engined biplane bomber first flown August 17,,1918, followed by improved MB-2. Other inter-war military aircraft included MO-1 three-seat observation aircraft, PM-1 and PM-2 flying-boats for the U.S. Navy and the B-10 and B-12 bombers. Latter developed into Model 167, supplied to RAF from 1940 as Maryland, and Model 187 which RAF used as
Martin B-57 Intruder
Baltimore. B-26 Marauder bomber, first flown- November 25,1940, ordered from drawing board, of which total production exceeded 4,700. U.S. Navy flying-boats included five Mars transports, Mariner and Marlin patrol flying-boats, and XP6M-1 Seamaster four-jet flying-boat flown July 141955. U.S. Navy acquired AM-1 Mauler carrier-attack and P4M Mercator patrol aircraft, USAF ordered English Electric Canberras license-built as Martin B-57 from 1953. Civil production comprised Martin 130 26- seat flying-boats for Pan American 1934-1935, and Model 2-0-2 and 103 Model 4-0-4 airliners from 1947.

In the form of the Martin Marietta Corporation, Martin returned to piloted aircraft production in 1965 with SV-5 piloted lifting body research vehicle, built as SV-5J with J-85 or J-60 jet engine and as SV-5P or X-24A with XLR- 11 rocket engine. Vehicle was launched from Boeing B-52 mother plane. In March 1995 Martin Marietta merged with Lockheed Corporation to form present Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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130 "China Clipper"
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