Established in 1936 in old Breguet factory at Villacoublay. Products generally
Arsenal VG 30
VG 30
designated by initials of Vernisse (director) and Galtier (designer). VG 30 was lightweight fighter; VG 33 a more powerful development (200 ordered and many being assembled by June
Arsenal-Delanne 10
1940). Arsenal-Delanne 10 was unorthodox tandem monoplane two-seater, flown 1941. Experimental work on fast and unorthodox aircraft resumed after war, when VB 10 fighter with tandem piston engines and contrarotating
Arsenal VG 90
VG 90
propellers was flown. VG 70 had German Junkers Jumo 004 turbojet; VG 90 was naval jet fighter; 5.501 a pilotless aircraft; 0.101 a research monoplane for testing aerofoil sections, spoilers, etc. After 1954 became SFECMAS (Societe Frangaise de Construction de Materiaux Speciaux).

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