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The first five designs evolved by Alfred Vogt of the Helicopter Technik Wagner since the company's formation in 1960 included two experimental helicopters, each powered by a 95hp rotary engine. One was a simple 2-seater with a skid undercarriage and pod-shaped body; the other was the Rotocar III "roadable" helicopter.

K.Munson "Helicopters And Other Rotorcraft Since 1907", 1968

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The Helikopter Technik Wagner, formed by Josef Wagner, designed a series of helicopters with coaxial rotors during the 1960s. The earliest test models were fairly rudimentary machines built to test the concept, and one design was a roadable machine titled the Rotocar III.

Wagner also built a prototype (D-HAGU) of the Aerocar roadable helicopter, powered by a 260hp Franklin 6AS-335-B engine, which had a complete body shell with twin fins and four wheels linked to an automobile drive system for its ground transport role. It was first flown in 1965.

R.Simpson "Airlife's Helicopter and Rotorcraft", 1998

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nice helicopters to all

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Just posted "Helicopter Model 4 Monocopter" on YouTube that uses this principal. Trying to design a low cost kit helicopter for the everyman. This site has been of great help.

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