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TsAGI A-13

Two-seat liaison machine developed from A-6 and A-8. Direct-control inclined rotor with folding blades, folding dihedralled wings and twin-finned tail, internal engine starter and clutch-in drive for rotor before take-off. First flown on skis March 1936.

Bill Gunston "The Osprey's Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft", 2000

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Technical data for A-13

Engine: 1 x M-11, rotor diameter: 11.5m, wing area: 5.6m2, weight empty: 540kg, fuel+oil: 50kg, weight loaded: 802kg, max speed: 151km/h, min speed: 45km/h, ceiling: 3000m, endurance: 2h, range: 250km, take-off run: 40m, landing run: 0m

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