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With design concepts evolving again in the late 80's, RotorWay created the "Elete", a larger, attractive two-place helicopter which showed a lot of promise, yet presented once more the numerous difficulties associated with a new model.

The "Elete" had an RW 152, water-cooled, dual electronic, 4-stroke engine that provided 152 horsepower with a pilot and passenger payload of 180kg. Normal cruise was 180km/h with maximum airspeed of 210km/h.

Under a separate company, there was also even a prototype development of a four-place helicopter called the Windstar that simply proved to be far too costly. The development costs for further research and testing were also running more expensive than a small company could absorb and the project was soon dropped.

After selling three "Elete" helicopters, the company finally succumbed to financial challenges and was soon purchased by a former customer, John Netherwood, a businessman from England. The new company recognized the design hurdles of the "Elete" and promptly set out to address making the proven "Exec" model a better aircraft to sell. With invaluable input from the employees themselves, the work began.

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Dwight Dodd, e-mail, 16.01.2021reply

Saddest part of Schramm's story is that Windstar was a revolutionary craft and a credible threat to the existing rival Certified helicopter market.Comparable performance to a jet ranger, engine failure backup,at half the cost........Hell of a craft.We lost our deposit .....slated for production unit #66...they were to begin production once they reached 100 units.Saw it,touched it,sat in it...

david hillberg, e-mail, 10.04.2015reply

the Heli cycle ? a real helicopter? ol BJ sent my brother a letter saying "putting a turbine into a rotorway " heli cycle" was impossible due to "viberations" he them had Eagle R&D buy up all the T62s they can find...the letter is amusing just like Frank with the rotormouse due to our use of some of his components.. like all helicopter builders only one is not full of crap,, and he was an immigrant Russian...

David Hillberg, e-mail, 25.07.2012reply

the windstar is currently being evaluated for acquisition for certification test flight after completing of modifications by Extended Sky

Christine, 18.10.2008reply

Basically, the company was stolen from Mr. Schramm by people who weren't intelligent enough to continue his work. That's why the Elete was left unfinished. Now you can buy the slower and heavier Exec model developed by the thieves, but if you really want to buy a quality, sport aviation chopper get a Helicycle.

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