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In 1980, a whole new look evolved with the birth of the "Exec", the grandfather of the current model, the Exec- 162. The body had a modern, sleek appearance reflecting the forward thinking of the company. But that’s not all.

Extensive research and development were undertaken to yield this new design, but it proved to be well worth it, the end product setting higher standards than ever before for kit aircraft, both fixed-wing and helicopter.

As with any new design, there were areas of substantial improvement as well as unanticipated difficulties. Less than perfect aerodynamics and a tendency to overheat were some of the issues later resolved.

One of the most significant improvements with this model was the elastomeric rotor system, which improved the "workhorse" capability of the helicopter. The well-proven elastomeric technology had been used in corporate helicopters up to that time, but would now be adapted to a kit helicopter. The term "elastomeric bearing" refers to a bonded rubber type bearing in which alternate thin layers of rubber and brass shims are bonded together in a pack. This "sandwich" absorbs the pressures of centrifugal force and at the same time, due to the flexibility of the rubber, the feathering motion of the blade can occur at a very rapid rate with very low cycling loads being applied to the blade pitch horns.

The "Exec" with the RW 152 engine carried a pilot and passenger load of 170kg and had a normal cruise of 153km/h, with maximum speed of 185km/h.

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How much Swashplate cost please , How can i get swashplate for my helicopter .

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I´like information for plan ?
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in 4 hours pratice i learn to hover in my yard alone ,but later i found it harder in flight ,i have instructor ,if you are not helico pilot stay out of translation ,Michel

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