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Cicare CH-6

The CH-6 is a single-seat, ultra-light helicopter. Propelled by a two-stroke Rotax engine. It arises of the necessity of having an aircraft to evaluate in flight some different systems created to be used in the Cicare CH-5, and it proved to be helicopter of excellent stability and maneuverability. The airframe is made of steel tubes and the blades are made of composite. The novel control mechanism is a patented invention of Augusto Cicare.

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Technical data for Cicare CH-6

Crew: 1, engine: Rotax 582 rated at 48kW, rotor diameter: 6.0m, length with rotors turning: 7.15m, fuselage length: 5.45m, height: 1.92m, width: 1.60m, take-off weight: 320kg, empty weight: 180kg, max speed: 140km/h, cruising speed: 100km/h, hovering ceiling, IGE: 3500m, endurance: 3h

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