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Cicare CH-5

Under the requirement of the Argentinean Air Force, Augusto designed and built a light helicopter with the capability of carrying out agricultural tasks, basically fumigation. Augusto named it CH-5. This robust helicopter propelled by a Lycoming engine has an airframe of steel tubes, with the blades and the cabin made of composite.

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Technical data for Cicare CH-5

Crew: 1, engine: 4-cylinder Lycoming O-320-A2C pistone engine, rated at 110kW, rotor diameter: 7.70m, length with rotors turning: 8.85m, fuselage length: 6.8m, height: 2.25m, width: 1.80m, take-off weight: 620kg, empty weight: 305kg, max speed: 170km/h, cruising speed: 145km/h, hovering ceiling, OGE: 1350m, hovering ceiling, IGE: 1950m

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I am wanting to buy a helicopter like this but can't seem to find any place close that can help me. I need a price list in American dollar but all I've seen is foriegn. hope you can help. Thank You

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