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The Army's decision not to adopt the YHO-3 did not mean that the type would not eventually see Army service, however, for in early 1986 the Army began taking delivery of the first of an as yet undisclosed number of newly manufactured Hynes Helicopters H-5T versions. Hynes, which obtained manufacturing rights for several Brantly helicopter designs when the latter firm went out of business, developed the H-5T variant of the earlier B-2 as a remotely-piloted reconnaissance platform and gunnery target. Those machines purchased by the Army are thought to all be targets, and many are known to have been given fiberglass bodies closely resembling in outline, if not size, the Soviet Mi-24 Hind-D helicopter gunship.

  • S.Harding "U.S. Army Aircraft since 1947"

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Technical data for Hynes H-5T

Engine: 1 x Lycoming VO-360-A1A pistone engine, rated at 135kW, main rotor diameter: 7.21m, fuselage length: 6.63m, height: 2.11m, take-off weight: 753kg, empty weight: 442kg, max speed: 160km/h, cruising speed: 145km/h, service ceiling: 2740m, range: 480km

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