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Bell 47B

The first production variant powered by a vertically mounted 175hp Franklin 6ALV-335 six-cylinder engine. The enclosed cabin, seating two side-by-side, featured two car-like doors. A total of 78 Model 47Bs (including 47B-3) were produced. Very few Model 47Bs survive today (c/n 11 registered N11HU, 57/N1575, 58/N138B and 70/N150B). In 1989, one exam-ple (c/n 36, N116B), was restored to flying condition by Douglas D. Daigle of Santa Ana, California.

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Technical data for Model 47B

Number of seats: 2, rotor diameter: 10.26m, gross weight: 956kg, empty weight: 626kg, cruising speed: 128km/h, rate of climb: 290m/min, service ceiling: 2960m, range: 320km

walter gladney, e-mail, 16.11.2010reply

The helecopter is 1 of 2 known helecopters that at the time still flew this one was owned by Doug Dagle of Triair helicopters. It set the world hover record back in 1989 at Anahiem CA(Anaheiem Stadium). Arthur Youg who desinged the helecopter for bell signed the clove box at the time of the hover record. Doug has passed on but the helecopter was donate to the Smithsonion.

Warren Van DER Weide, e-mail, 13.11.2012reply

Does anyone out there know what the record was, how long did he stay airborne. What where rules?

John Harris, e-mail, 14.12.2009reply

There's a helicopter flying in the background of the news footage of the maiden flight of the Spruce Goose, does anyone know if this is the helicopter (Bell 47 N116B) as it was apparently owned by a news agency around 1947??

Kathy Devlin, e-mail, 25.08.2009reply

I have a photo dated in the late 1940's of one of these helicopters. It is pictured hovering over a parked New Jersey State Police vehicle and and motorcycle. It has in big letters, HAT. Any idea what that means and what they may have been doing?

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