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Bell 47B-3

Available in 1948, this model was the crop-dusting variant featuring a fully open cockpit. Bins were affixed aft of the cabin and could carry 180kg of dust.

A.J.Pelletier "Bell Aircraft since 1935", 1992

LAURA KAY RAFFI, e-mail, 07.11.2021reply

I have an original of my Dad in what I think is a Model 47-B but would like confirmation from an expert. The only info on the photo is Niagara Falls, 1945.

E. W. Christ, e-mail, 14.01.2011reply

Yes, I have a photograph of an early Bell; I believe it is a Model 47B-3, except it has a different windscreen. Might explain the "Restricted" label below the cockpit. Picture taken about December 1953. It's had to see some details, 'cause it's decked out to look like Santa's sleigh. Image taken at the Trexlertown Airport, once located west of Allentown, PA. EWC

alex hennigar, e-mail, 15.11.2011reply

I have the original photo. My father, William Hennigar is the pilot!

Jim, e-mail, 17.01.2012reply

I have a friend who mapped some of Alaska in 1949. Landings above 7,000 ft. were called controlled crash landings. He recalls it as a B-1 with a very small wind screen.

D.Day, e-mail, 30.04.2013reply

I think this helicopter was used in the 1953 sci-fi movie They Came From Outer Space.

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