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Col. George Conway BAKERSFIELD,CA., 23.01.2022 20:17

In August of 1943, I was assigned to the 117th Training Squadron in Lansing Michigan. I had started my flight training in a Stearman Biplane in Tulare California and after 127 hours they transferred me to the 117th Training Squadron flying the great AT6 Training aircraft.
That morning four squadrons of AT-6 Trainers were flying around on August 28th 1943. The sky was sunny but filled with clouds and in the morning the air was very cold at 8,000 feet. Some 36 planes from the 117th and 116th squadrons were above the clouds and descending down to 6,000 feet, when we saw it! A huge six engined B-24 Bomber emerged from the clouds and was merging with us! As flying cadets we were thrilled to be able to fly along such a big plane! Twin tails and six motors, we flew even closer and then we saw her! The hottest Blonde we had ever seen was on the right hand controls and she was stunning! Her blonde hair shimmering in the sunlight, and she was blowing us kisses and flirting with us! She took off her jacket and was waving to us flyboys! Word by radio went out and we all broke formation to get closer to see this Hollywood Hot firecracker of a Blonde!! This went on for five minutes and then this gigantic bomber turned and banked very gently into a cloud and left us all happy and excited to be flyers! This was all that we could talk about when we landed. However some of the guys had some real questions! Was that really a B-24 Liberator? What was a Blonde doing in a six engined plane flying over Michigan? Some of the pilots said it had to American because on the nose was a pin up painting with a Blonde diving naked through some clouds and in big Red and white letters it said ,," BERLIN BABY". But other pilots said they saw white crosses on the side of the plane and that it was painted gray and green on top but on the bottom of the plane it was sky blue!
This was not the only sighting, and the Brass was calling Washington D.C. and the FBI and the OSS.
In the year 2022, I have no doubt that what we probably saw was a Junkers JU-390 flying over Michigan doing a Recon flight! Many of us guys had not been on a date for six months and this is why we went ape shit over this Blonde! It is not our fault that the Army Air Corp worked us so hard that we could not find time to go on dates!
This is what happens to pilots when a Blonde shows up and starts blowing you kisses! And just not any blonde, but a really Gorgeous Girl who could melt your socks with such a beautiful smile!
By the way my dream came true when on December the 22nd at Porterville Airport. I met Anna Kreisling when she rolled out her Fokker D-7 at the north end of the field, a Fokker D7 in Dutch markings! She is still the most gorgeous blonde I have ever seen!

Senator Mitch McConnell, 22.01.2022 07:17

For the record it should be recorded that both myself and Senator Harry Reid spent a lot of time at AREA 51. At first being there scared the crap out of me, but Harry Reid was so brave that it calmed me down. Let's face it, when you see the Alien Monsters they have there, and there own NAZI genetic science, it is beyond any Science Fiction movie I have ever seen!!
The first time I saw Harry Reid get eaten by a Giant 55 yard wide Tarantula Spider, torn apart and then eaten! I was shaking like a leaf. But the Nazi Scientists were able to clone Harry and after three months he was eaten alive again by a Giant Spider!
Folks you haven't seen anything until you see a bunch of Mexicans in the desert, yelling and screaming and drinking Tecquila with a Giant Spider chasing them down and eating them! I bet they miss living in Mexico!
Mexicans are the bravest people in the world, even when a Giant Spider is getting ready to eat them, they still want to have a last drink of Tecquila!!
The last time I was at AREA 51, Donald Trump was with Harry and me gazing at all the advanced Flying Saucers and weapons, but what really shook him up was meeting Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler! Donald is not used to meeting ice cold killers who look upon you like you are a bug in a science experiment. But Hitler has a sense of humor! He had Donald washing his big six wheeled Mercedes and Donald kept staring at Anna Kreisling in her tan string bikini, wearing an Afrika Korp hat, enjoying the sun and helping Donald wash some cars and her Junkers JU-390. When she removed her top, those tan incredible breasts, and her smooth round tan firm butt, happily working on washing Hitler's car, WOW!!
Then there was the elevator ride into space! 135 miles up and Anna gave us a very smooth ride which took 45 minutes to bring us to the top of the platform where you can see the blackness of space, the beautiful curved Earth below and the Nazi Spacecraft coming in to pick up supplies for their bases on the Moon and Mars.
All of this leaves you in awe, that we live in a nation so great that we have been able to achieve this! All because OPERATION PAPERCLIP was such a success at the end of World War II.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 16.01.2022 21:35

No one has suffered more in Europe than the people of the Ukraine. Even before World War II, Stalin through mass murder and starvation killed more than 3 million people who lived in the Ukraine. This is why when our glorious German troops went into the Ukraine they were greeted with flowers, wine and tears of joy that we had come to liberate them from the Russians.
Every time I flew a Junkers JU-52 trimotor into the Ukraine I would stay with local farmers who had nothing but praise for our brave troops. For the first time they now could worship God in their churches and sell their produce at the markets. Before the Communists would take everything and then laugh when they were starving.
Make no mistake, the Russians are just a bunch of thugs and bandits, all they want to do is rape and kill innocent women and children.
But there is someone much worse and that is President Joe Biden. This coward, traitor and scumbag could stop the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. He could deploy 22,000 American Army troops to the Ukraine and that would stop Russia cold. Why? Russia will not risk a Nuclear War with the United States. This is why Russia never took Berlin away from the American Army troops based there for more than 35 years. Joe Biden could also fly in weapons to the Ukrainian People, he has not done this because he is a coward.
At this moment Poland, Germany and France are the only countries helping Ukraine.
I am asking the American Congress to help the people of the Ukraine. They need food, military supplies and 210 A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack aircraft. This way they can destroy every Russian tank that is found in the Ukraine.
If President Kennedy was in office he would help. If President Reagan was in office he would help. If President Biden won't help, the world will once again see America as a weak cowardly country whose leaders are worthless!

rabbi schneerson, e-mail, 13.01.2022 23:54

Anna Kriesling is responsible for 6 million jews dying. She is one who taught Germans to use bombing technique of dropping pellets on floor in gas chambers. She was also responsible for flying all the bodies in mass graves and tons of ashes from crematoria to Argentina which was processed into feed and manure used in the beef industry popular with Germans in Argentina.

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House, 13.01.2022 20:21

Dear George Lucas,
I have been told that you are casting for your movie about Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe. So far you have talked with Uma Thurman, Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and a host of others! I want you to know that I will meet with you anytime, anywhere to read for this part! I know that Harrison Ford is going to play INDIANA JONES when Anna and him first meet in Tibet in 1938. I will do anything to be able to play the part of Anna Kreisling!
Now to a very serious subject. Across America, people are wondering why their coffee tastes like shit. They are throwing away their fancy coffee machines and putting their K-CUPS out in the garden to kill snails. This is not the answer!
Since Joe Biden has become President the Secret Service has been selling his Poop as Coffee to all the world. They have made $Billions of dollars selling his manure. Everytime they change his diaper, more Poop is sold! This is why your coffee tastes like shit!!
So I want all Americans to write Joe Biden and tell him,,,,"NO MORE CRAP,,,STOP SELLING US A LOAD OF SHIT!!"
As Americans we deserve a good cup of coffee every morning that costs us only 5 cents!!

President Joe Biden USA, 09.01.2022 22:10

Dear Boris Johnson, The Prime Minister of England,
Wow! How did you ever get so smart? Did you go to YALE, like I did and graduate CUMA DE PUTA???
I want to tell the people of POLAND and Germany and the UKRAINE that you have nothing to worry about. I just talked with Vladimir Putin and he assured me that he is not going to invade the Ukraine,,,but he is definitely going to invade IRELAND!! He says that the Irish do not know how to fight, that Irish men hide behind their women in a fight, and taking Ireland will be great for the Russian Military forces!
Vladimir Putin went on to say," Did you know that Adolf Hitler's favorite whiskey was KILBEGGAN Irish Whiskey? That during World War II, he had 22 cases of this whiskey brought to him by German U-Boats every month.
That when Hitler invaded Russia it was because the Russians were going to invade Ireland and destroy the Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Pot still.
So by invading Russia, Hitler was trying to save Ireland!!"
As I was listening to Vladimir it all made sense to me! The Russians are going to invade Ireland !!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 05.01.2022 01:59

Dear Senator Bernie Sanders,
It was wrong for MI-6 and British Intelligence to allow you to have access to all of our Secret Files from World War II.
Why do you have such an interest in Operation Paperclip??
We know today that Martin Bormann had Hans Pancherz fly him to South Africa in early 1944 to meet with the OSS and Top British and American Generals to discuss what must be saved from Nazi Germany so that the Russians would not acquire this technology and weapons. So many so called experts say that a Junkers JU-390 did not have the range to fly to South Africa. They are wrong. Hans Pancherz talked about this flight, how they landed, how the Junkers JU-390 was refueled by the British, how Martin Bormann flew back to Germany with documents and shared his success with Heinrich Himmler!
These secret negotiations are an important part of World War II. This is why Stalin was enraged when the NKVD could not locate Anna Kreisling or find Martin Bormann in 1945. Stalin could not even find Hitler or Eva and his dog Blondi!!
This also explains why Winston Churchill had Heinrich Himmler murdered when he was captured.
However there is something very troubling and disturbing to me and all of England. We know today that Heinrich Himmler is alive and has been seen numerous times with Anna Kriesling. This means that by using her Gate Technology she was able to alter time and go back to 1945 and save Himmler! At AREA 51 this technology exists and was developed from THE BELL, flown out by Hans Kammler in a Junkers Ju-390 in April of 1945. So why would she save Heinrich Himmler? This was her real father, the man who taught her how to fly, to shoot, to fight with swords, to be fearless when fighting the Communists and Russians! Anna loved the years she celebrated Christmas with Heinrich, the glorious years from 1928 to 1938, when Germany was restored and her people joyful about the future.
So Bernie remember this, it was Martin Bormann who ordered three of the best rescue pilots in the German Luftwaffe to meet in the Bunker in 1945. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 30.12.2021 08:42

As we come to the end of the year 2021, America is in grave danger. Abraham Lincoln once warned that the United States would be destroyed from within. At this moment in time we have Joe Biden, a Communist Socialist who supports the Radical destruction of American History, Culture and ideals.
Porterville is just one hour away flying time from AREA 51, due west on the aerial charts. Porterville has a 6,000 foot runway and No active tower, which makes it great for TOP SECRET Aircraft to land without drawing attention. Many times I have flown my Dornier Do 17Z, the flying pencil, into Porterville for lunch and no Press waiting there, which is wonderful. Many years ago William Shatner, Captain Kirk, used to come to Porterville to fly Ultralights, with No press to bother him, by the way congratulations on flying into space! This is a great achievement for anyone!
At this time I would like to pay tribute to Harry Reid, a true patriot who represented Nevada in the Senate. Harry always supported AREA 51 and he made sure we had the Top Secret Funding which led to our 142 mile high elevator that we can supply our ships in space.
Harry Reid has also supported our Nazi Bases on the Moon and on Mars and beyond.
Recently 12 of our remote controlled Flying Saucers were spotted over the South China Sea. The Commercial pilots took pictures through their cockpit windows and were amazed.
This is a tribute to Harry Reid who always fought for our TOP SECRET Funding for AREA 51.
America can sleep well tonight because you have advanced Nazi Technology guarding you. But alas we can not protect you from Communist Indoctrination coming to you from Joe Biden. So America, wake up, and ask yourselves these simple questions.
1. When your kids go to school, do they salute the American Flag in the morning?
2. Are they being taught that America is a RACIST Country, and is an evil country.
3. Is American history even taught at your school??
4. In 1957 every American teacher taught children to love our country, patriotic songs were sung, and they knew the difference between Communism and our Democracy.
5. In 1957, Pornography was not allowed on television. The FCC did not allow filth and perversion on television. Now in 2021, Joe Biden supports Pornography on television and the filthy language in music and the arts.
I can only hope that America wakes up! We need a President who will unite us, not tear down our history and force Communist ideals on our children. May all of you have a Happy New Year and remember when you gaze at the Moon, we are there gazing back at the beautiful planet that you call Earth! We are gazing back at our home.

Vice President Kamala Harris, 28.12.2021 00:46

I used to be a singer in nightclubs back in 1957, and I used to sing this version of BLUE SUEDE SHOES!
Two for the show
Three to get ready now GO CAT GO,,,
But Joe Biden, Don't tear off my panties tonight!
You can do anything but leave my cotton panties alone!

Director Robert Ballard Hollywood, 18.12.2021 07:54

As an expert on Hollywood films here is some information that many of you already know. That the movie,,633 Squadron inspired George Lucas to do the DEATH STAR canyons at the end of STAR WARS.
Did you know that Grace Kelly in the movie HIGH NOON had to leave for Europe half way during the filming and Anna Kreisling took her place in many of the scenes! Look at Grace Kelly in the opening 15 minutes,,,then look at her in the last 35 minutes of the movie. It is not the same person. Anna Kreisling who looks a lot like Grace Kelly stood in for her so that she could fly to Europe to take care of some personal business. The public was never told this. However Gary Cooper became a very good friend of Anna Kreisling and they did some fishing in Alaska and Norway together.

Senator Bernie Sanders, 13.12.2021 07:50

All of us can be grateful that the Russians were able to defeat Nazi Germany. But it was a close call. Why? Because the Nazi Nuclear Weapons Program almost succeeded. We know today that the German Luftwaffe always flew Recon Missions before dropping any bombs, especially Atomic Bombs!
The first Junkers JU-390 Recon flight happened on August 28th 1943. Then in January 1944 Anna Kreisling and Hans Pancherz again tested the defenses of New York in preparation for a nuclear weapons attack. This came out in British Interrogations of Luftwaffe pilots towards the end of WWII.
What is really interesting is the concern that Stalin put on the NKVD to find and keep track of Anna Kreisling! Why? Because Heinrich Himmler who was in charge of the Nazi Nuclear Weapons Program used her a lot and usually in some TOP SECRET Operations that involved killing Stalin! Example; the conversion of a captured British Avro Lancaster Bomber to carry a 6,000 pound Dirty Radioactive Atomic Bomb, mated with a ME-110 long range fighter. This was to be the largest Mistel Bomb ever developed. Anna Kreisling was to fly this Mistel Bomber to Moscow in the cover of darkness and then fly the Lancaster with this dirty Nuclear device into the Kremlin. After the explosion Stalin would be dead along with most of the people in Moscow. Her return flight would have been in the long Range ME-110 fighter.
This is why Stalin had code names for Anna, who was known as the WHITE WOLF. Adolf Hitler had the code name,,GRAY WOLF, Martin Bormann was coded the BLACK WOLF. All of this proves that Anna Kreisling was a real person and like Hitler and Martin Bormann, made it out of Germany. Anna was the last to be found by the OSS, it was not until she was photographed by STARS AND STRIPES Newspaper pouring coffee for Gen. George Patton, that she was spotted by the OSS! For six months she had been in hiding pouring coffee for American Army Troops who were helping her feed the children in Germany!
More pictures of her emerge from Wright Patterson AFB when she was flown there in 1946 to meet with Werner Von Braun, who had urged the OSS to find her!
More pictures of her emerge from her modeling days in New York city from 1950 to 1954. Many of her pictures were used in SEARS Catalogs!

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 12.12.2021 03:36

Dear President Vladimir Putin CCCP,
Our Moon Rover on the Dark side of the Moon has found an interesting object in the distance! As our Rover drew nearer we found out that it was a small portable Transponder and radar unit probably installed in 1972. As we filmed this device a very tall buxom Nazi German Girl walked up and did some service on it? She then came over and picked up our Chinese Rover and threw it in the back of her Kubelwagen and drove it to a Nazi Moon base! It is now being used in a Kindergarten playground for German school children to play on!
Vladimir, this proves that Nazi's are on the Moon! I have told Joe Biden to arrest Anna Kreisling, but he says he can't!!
Vladimir my Intelligence Agents are reporting to me that the Nazi's are flying massive numbers of weapons into the UKRAINE, and three SS PANZER DIVISIONS! The SS Leibstandarte,,SS Totenkopf,,,and SS Das Reich!
I am so happy my Chinese Butt is safe here in China, and no where near the Ukraine!

Vladimir Putin Moscow CCCP, 08.12.2021 20:50

I need your help in understanding your American English! I think President Joe Biden told me it was O.K. to invade the UKRAINE, but I could not understand a word he said! Here is an example of our conversation;
PUTIN: " So you are saying that I can invade?"
Joe Biden: " Hey Man, are you nuts? Did you screw a cat last night? Put the pussy aside and make with the positive waves!"
Putin: So I can kill all the women and children in the Ukraine?
Joe Biden: "Do you think I care or give a Rat's Ass about what you wear to the bathroom! Baby you've gots to get with the program! If CornPOP was here he would kick your Russian Heine, but don't worry Man, I can save you from CORN POP!
Putin: So you are saying I can invade the Ukraine??
Biden; Hey man, why don't you go rape Angela Merkel, I hear she really likes the rough stuff! I really tried Baby, but she won't even change my diaper!

President Joe Biden USA, 28.11.2021 22:00

Dear Dr. Alfred Price,,,,London,

Like most highly educated British Limeys you really smell bad. Let me tell you about a really bad smell, I was up at the podium, giving a great speech, when poop and turds started rolling down my leg! My Depends diaper can't handle all the crap that I say on stage, so it just starts oozing out! Luckily I have the Secret Service to change my diaper so I can get going! It is hazardous being a Secret Service Agent!
Now about this flight of the Junkers JU-390 over New York on August 28th 1943. Of course it happened, President Roosevelt gave the order that the P-47 Thunderbolts guarding New York to stand down and to stay on the ground. Why?
Phone calls came in from Michigan that a German Photo Recon plane had been spotted. Then the British Intelligence had notified President Roosevelt that a photo recon JU-390 had flown from Norway with the probable destination of being New York. Roosevelt did not want this plane to be shot down over New York because of the panic it would cause! Also it would draw attention to the Atomic Bomb race that was going on between Germany and the United States.
Anna Kreisling and Hans Panchez knew they had a 50% chance of surviving over New York. But both knew that this mission was vital. Why? Because it would send a clear message to President Roosevelt that New York would come under an Atomic Bomb attack if he based B-29's in England and Berlin was hit. Also the Luftwaffe never conducted a bombing raid of this importance unless a photo recon flight was done first.
Another factor was Hitler, who wanted to destroy the factories in Michigan which were making massive numbers of Bombers and war equipment for the USA.
Hitler knew that even if the Junkers Ju-390 was shot down over New York, it would still be a great victory for the Third Reich. The American public would have been in a panic that a bomber was over New York.
So President Roosevelt did the smart choice, he ordered a stand down and to keep this flight Top Secret! The real problem was keeping the NEW YORK TIMES from publishing the pictures they had taken of the Ju-390. But after the OSS and the FBI confiscated these pictures, President Roosevelt himself called the New York Times and said this was a matter of National Security, and they could go to prison for printing such a story! They complied.
So my fellow Americans, you can understand why I must keep the Kennedy Assaination a TOP SECRET, and also everything about KG-200, AREA 51, Anna Kreisling, and Operation Paperclip and the real reason we invaded IRAQ, and the Vietnam War classified Top Secret!

Dr. Alfred Price,,, LONDON, 21.11.2021 05:03

After three years of research, I have come to the conclusion that many people do not accept the flight of the Junkers JU-390 over New York for two reasons.
1. They are arrogant smug Americans who can not imagine an enemy aircraft over America, even though 12 years ago a Russian Bear Bomber flying off the coast of California decided to take a short cut to Cuba by overflying California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas on its way to land at Havana, Cuba! This was classified TOP SECRET because the USAF was not aware of this flight until the Tupolev Bear Bomber was over the Gulf of Mexico!
2. A beautiful German Woman helped fly the Junkers JU-390 over New York. 99% of the time Americans always will not admit that a woman can also be a great pilot. Hans Pancherz the German pilot of this JU-390 said it best.
"When plans for this flight were being drawn up it struck fear into our hearts that we could pull this off. But when Anna became part of our Flight Team, she showed such enthusiasm, such dedication to this Recon Flight, that soon all of us showed no fear with what we were facing. Over Michigan she proved the value of having a beautiful woman on board. The American Training planes we met, AT-6's, were more interested in her, than the six engined Junkers we were flying!"
Another point I would like to make is that President Biden was asked by CNN NEWS why KG-200 and this flight was still considered TOP SECRET, and he said," Hey man, I just classifed 68,000 papers on the KENNEDY ASSASINATION TOP SECRET, the American People do not need to know about the Kennedy Assasination, or events in World War II, or AREA 51!"

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, 14.11.2021 02:00

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah
Leader of Hezbollah, Lebannon

Dear American Infidels,
Praise be to Allah that Joe Biden is allowing 1,200 ISIS K Terrorists to come across the Texas Border each month. Soon you will see every Muslim in America go out and buy a FORD Mustang and kidnap 500 PLAYBOY BUNNIES so we don't have to wait to get to heaven to have our 72 Virgins! Who needs Virgins anyway??? 500 PLAYBOY BUNNIES AND A FORD MUSTANG IS what every Muslim Boy and Girl wants!!!
Well here I am in sunny Beirut, trying on some bras and panties I bought in Paris! My, My, they look so fabulous, so lacy and cute! So why am I writing to you Donald Duck, Porky Pig Americans??? Because I am jealous! Have you seen the butt on Anna Kreisling? How can I compete with that gorgeous firm tanned ASS of hers! She is over 100 years old and she looks like she is 35 years of age!
Let me tell you, I would give anything to have this GATE Technology that the Nazi's developed from THE BELL, the most valued and secret of all the Nazi Scientific discoveries from World War II. When Nazi SS Col. Hans Kammler landed at Wright Patterson AFB on May 28th,1945, in a Junkers JU-390 with THE BELL, the OSS celebrated their greatest achievement of World War II. Stalin was enraged when he found out about this! Also Hitler, Eva and Blondi his German Shepherd were never to be found in Berlin! Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling were gone!
For all of you World War II historians, this is really what OPERATION PAPERCLIP was all about. The evacuation of all Nazi artifacts, weapons, technology and people out of Germany! Remember this, JOE BIDEN has just ruled that 110,000 pages about the Kennedy assasination will remain TOP SECRET. Also 68,000 TOP SECRET Documents about KG-200 and Anna Kreisling will remain TOP SECRET, and this is stuff from World War II.

Senator Bernie Sanders, 13.11.2021 07:52

Hey Joe,,,Here is my latest song I have written!

You can do anything,,except step on my BLUE SUEDE SHOES!!!

President Joe Biden USA, 03.11.2021 08:03

Well folks, here I am in Air Force ONE, half way across the Atlantic Ocean heading home. It amazes me how big the Atlantic Ocean is! Eight hours of Jet flying just to cross this vast ocean. It took Charles Lindberg 34 hours to cross it flying 105 m.p.h.,,,It took Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling 14 hours to cross the Atlantic Ocean after they were over New York in their Junkers JU-390. They landed in Le Bourget Airfield outside of Paris just like Lindberg! Folks when I land I'm going to celebrate our victories tonight in Virginia and New Jersey! The American People want what I want.
Folks I do have some bad News though. Global Warming is not caused by cows farting and Hot Rod Cars. The truth is Global warming is caused by Sun Spots and the fact that the Moon is failing to orbit the Earth in a proper way. It is getting closer to the Earth by 33 miles each year, its orbit is in decay. This is causing the Earth to get closer to the Sun each year by 3,000 Miles in its orbit around the Sun. So if my calculations are correct, by the year 2031, one of two things are going to happen. First the Moon will crash into the Earth and obliterate out planet. Or??? The Earth will be to close to the Sun for us to have any form of Life on the Planet Earth.
So, Have a Merry Christmas this year,,and take my advice,,, Why Worry??? I never Worry! I'm happy if I can make it to the bathroom after I give one of my famous speeches!! Folks NASA Flight Director John Goddard is going to figure out how to save our planet, so don't listen to President Xi Jinping of China, the guy is an Asshole! All that he does is sit around all day and dreams about conquering the world,,, Not saving it.

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 01.11.2021 00:41

My Intelligence Services have told me that this John Goddard of NASA is actually a CIA Deep Cover Officer by the name Scott McKensie. This is a part of the NSA and CIA cover up, so that you Americans do not find the truth about Anna Kreisling. She can write a very moving letter, which has affected me deeply.
Back 25 years ago when Bill Clinton was President, China and the USA had great relations. But now the CIA and Joe Biden are wanting a Nuclear War with China. Why? With China destroyed the United States will be the No. 1 power in the world.
Also your own scientists are warning that unless we have a Nuclear War the human population will so large it will destroy the planet Earth.
However we in the Chinese Communist Party have an ACE up our sleeve. We have 5,687 long range ICBM's that reach the United States, the U.S. has only 985 rockets that can reach China. So we will win the coming Nuclear War!
So very soon we will demand California, Alaska and Hawaii be given to China or else we will level every city in America.
How do you like dem apples Joe? You stinking Yankee Doodle Dandy! Who is changing your Depends underwear? Did you poop your pants after reading this?

Dr. John Goddard NASA, 26.10.2021 07:09

Houston, Texas

Dear Dr. Andrew Wyeth, The NEW YORK TIMES,

I am sick and tired of your articles about our Moon Landing being a fake in 1969. We did land on the Moon, but we did have help. When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were coming down they landed in the wrong spot. The LEM was very near a crater and another ten feet, they would have tumbled down into the crater and probably would have died.
Thanks to the German NAZI'S who were already on the Moon, they came out with their Mark III Moon Panzers and picked up the LEM and put it on a trailer and transported it to a nice flat area! Then they helped with the cameras and the lighting and set the stage for Neil Armstrong's famous trip down the ladder! Guess who was filming Neil?? That's right, it was Anna Kreisling with some Nazi Third graders clapping as Neil came down the ladder! Thank goodness we have Nazi's on the Moon!
Praise the Lord that the Nazi's have such advanced Technology! I spent seven days on the Moon for Octoberfest this year and there is nothing like these gorgeous German Beer Maidens with these 44DD Breasts bouncing around in such low gravity! Let me tell you going to the Moon is such a wonderful experience! Do you know how great it is to look through a Zeiss and Leica Telescope on the Moon! How great it is to play golf on the Moon!
Anna Kreisling has told me that once I retire from NASA, I can come and retire and work on the Moon!
God bless Texas, God bless America, and God bless all our hard working Nazi's on the Moon!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.10.2021 07:14

Tonight it is cold and chilly at AREA 51, as I look into the night sky the Moon is so beautiful, so full and majestic. I feel sad tonight, but I have a lot to be thankful for.
President Bill Clinton is doing well in a hospital in Los Angeles. I still consider Bill Clinton to be the last Great President of the United States. When he left office we had a Balanced Budget, America was fiscally strong. Now in 2021 we are $28 Trillion Dollars in debt, this means every man woman and child owes the U.S. Government $ 320,000 dollars.
Last night I was in Porterville California and it rained. The weather forecasters said it would never rain again in California, but last night it rained and it was wonderful. Monday morning everything smelled fresh and new. I spoke with my friend James Newsom and told him of the book that I have finished writing. The Title is ,,," I flew for Adolf Hitler",, it is about my life inside the Third Reich.
So why did I write this book? Perhaps it is because of all the lies that are spoken about Hitler. These lies are part of a British plan during the war to spread false propaganda about Adolf Hitler. Example; The British say that Adolf Hitler poisoned his dog Blondi in the Bunker in 1945. Blondi was taken to Argentina with Hitler and Eva!
Next the British claim that Hitler was a homosexual, when actually he adored and cherished women. He was polite, very humorous, a great dancer, and he loved the company of women. My father Heinrich Himmler every Friday night would provide a Mercedes Benz with a gorgeous Blonde in the back seat, and Hitler loved these erotic liasons. Today we call this Auto-erotica, and Hitler loved his cars and women. This of course ended in 1939 when we went to war.
Anyway I hope I can find a publisher for my book. I have been told that no publisher will touch it in the United States, because Joe Biden has Banned all books about the Third Reich and German Women in Aviation. Even Hannah Reitsch's book,,," The Sky, My Kingdom",,has been banned.
Tonight as I look at the Moon, what makes me sad is our treatment of the African and Asian Elephants. So many baby elephants have been killed by hunters and poachers. Our Leaders like Joe Biden are doing nothing to stop the slaughter of our beautiful and majestic Elephants.
We have fewer than 5,000 Elephants left alive in Africa. Each month poachers and hunters kill more than 325 of them. Within two years the African Elephant will be extinct unless the leaders of the world put a stop to this murder.
We as Germans have always understood that we are the caretakers of this planet. We know the incredible beauty and love that animals like the elephant bring to our lives. These wild animals deserve to live. There is nothing sadder than to watch a baby elephant die. This is why all of us need to write President Joe Biden and use the power of the United States to stop the killing of our elephants. Joe Biden can stop the slaughter. European Leaders could stop the killing. African Leaders can stop the murder and killing of the World's Elephants!

Gen. Scott Andrews USAF, 16.10.2021 08:40

The Defense Department has now confirmed that these so called UFO's flying off the East Coast of the United States are remotely controlled, unmanned craft from AREA 51.
Make no mistake, Anna Kreisling who is the Flight Commander of AREA 51 has authorized these missions. Russian Bombers and Terrorist flown jets will have no chance surviving these lethal Mach 12 fighters.
What concerns me is how fast she flew President Bill Clinton to a hospital in Los Angeles in an hour and a half. He was in Bahrain when he became ill, and she flew him in her personal spacecraft from Bahrain to Los Angeles in an hour and a half!! Folks that is fast, and he arrived in time to be saved from a serious infection!
I am amazed how 58,000 documents from World War II are still classifed TOP SECRET. All related to OPERATION PAPERCLIP. Even Senator Bernie Sanders can not open these documents! President Joe Biden can not open these documents! Amazing!
I am writing this because the American People have the right to know the truth about what happened at the end of World War II. If you want to know, focus on Martin Bormann, who was always with Hitler.
In the Bunker in 1945 three of the best pilots in the world were there from orders from Martin Bormann. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling.
We know today that Martin Bormann made it to South America, as well as Adolf Hitler, Eva, and even his dog Blondi!
What the Russians took to Stalin and claimed was Hitler was a skull from a 42 year old woman! DNA has proved this, Stalin for many years knew the truth and from 1946 to 1950 he had over 300 cables sent demanding to know where the WHITE WOLF was! Where the Gray Wolf was! Code names for Hitler and Anna Kreisling.
In conclusion President Joe Biden must be asked the question," Why are you afraid to talk about Anna Kreisling??"

President Joe Biden USA, 11.10.2021 20:14

My Fellow Americans,
To show the world how tough I am, I have ordered all the Wolf Puppies in Idaho, Montana and throughout the Western United States murdered. Folks just check with the Dept. of Agriculture and you will find this is true.
Next, all White women will be forced to have an abortion over the next seven years, this way the White population will only be 22% of the population. This is the way we will get rid of all Racist White people!
Finally the 900,000 Haitians who have crossed our Border illegally will be rounded up and sent to New York. Central Park will be turned into a massive Tent city. This way we can prove to the world that the rich, fat, New York Democrats love Black People!!
In conclusion, I want all you folks to know that Bernie Sanders is in charge, whatever this Leftist Liberal Communist wants,,,BERNIE GETS!! Can you hear me Donald Trump??
Bernie is my Bro,,,together we will ride into the sunset looking for Anna Kreisling, him on his Vespa Scooter and me on my Harley Davidson Wide Glide. When we find her we are going to tear off her black lace bra and gaze at those big bouncing Titties and then we will know that there is a God.

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 30.09.2021 07:35

At this time I would like to congratulate Anna Kreisling for rescuing the 450 NATO Troops left behind by President Joe Biden. My Intelligence officers informed me that you did this at the request of Chancellor Angela Merkel, because she wanted the German and French and British Troops saved. Joe Biden did not give a Rat's Ass about those troops!!
Joe I have a good deal for you! You give us Hawaii and Alaska and we will give you $3.5 Trillion Dollars so you can pay for your programs! Here is what is in that bill.
1. $826 Billion so you can have every member of the USA Military can watch 135 hours of GAY PORN MOVIES. Any soldier who does not like GAY PORN MOVIES WILL BE PURGED FROM THE MILITARY!!
2. $567 Billion will be spent to DEFUND THE POLICE and destroy every Police Dept. in America.
Joe nothing happens by accident, if you are listening to Bernie Sanders, then you are a crazy Lunatic. You should be listening to Bill Clinton. He knew how to Balance a Budget and have JLO and Anna Kreisling come to CHINA and party. I say to J-LO,,,BACK IT UP,,,BACK IT UP,,,,BACK IT UP BABY AND LET'S GET IT ON!!! BUT JOE ALL THAT YOU SAY is,,," I NEED TO DRINK MORE PRUNE JUICE,,,AND PLEASE CHANGE MY DEPENDS DIAPER!!!"

Detective Mark Ferguson, 23.09.2021 02:11

Dear Dr. Watson,
One of the wealthiest men in America has employed me for the last three years to track down this Anna Kreisling. Why? He is convinced that with the Nazi Die Glocke captured by the U.S. that the Nazi's delivered by SS Gen. Hans Kammler, that this is the machine that led to the development of GATE Technology. That the reason Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Anna Kreisling are still alive is that their DNA are encoded into this machine. All that they have to do to stay young and vital is to step into this GATE, this portal that can not only go through time and space but restore their life.
This last Saturday I was at Porterville Airport and watched as Anna Kreisling rolled out of a hangar a pristine Fokker D-7 from 1918. Many of the pilots there including myself was in awe of this biplane. It had a straight six, 185 h.p. BMW motor. No machineguns, because it now was a classic two seater aircraft.
So guess who she took up flying with her?? Sally Kellerman, who had no trouble getting into the front seat! Let me tell you both of these ladies are gorgeous! Frost blonde hair, beautiful eyes, red lips and athletic toned figures!
On takeoff Anna rolled off to the right and headed for Lake Success. Folks I am not the only one who has seen Anna Kreisling, many have. Think about this, we know today that Martin Bormann made it out of Berlin and made it to South America. If Bormann escaped he escaped with Eva and Adolf Hitler. It was Martin Bormann who ordered Anna Kreisling to come to Berlin. Three of the greatest pilots in the world were in that Bunker with Adolf Hitler. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling.
While Hitler was escaping, SS Col. Hans Kammler was delivering the greatest prize of the war,,,Die Glocke,,in a Junkers JU-390 at Wright Patterson Air Base.

Group Captain Malcolm Scott, 25.08.2021 05:02

Group Captain Malcolm Scott, Royal Air Force

On August 7th we awoke at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to find all the Americans were gone. Why? This left only 430 British, German and French military people to defend this airbase! We found out that President Biden without consulting his NATO allies, decided to pull everyone out without telling the rest of us! Outside in the countryside was more than 4,000 Taliban, who for the moment did not know this either!
Luckily we had 87 members of the French Foreign Legion who organized the Afghan Army, who numbered 326 chaps, who had not been paid in three months by the corrupt Afghan Government to fight with us.
The next day the Taliban found out that the Americans abandoned us, and they mounted a full assault. After six hours of fighting they pulled back with massive losses. We had eight helicopter gunships flown by British pilots and they showed no mercy to these Terrorists.
The French Foreign Legionaires killed hundreds of them and so did our German troops.
The next day came another assault and they captured part of the airbase, the hospital. 26 British, French and German Nurses were captured and raped by the Taliban.
All night we could hear their screams and wondered why President Biden would abandon us to the mercy of the Taliban!
Less than 250 of us were now alive, and we had no more fuel for our helicopters, low on ammo, almost without hope except the French. These soldiers were looking forward to killing more of these Taliban and they walked around smiling!
Let me tell you I am not that tough or brave! Suddenly the radio told us that three airships were coming in to pick us up! We went outside and three massive Russian Antonov Cargo planes landed. Other smaller disc like objects were overhead and the Taliban began to die screaming by the hundreds. Not by guns and bullets, but by high frequency Microwaves, which caused their eyes to explode and destroyed and fried their brains! I had never seen so many Taliban die so quickly! In the distance we could see Anna Kreisling walking towards us and directing us into the massive Cargo Jets. We flew out happy to be alive, and Anna came and congratulated us on holding out as long as we did. She gave each member of the French Foreign Legion a bottle of Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey and said they were magnificent soldiers! All of us toasted our good luck to be alive.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.08.2021 03:26

My heart really goes out to the people of Afghanistan. In 1938 Heinrich Himmler sent me on a mission to Tibet and Afghanistan to find the origins of the Master Race. Ernst Schafer the leader of this expedition was convinced that the Aryan Race began in Tibet. While I was in Afghanistan I was amazed at how the Children were so intelligent and kind, many with Green eyes from the genetic genes of Alexander the Great's Army.
This is why Joe Biden is such a racist scumbag. The people of Afghanistan are intelligent and are worth saving! The women and children of Afghanistan are worth saving! America used to stand for Freedom and Justice for all. Not the rich in New York city, but for all people!
Will Joe Biden abandon Europe? Taiwan? Hong Kong? The logic of Joe Biden is that California should be given to China so we won't make them angry! What a Loser and Coward he is. When he came to office he bragged about what a great leader he was going to be, but now the Marx Brothers or the THREE STOOGES can do a better job!

President Joe Biden USA, 12.08.2021 04:28

Well folks, just wanted to let you know that Bernie and me are in Sturgis for the Big Harley Davidson Cocaine and Strippers Rally! I came riding in on my Harley Wide Glide wearing a Silvery G-String and a Raccoon Skin Hat!! Bernie came riding in with me on his Vespa Scooter and dressed like the FLYING NUN,,SMOKING A HUGE HAVANA CIGAR!! The local girls started screaming when they saw my bony white wrinkled butt!! Man they thought I was Elvis!
This is what America is all about!! Riding your Harley, coming into towns with my Bro Bernie, and scaring the crap out of all the Republicans,,,man they see my Butt and they go to running!

Dr. Alex Buchanan YALE, 07.08.2021 09:39

Dear Dr. Larson UCLA,
During the war Hitler had five doubles that stood in for him from time to time. On August 25 and 26th 1943 Adolf Hitler was in Norway with the entire Nazi High Command to attend a party for Anna Kreisling and Hans Pancherz. This information was collected by British Intelligence who had agents at this party.
They describe Anna Kreisling at the party was adorned with a diamond white dress that was barely there, she was completely topless with a black mask and a German Eagle adorned on her head. She made her entrance with Hitler and Heinrich Himmler.
Inside this massive hangar was the Junkers JU-390 that was ready to fly to Canada, Michigan and then on to New York.
All of this was reported to London, which at the time was not believed by Winston Churchill and was never passed on to the Americans. Why? Because the British had sightings of Hitler at the Wolf's Lair and why would Hitler want to attend such a party??
The British Agents also reported on the take-off of the Junkers JU-390 using rockets to assist. But it was the pictures of Anna Kreisling that almost caused Winston Churchill to swallow his cigar! He yelled at MI6 that these agents in Norway were having to good of a time taking pictures of her gorgeous tanned butt, and what were they doing at this party??

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 23.07.2021 02:44

Dear President Joe Biden,
Your comments about President Trump, that all he did was work for the benefit of Russia is untrue. President Vladimir Putin of Russia talked with TRUMP for hours to arrest Anna Kreisling so he could bring her to Moscow in chains. But TRUMP said No,,,very firmly many times to him, why?? Because Anna Kreisling is an American Citizen and can not be arrested and handed over to the Russians! Also she knows so many of our National Secrets and as Flight Director at AREA 51,,she is protected by the CIA and the NSA. As you can see President TRUMP did not bow to Russian demands.
Dear President Joe Biden, we in CHINA want to help you with all the problems you are having with your newest Aircraft Carrier the U.S.S. Gerald FORD. $2 Billion Dollars over your budget and you can't get this ship sailing?? Have you Americans forgot hot to build an Aircraft Carrier?? We in CHINA are building 150 light attack Aircraft Carriers, with our new NAVY we are going to conquer the Phillipines, Vietnam, Hawaii, Japan and even Australia. Soon we will have the largest NAVY in the world,,,and you will still be working on your U.S.S. Gerald FORD!! What a bunch of losers you Yankee Dogs are! How do you like dem Apples Joe??

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 04.07.2021 20:19

Happy 4th of July, America!
My best wishes go out to our troops around the world. No nation has finer troops than the United States of America. The German Children during the Berlin Airlift received chocolates and food from the American Pilots and troops. In Afghanistan more than 375,000 children received food and medical attention. No other soldiers in the world do more for children than the American soldiers!
I have a lot to be thankful for, if I had been captured by the Russians in 1945 I would have been raped and brutally tortured to death. Instead soldiers from Patton's Tank Army captured me and put me to work pouring coffee and later helped me feed the children in Germany.
America has a great and proud history, you should never give up teaching about George Washington and our founding fathers. Do not listen to these Communist Leftist Morons who want to destroy and revise American History.
So get out there and celebrate, support your Police, take pride in the American Flag, salute it and cherish it. Pass on to your children American Values of Truth, justice and the American way of life. Take your children to church and teach them how to shoot. This way they will never let the Communists and Criminals take away their rights as Americans!

Dr. Karen Powers UCLA, 18.06.2021 03:22

To: President Vladimir Putin CCCP,

Recent UFO activity over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is pointing to the fact that these are not Alien Spacecraft. Recent documents given to Congress clearly shows that they are Nazi spacecraft developed at AREA 51.
On top of the mountains surrounding AREA 51 we have observed spacecraft coming into land at speeds over 4,000 m.p.h. this is after slowing down from 18,000 m.p.h. Most of these are unmanned spacecraft,,but sometimes human pilots emerge from these craft.
Further proof lies in the fact that Anna Kreisling is the Flight Director of AREA 51, a fact that every member of Congress knows, if they bother to read their Intelligence Reports, which 95% do not.
What really makes me mad is that all of Congress and the Senate and Joe Banana Head Biden care about are the size of Anna Kreisling's breasts and how great she looks naked.
They do not care about Nazi technical achievements or the fact that they are 75 years more advanced than anything NASA can build! They just want to see pictures of her beautiful Tits straining against a black lace bra!!
America has the dumbest leaders in the world! Donald Duck can do a better job than Donald Trump, and Joe Biden now has 24,786 children locked up in cages and he keeps saying that there is no crisis at the Border!!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 04.05.2021 01:09

Dear President Joe Biden USA,
So why did you bow to the Red Chinese demand that you remove the article,,The Most Dangerous Photo Recon Mission of World War II ???
I thought you said that America does not Censor or Remove articles??? Why do the Communist Chinese have so much power over you??
Anna Kreisling and 55,000 other Nazi's were brought to America in 1946 under Operation Paperclip. I have demanded that you arrest her and send her to Moscow for trial. But you refuse, but now you are censoring all articles about her?? Why?? Are you embarassed about your own history???

Dr. Alex Buchanan YALE, 25.03.2021 05:49

Here are Five Major points you should consider,
1. Virtually all the records of KG-200 were burned. Many of these records were burned by OSS and British agents. Why?? The biggest Secret of World War II was the co-operation between Himmler and the SS and OPERATION PAPERCLIP.
2. There is film footage of Anna Kreisling landing at Wright Patterson AFB in 1946 being greeted by Werner Von Braun.
3. There are over 878 pictures of German Nazi artifacts that have been found on Mars by NASA!
4. Why was Joseph Stalin obsessed about Operation Paperclip and the fact that Hitler was not found in Berlin!!
5. Finally, why did the United States develop two types of Atomic Bombs in World War II??? Look at the pictures of FAT BOY and the other Atomic Bomb dropped on Nagasaki,,completely different!! One of these Atomic Bombs was delivered to the USA from Nazi Germany as a gift from Heinrich Himmler. Why?? Again it goes back to OPERATION PAPERCLIP.

Chuck Nelson Las Vegas, 13.03.2021 09:07

Hello, if any of you want to see a full sized color picture of Anna Kreisling, get the latest brochure from CEASAR's PALACE!
She is photographed laying by the pool in an Orange Coral bikini with sea shells on her wrist, her skin is the most honey colored skin I have ever seen! Frost blonde hair, red lips, her breasts ,,,,WOW!! pushing up against the coral bikini top! This is a great picture,,,and she looks so relaxed. When Anna comes to CEASARS PALACE it is a very big deal.

Dr. Godfrey Epstein, London, 09.02.2021 07:37

When one reads Stalin's messages from World War II, you can tell how interested he was in the important people in the Third Reich. For instance Adolf Hitler was always referred to as THE GREY WOLF. Anna Kreisling was referred to as,,THE WHITE WOLF. Martin Bormann was referred to as ,,,The Black WOLF.
Why is this important?? Because it proves that these people existed and the Russian NKVD tried to keep tabs on these people. Remember that Stalin was enraged by OPERATION PAPERCLIP. When 55,000 Nazi's were brought to the United States to help America fight Communism and to go to the Moon.
Werner Von Braun especially requested the OSS to find Anna Kreisling and to bring her to the United States.
Many people in the USA are trying to destroy history, tearing down historical statues, telling everyone that Americans are racist dogs, but the truth is STALIN and the Communists were far worse.
The story of Operation PAPERCLIP is one of a great success! We acquired Rockets and Jet aircraft, and the greatest prize of all, the 55,000 Germans such as Werner Von Braun and Anna Kreisling.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 15.01.2021 08:08

At this time I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Ashli Babbitt. Ashli served 14 years in the United States Air Force and was a great American Patriot.
She was only 35 years of age and was very brave and courageous.
This is a sad time for our nation, CNN NEWS should stop calling Republicans and American Patriots,,,,Domestic Terrorists,,,they are not. They are brave Americans who are trying to save our nation. May God be with us during these sad times.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 16.12.2020 04:24

A really great American has passed away, Chuck Yeager who was an Ace in World War II, and broke the sound barrier at Edwards AFB.
Both the Democrats and the Republicans should honor this great pilot instead of throwing cow manure at each other. This is why I fondly remember Germany in the 1930's. Adolf Hitler was a great leader who gave food and shelter to many starving Germans, he gave Germany hope again.
Every night when I listen to the Democrats and Republicans I ask myself,,," Are these people Americans??" They care nothing for the American People. Example when I travel into Los Angeles there are over 100,000 homeless people, many women and children, that are not being fed or cared for!! Hitler would never allow so many German Women and children to go hungry! This is a sign of a Great Leader, a man who cares for the dignity of his people.
This Christmas let us celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us remember that God Duty and Honor means that we love each other and care for each other.
May God bless all of you this Christmas!
Anna Kreisling KG-200

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.11.2020 05:26

I would like to thank CEASAR'S PALACE for making my 100th Birthday so memorable.
I also want to thank all the really wonderful people around the world who have blessed me with their friendship.
Remember if you want information about the Junkers JU-390, please read from the writings of Simon Gunson from New Zealand and Robert Arndt Jr.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 05:58

It first flew on October 20, 1943.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 03:51

Only the first prototype was built and flown, while the second (intended as the prototype of the Ju 390B ocean reconnaissance aircraft) was not completed. The Ju 390 was actually about as big as TB-4 prototype heavy bomber.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 03:45

The claim about a Ju 390 flying within 12 miles of New York to test the Ju 390's capability to hit Manhattan is false; the only Ju 390 version designed for air raids on Manhattan was the Ju 390C.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 01:09

The claim about the Ju 390 making a test flight to within 12 miles of New York has been debunked (Griehl 2006).

Griehl, Manfred, 2006. Luftwaffe over America: The Secret Plans to Bomb the United States in World War II. London: Greenhill Books. ISBN 978-0-7607-8697-0.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 01:05

The Ju 390 wasn't yet built when the Allies were fighting the Nazis in North Africa. The rear fuselage of the plane in the photograph that you state is from 1942 doesn't seem to be as stretched as that of the first Ju 390 prototype. After all, Kossler and Ott (1993) state that the fuselage of Ju 390 V2 was several feet longer than the first Ju 390 prototype.

Kössler, Karl and Günther Ott, 1993. Die großen Dessauer: Junkers Ju 89, Ju 90, Ju 290, Ju 390 – Die Geschichte einer Flugzeugfamilie (in German). Berlin: Aviatik-Verlag. ISBN 3-925505-25-3.

Dr. Hans Ziegler, BERLIN, e-mail, 06.05.2016 05:45

Dear Christopher Shores,
Does anyone out there know what happened to Robert Arndt Jr.?? Most of our research backs up what Robert Arndt was saying about the Junkers JU-390.
First we have pictures of a Junkers JU-390 flying supplies to the Afrika Korp in 1942. This picture was taken by British Naval Intelligence.
Next we have the complete diagram of the RECON Junkers JU-390 that flew over New York on August 28th, 1943. It clearly states that it was designed for a four man crew, with eight huge fuel cells in the fuselage, this aircraft could stay airborne for 33 hours.
Again I am hoping that Robert Arndt is alive and doing well.

Jack Hudson, London, 07.01.2014 07:02

We now have photographic proof of a Junkers JU-390 flying supplies to North Africa in 1942. The white bands of the Afrika Korp are clearly seen and the photograph is from 1942. So this concept that the Junkers JU-390 first flew in October of 1943 is not true.

Kenneth Westerly, Detroit, 29.08.2013 19:10

I have just finished building a 1/72nd Junkers JU-290 Tanker Aircraft. A very beautiful and large airplane! Also a Junkers JU-390 Six engined Recon Aircraft which I have flying underneath it ready to take on more fuel for its flight over Canada and Michigan. Incredible and simple operation, yet very daring! There is no doubt among current KC-135 Tanker pilots that this refueling was done over Iceland before the Germans flew into Canada. All of our current B-2 Stealth Bombers would refuel over Greenland before penetrating Soviet Airspace! Also in 1943 there was no radar in Canada and Michigan that was in operation! No one in Washington D.C. thought that such a flight was possible! Just like they thought the Japanese were Never going to attack PEARL HARBOR. I do agree with Professor Barnhardt that this flight over New York caused President Roosevelt to reach an agreement with Hitler, that no Atomic Bombs would be dropped on Berlin or anywhere in Europe!

Prof. Spate Jones USC TROJANS, 30.07.2013 19:18

The Junkers JU-390 by 1945 was an obsolete aircraft. If you look at the 3 Mile Runways that were built in Norway in 1943 and 1944 you would understand that the SANGER ORBITAL NUCLEAR BOMBER was what the Nazi's were preparing for their attacks on America. The V-9 and V-12 Rockets would also carry Nuclear Warheads. However the most deadliest weapon in the NAZI Arsenal was DIE GLOCKE. Why? Think about it. If you are able to go through Time and to see the future, you can control the future. Also DIE GLOCKE allowed you to go from one Dimension to another. and lastly Gravity had no control or influence on this machine. This is why KG-200 had several of these machines installed in their aircraft.

Editor Peter Graves New York, 13.06.2013 17:05

Many historians here in New York have found some great evidence that the Junkers JU-390 Flight over New York can be verified.
1. At Noon on August 28th 1943, AIR RAID Sirens went off in New York and lasted for 45 minutes! The authorities said it was just a test, but now we know it was because a Six-Engined Junkers JU-390 was sighted over the Empire State Building flying at 8,000 feet!
2. Four phone calls reached the NEW YORK TIMES telling them that a German Bomber had been sighted over Michigan by two AT-6 Training Squadrons. Other phone calls came in and said that the Luftwaffe plane was heading to NEW YORK!
3. The German Navy was alerted on August 28th 1943 to be ready to rescue a large Luftwaffe aircraft approaching the coast of France. That this alert lasted eight hours.
4. We have the names of 16 Civilians who had their Kodak Cameras taken away after they reported that they had taken a picture of a New Army Air Corp Bomber with six engines! For six months the FBI and the OSS confiscated all cameras that were rumored to have taken pictures of the Junkers JU-390.
5. President Roosevelt sent an envoy to South Africa to meet with a Top Nazi Official to sign an agreement that the Atomic Bomb would not be used on Berlin or any German city. That Hitler was expected to honor this agreement and not target London, Moscow, or New York with any Atomic Bomb.

Mark, 21.09.2012 14:38

Only 2 have build and is too big as b-29

Col. Scott Thompson U.S.A.F., 29.11.2011 07:59

We now know that a Junkers JU-290 Tanker, refueled the JU-390 north of Iceland on Aug. 27th 1943. Then the Recon JU-390 penetrated Canadian airspace. In 1943 no one dreamed a German plane would fly such a dangerous long range mission, and there was no radar this far north in Canada and even across Michigan. Indeed the most dangerous part of this flight was Noon on Aug.28, when it passed over New York. Then we have another report that a JU-290 Tanker from the Portugese Azores refueled the JU-390 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as it headed home. Today in 2011 we do this all the time, but in 1943 the Germans were very carefully planning such a mission.

luiz carlos guimares camach, e-mail, 05.11.2011 14:04

I need to see the wepaons used and the radar on ju 390 and diffrent camouflages on this so beautiful warplane !

Steven, e-mail, 07.07.2011 05:02

What the hell is going on here? A retired nazi pilot,a USAF Colonel,A KGB guy,Joe Biden,A japanese person working on the now melted reactor {I hope you guys make it},someone from the CAF,Some guy probably from London, MSNBC News, and a guy called BIG TONY who runs a casino. cool but WTF is going on here!?

Ben Beekman, e-mail, 27.02.2011 21:27

In David Mondey's book, "Axis Aircraft of World War II" (Smithmark Publishers, East 32nd St. NY), he states that two six-engined Ju 390 prototypes were built and flown in 1943. The second one took off from Bordeaux, France, on a test flight and flew to within about 12 miles (19 km) of the U.S. coast north of New York before returning. It was proof that the specification for a bomber capable of attacking New York from European bases might well be met, but the scheme did not proceed any further due to more important problems confronting the Reich. The epic flight of the Ju 390 doesn't seem so far-fetched when we recall that other armed German aircraft such as the Fw 200 Condor and the Ju 290 were and had been ranging far out over the Atlantic on maritime reconaissance patrols for years. It was only a matter of time before someone would send a new, longer-ranged, prototype all the way across as a test. Historically, Junkers had been trying to get Deutsche Lufthansa interested in the four-engined version of the Ju 90 since 1937 as 38/40 seat airliners. Both Lufthansa and South African Airways eventually placed orders but the Luftwaffe stepped in and took over when the war began and the aircraft designation was changed to Ju 290 to reflect modifications necessary for use by the military.

david, e-mail, 09.04.2009 05:24

My grandfather marcel was captured by the germans in romania and was one of the few captured aerospace engineers the luftwaffe used in the junkers 390 program. this spared him from the death camps as he was sent to work refitting the aircraft bomb bay to acomadate a new german device. All he knew of the device he said he learned by overhearing the project forman mention its name. "die Glocke"

Simon Gunson, e-mail, 25.09.2008 06:10

Long after the war in 1968 Ju-390 project pilot Hans Pancherz who lived after the war in Barcelona, gave an interview about the Ju-390 and produced evidence from diaries and log books to substantiate a test flight he made to Cape Town and back.

In his post war memoirs Reichs armament's Minister Albert Speer wrote of a Ju-390 flight to Tokyo "via the polar route."

U-234 radio operator Wolgang Hirschfeld also referred to the Ju-390 flight to Tokyo in a book which he published in 2007. The U-234 was outbound for Japan in march 1945 when it collided underwater with another u-boat surfacing from beneath her. She put in to Kristiansand. There was a 72 ton discrepancy in her cargo manifest leaving Kiel and her unloading manifest at Portsmouth New Hampshire in 1945. Some of her cargo appears to have been flown to Japan.

A Russian website owned by Sergey Platov mentions a supposed Ju-390 flight to Japan on 28 february 1945 to deliver plans for Japanese construction of the Ju-390A series. Platov's site also claims a Japanese defence attache by the name Maj General Otani was also aboard the flight. I have found no other historic reference to Otani, but several Princes of the Japanese Royal Family masqueraded in the Japanese military under false names and ranks.

Prince Takeda for example was Lt Col. Miyata in Unit 731 and Prince Chichuba appears to have been Captain Wakabayashi.

In 1998 Polish wartime records were declassified and author Igor Witowski found file references at Berlin document centre and in Poland to the Ju-390 evacuating the Bell. device from Silesia to Norway. Witowski also found previously classified details of a Polish diplomat who witnessed the second Ju-390 being broken up on a German owned ranch at Psandayu Province in Uruguay, May 1945.

It appears that Pancherz's testimony after the war that only one Ju-390 ever flew was an effort to conceal the evacuation to Argentina of the Bell device.

There is considerable evidence however that after the Ju-390V1 was abandoned derelict at Dessau in November 1944 (and later destroyed in an air raid) that another Ju-390 was kept flying.

Colin, e-mail, 03.08.2008 17:30

I Study And The 390 is My Favroite Of All Planes In World war 2.

Gregory Ryder, e-mail, 07.07.2008 03:53

Ju390 is the aircraft used in 1945 to spirit away the super high tech secret project known as "The Bell" from its bunker. Apparently the Ju 390 and "The Bell" disappeared. This according to the book "The SS Brotherhood of The Bell" by Farell,available from "Military Issue" item #M103260. I think that this is more intriguing than the alleged recon of USA. inasmuchas there was also another bomber intended for the mission against USA., the Messerschmitt Me264 "Amerikabomber" with 4 engines. A model of this in 1/72 scale is available from "Historic Aviation" as item #96030D.

Simon Gunson, e-mail, 10.03.2008 10:24

Try this where I am involved in a lively debate on the topic:

Patrick O'Donnell, e-mail, 07.03.2008 17:32

I am very intrigued about the transatlantic Luftwaffe flight that was over American soil. I have yet to see proof that this really occurred, however. Does anyone have a link or a reference, to shed a little more light on the subject?

Simon Gunson, e-mail, 20.02.2008 06:38

Bradley, Albert Speer in his book "Inside the Third Reich" wrote about a flight to Tokyo "via the polar route." Later Dr. Wilhem Voss (Kammlerstab Prague) told British journalist Tom Agoston that the Ju-390 flew to Tokyo 28 March 1945. James is in fact referring to three Ju-290s flown in Deutsch Luft hansa markings, but registered:
KR+LP as T9+WK (lost over Russia)
KR+LM as T9+UK
KR+LN as T9+VK (lost over Russia)

Simon Gunson, e-mail, 20.02.2008 06:30

You guys may be interested to read some of my research about how the second Ju-390 ended up being dismantled on an airstrip in Uraguay: http://www.lwag.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3372

Also I can't seem to use the email links here but am equally interested in the Norway-Michigan-France flight.

What was the original source for this please ?

Herbert C Schneider, e-mail, 09.11.2007 21:11

The story of the transatlantic recon flight over Michigan and near New York City is very interesting, particularly because, as of the 1943 operational date, the United States and Germany had already been at war for over a year. It's hard to imagine that such a large and unique aircraft - nothing like it was in the United States' inventory - flying for hours at a ceiling of only 20,000 feet over heavily-populated areas, would not have been spotted by someone.

STEVEN, e-mail, 29.04.2007 15:20


James Newsom, e-mail, 08.03.2007 02:00

Six more Ju-390's were built in secret. They flew from Odessa to Japanese bases in China. Anna Kreisling a neighbor of mine was a co-pilot on the longest Recon flight of World War II. She took off from Bergen, Norway and overflew Michigan and New York City before landing at a Luftwaffe base in France.

Bradley Pierstorff, e-mail, 18.01.2007 04:12

This is my favorite German bomber of Wourld War 2!

P.S.If you know anything about it's first flight on the Eastren Front let me know.

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