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Hunter Biden USA, 12.06.2024 18:29

Dear Bernie Sanders and the Harvard Hamas Brigade,
Wow!! A Great week! I have just been found guilty of owning a Colt 38 handgun! My daddy is so proud of me! I'm gonna make $32 Million dollars from Joe for doing this for the family. Now he has Donald Trump over a barrel.
Joe says the American People are the dumbest in the world, and I believe him! Nothing happens by accident, and think about the Trial of Donald Trump and me Hunter Biden, so close to the election.
So Bernie, the Big Man wants us to attack AREA 51 and capture Anna Kreisling. This time we are going in with 33,000 Mexican Drug Cartel Members, the HARVARD HAMAS BRIGADE, 1,223 ISIS LUNATICS, 42 Members of the Black Panther Party and Angela Davis, AOC and the 800 Lesbians from New York city. Plus 5,876 Haitian Voodoo Witch doctors and assorted Jungle Bunnies! Wow!! We can't lose!
So Steven yes this is still going on! Come and join Joe Biden's Private Army and you can share in all the Drugs that we use!!
After I finish raping Anna Kreisling, I'm gonna kick back and do some Crack Cocaine and just sing da Blues!
Oh by the way, tell Donald that NO ONE MESSES WITH A BIDEN. Donald won the last election, but we stole it from him! In 2024 we are gonna STEAL IT AGAIN!! Why?? You can't make Money unless you have all da Honey!!

Steven Downs, e-mail, 09.06.2024 11:23

This is still going on?!?

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 04.06.2024 03:08

127 Stavarski Street, The Kremlin,
Suite 246875 Moscow CCCP

Dear Comrades,
For years I have been talking about Anna Kreisling and the Nazi's in the CIA and U.S. Government, and nobody believed me! Now they do!
I have met Anna Kreisling and Heinrich Himmler! They are very much alive and conducting research that is incredible! Every few months they fly their Nazi Flying Saucers over Moscow to remind me who really controls this planet. So Joe, don't attack AREA 51! Your forces will be slaughtered!! These Red Chinese Soldiers have never fought against GIANT SPIDERS, they have never seen their comrades torn apart and eaten by these huge massive creatures!! And the Mexicans!! The first sight of these Giant Spiders they are going to take out some Tecquila and start screaming and drinking and screaming and running for the Mexico Border!! Mexicans are not stupid,,even if you pay them a $Million Peso's,,,they are not going to fight with Giant Spiders!! So Joe just go back to your Funny Farm and worry about who is going to change your Diaper! O.k.??? Have I ever told you how bad you smell???

President Joe Biden USA, 01.06.2024 01:57

Dear Donald TRUMP,
I was so happy and thrilled when I heard you were found Guilty 43 times. Kamala and I partied all night! Donald you are soooo Dumb, don't you know why I went after you?? Out in Nipomo California lives a certain Republican Congressman, we tapped his phone etc. etc.,,,anyway he had a conversation with you on the phone,,,,don't you remember?? You said you were going to have my son Hunter Biden arrested on Cocaine charges! No one messes with a Biden! Now for some really BIG NEWS.
The Doctors say I have Cancer and will only live another year, and I do not want to kick the bucket! I have all this money coming in and I want to live forever! Donald you said ,,,America is a Fascist Country,,,this is why I am going to attack AREA 51 and seize the GATE TECHNOLOGY that they have there. Donald you have been to AREA 51, YOU have met Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Anna Kreisling. You even helped Anna Kreisling wash her Junkers JU-390 Luftwaffe long range aircraft!
This is why I have left the Southern Border wide open! So far I have 33,000 armed Red Chinese Commie Soldiers and 387,000 Mexican Drug Cartel thugs ready to invade AREA 51. CNN knows nothing about this! But once I have captured Anna Kreisling, we will torture her until she reveals the secret of this GATE Technology! In 1945 SS Col. Hans Kammler flew DIE GLOCKE to Wright Patterson AFB in a Junkers JU-390. Another JU-390 flew a DiE GLOCKE to Uruguay, South America!
It is from this device that the Nazi's were able to construct a GATE, Once you step into this Gate, your entire DNA Code, all your cells are captured, which means you will never age, you have the potiential to live forever. You can travel anywhere in the Universe where they have such GATES constructed. Because you can jump from one Dimension to another you can also travel through time and alternative Universes!
Donald I want you to join forces with me! I want all your Gun happy MAGA REPUBLICANS TO join with me in attacking AREA 51!! We must capture Anna Kreisliing,

Gov. Gavin Newsom California, 16.05.2024 10:54

Dear President Joe Biden,
Who cares if you kick the bucket in two years?? You are the dumbest piece of Monkey crap who has ever been President. You are so wrong in wanting to attack AREA 51! Why are you so obsessed with capturing Anna Kreisling? The only reason that makes sense is the fact that you belong to the Communist Party in China, and that you take your orders from China and Xi Jinping. Mr. President you may be a Commie, but you are not a chimpanzee!! Quit acting like a Chimpanzee with diareah! Big deal if the Secret Service has to change your Diaper four times a day!
First, Anna Kreisling and the Nazi Party is great for California! When I took office we had a $125 Million Dollar surplus, but now we are $88 Billion dollars in the hole! What happened?? The Democrats in Sacramento spent billions on a high speed Bullet Train that does not work. Next we tried to build seven different kinds of bathrooms for the LGBQTV Fruit cakes.
But praise the lord for Anna Kreisling and the Nazi Party! They have loaned the State of California $100 Billion Dollars and all that they want is to build seven more Nazi Castles in the Sierra Mountains. They also have brought German Nazi Science and technology and now our High Speed Bullet Trains work!! Also all our College students have become Nazi Party Members and salute Hitler when he visits U.C. Berekley!!
Also I have told CNN NEWS that Adolf Hitler must be allowed in the Debate this coming June!
Now to Members of Congress. Did you know that on Friday May 10th, at 9:30 a UFO flew over Porterville California at 2,000 feet above the ground. Over 2,000 people called this in, and they were told that it was probably a Rocket fired from Vandenburg AFB. However it was not a Rocket! And no Rocket was fired from Vandenburg.
This UFO was the size of a football stadium and it emanated a lot of energy! Four large cables came from body and they had bright red Lasers and other energy that it seemed to have. They seemed to be moving around the body as if searching for something. A massive series of glass panels were in the front as if it was a central control tower.
I contacted my cousin in Porterville, James Newsom and asked if it was an ALIEN UFO, and he laughed and told me that if was a New Attack Spacecraft that was being built at AREA 51. Anna Kreisling his neighbor showed him pictures of these spacecraft being built on the low gravity of the Moon. Joe by the way these Spaceships have been seen in Arizona and the AIR FORCE is trying to convince people that they are ALIENS. This is pure BALONEY, they are being tested at AREA 51.
Recently our Congress spent $110 Million Dollars trying to prove that ALIENS and UFO'S are real. However they never called Anna Kreisling to testify OR ANY TRUE EXPERTS!! Example; they had some NAVY F-18 Hornet pilots testify about seeing all the time UFO's out over the Atlantic Ocean. If Congress had any brains they could be shown pictures that these were unmanned remote controlled spacecraft that are routinely flown at AREA 51, and who is the Flight Commander of AREA 51?? Anna Kreisling.
So Joe stop trying to attack AREA 51. If you kick the bucket you will be doing the nation a big favor! Then I can run for President and with the help of my cousin James Newsom and Anna Kreisling, I will win!!

President Joe Biden USA, 25.04.2024 23:21

Dear Senator Bernie Sanders and the Harvard HAMAS BRIGADE,
Congratulations Bernie on getting the Harvard students turned on to killing Jews. However you Morons are going to cause me to lose this next election! While you think you are having fun attacking and assaulting Jews. The American people are really getting mad at you and the Democratic Party!
Bernie, I have all this money coming to me, $ONE MILLION DOLLARS a day from just the Mexican DRUG CARTELS!! Then the Red Chinese are giving me $ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY so they can continue their Military Build up in Mexico! Bernie, what really gets me down is that the Doctors say I'm only going to live two more years! What good is all this money if I am going to Kick the Bucket and die like a dog?????
This is why I have to attack AREA 51!! Anna Kreisling has the keys to the GATE Technology that was developed from Die Glocke, the most TOP SECRET device flown out of Germany on April 28th, 1945 by Gen. Hans Kammler in a Junkers JU-390 that he flew to Wright Patterson AFB!!
Bernie 55,000 Nazi's were brought to the USA in OPERATION PAPERCLIP, including Werner Von Braun, Anna Kreisling, Hannah Reitsch, and in South America another DIE GLOCKE device was flown there in a Junkers JU-390 and then dismantled and the JU-390 was dismantled and thrown into a river to cover up this TOP SECRET Device being flown in by the Nazi's.
Bernie I have attacked AREA 51 twice, and both waves of Mexican Drug Cartel gang members were slaughtered. We had Mexicans running and screaming all over the desert, that Giant Spiders were eating them!! Bernie I need the Harvard Hamas Brigade and all the Muslims in the USA to attack AREA 51 and capture Anna Kreisling! Bernie if you do this for me I will give the gift of eternal life! You and I can step into this GATE and our DNA will be encoded, and we will live to spend all this money I have!! Bernie you are my No. 1 man!! Let's attack AREA 51!!

Senator Bernie Sanders USA, 16.04.2024 02:02

Dear Comrades in the HARVARD HAMAS BRIGADE,
We were very successful in the GAZA region, teaching the LGQBTV Palestinians how to build Seven different kinds of bathrooms and learning how to put Jews into ovens and get them really toasty!
I remember fondly all the starving Arab children and the Hamas Leaders eating Cheeseburgers with us and passing around the Pepsi. Folks more than 13,000 Palestinian Children were used as slave labor to build those tunnels for Hamas, and the fact that they do not give a rats ass about these kids shows what determined Terrorists they are.
Now dear Nancy and Joe. all you gots to do is bring 475,000 Haitians into the USA. Put some voodoo paint on them and give them a spear and we are ready to attack AREA 51!!
Anna Kreisling and the Nazi's at AREA 51 dare not kill one single Jigaboo Haitian! Why?? Because then Joe can get on T.V. and claim that the Nazi's are Racist!! However they have over 5,000 huge Spiders guarding AREA 51, SO IF A SPIDER EATS A SPEARCHUCKER, is that racist???? Or the guy that sends him to be ate up by a Spider racist??? If 300 of these Mao Mao Jigaboos gets ate up by these huge massive hairy spiders, the rest are going to freak out and want to go back home to Haiti!!

President Joe Biden USA, 30.03.2024 03:13

Dearest Nancy Pelosi,
Censorship is a Democrat Party Perogative! Man you can't allow the Truth to be published!! The American people don't want the truth, they can't handle the truth, the dumb bastards can't comprehend the truth anyway!
Nancy what you need to do is help me in a successful attack on AREA 51. We are both very very old, and any day now we could kick the bucket, We gots so much money and we can't take it with us! Anna Kreisling holds the keys to the Gate Technology which the Germans developed from Die Glocke! This is why Adolf Hitler is still alive, Heinrich Himmler, Hans Ulrich Rudel the greatest pilot in the German Luftwaffe! Anna Kreisling has made it her mission to keep the heroes of the Third Reich alive and well!!
Nancy this is why I am going to allow 135,000 Haitian Gang Members to come and live in New York! All they have to do is attack AREA 51 and capture Anna Kreisling! I want to live forever! I am making so much money from the Mexican Drug Cartels, Red China, etc.etc. and I want to keep all this Gold and money for myself.
The American people are so dumb that they can not see the evil which is around them. The school children in California no longer salute the American Flag. They no longer learn about American History. They no longer learn about Math and Science. What they are being taught in the Third Grade is sexual Perversion. Discussing whether they are a boy or a girl. We Democrats are changing America forever, and it feels good!!
Nancy I need your help in capturing Anna Kreisling!

Nancy Pelosi Senate USA, 17.03.2024 20:30

Dear Max Hastings, English Historian and Author,
I am very concerned that here in the United States there is so much censorship going on. What is wrong with the American people knowing about 55,000 Nazi's coming to the USA under Operation Paperclip?? One of these German Scientists was Werner Von Braun who helped America put a Man on the Moon! Max right now in 2024, we still have 55,000 documents from the Kennedy Assasination still labeled TOP SECRET, even President Donald Trump did not release them to the public!
Max right now all pictures of Anna Kreisling are banned in the USA, even though hundreds of pictures of her exist. Example her picture was published in the Austrailan Aviation magazine Pacific Flyer!
Max what I want to share with you is the known number of Junker JU-390's that were used in World War II.
The first one built and flown in 1942 was the Recon Version used by Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling which was flown over New York. This mission was approved by Heinrich Himmler who was in charge of the Nazi Nuclear Weapons program, also approved by Adolf Hitler.
The second JU-390 built was a cargo plane which was photographed by a British Naval Officer on its way to deliver supplies to Africa in 1942.
The next six Junker JU-390's were built and flown to places like Japan, South Africa and Nazi Air bases in Africa and South America. Proof of this is the fact that in the Kuril Islands of Japan were German Petrol cans used in the refueling of JU-390's. In 1944, Anna Kreisling was sent to Japan to train the Japanese pilots on how to fly the JU-390. In 1945 she saved the Emperor's life when Communist Agents stormed the palace. Using a katana Samurai sword she killed two armed Killers just feet away from the Emperor.
Joseph Stalin was enraged that she had stopped them. He wanted Japan to fall into Russian hands at the end of World War 2.
We know of 63 transmissions made by Stalin talking about The White Wolf, which was code for Anna Kreisling. Stalin also talked about the THE GRAY WOLF which was code for Adolf Hitler.
Max it is my wish that all of this censorship will come to an end. It is in the interest of the United States that the true history of World War II will emerge.

lxbfYeaa, e-mail, 14.03.2024 06:48


lxbfYeaa, e-mail, 14.03.2024 06:41


Anna Kreisling KG-200, 12.03.2024 07:44

Dear Hannah Reitsch,
How is the weather in Morro Bay? It is always wonderful to visit you there. Hannah, most of the time I am very positive and energetic about life, but tonight I have the blues and I am very sad.
At times I do not understand why so many world leaders are doing nothing to save the Lions, Tigers, Bears, Elephants and hundreds of other species of animals. The most glorious thing about the planet Earth is its wildlife. This is something Adolf Hitler always cared about. Can you imagine how glorious Afrika was in 1880!! The massive herds of elephants, the grasslands and savannah teaming with life. The beautiful birds, and abundant fish.
Adolf always admired Afrika under the British Empire. They built hospitals and schools for the people. They cared about the animals. Now in the year 2024 the Black Leaders in Afrika let the Chinese come in and kill and slaughter the elephants, the Lions, the Tigers, just to sell their body parts in China. Make no mistake China and President Xi Jinping are the greatest threat to wildlife in the world. This is why Adolf Hitler has given me permission to use Nuclear Weapons against China. 500 Hydrogen bombs exploded along the coast of China would save the worlds animals.
It is with a heavy heart that I begin this work, China will soon feel the wrath of the Nazi Party for destroying so much of the world's wildlife. So President Xi Jinping,,,what will it be,,,complete destruction, or will you let the elephants live???

President Emmanuel Macron of FRANCE, 05.03.2024 10:02

Dear President Joe Biden,
Why are you venting your anger in public like this? Don't you know that Vladimir Putin is reading this column? Recently I went to Cambrai to pay tribute to the French and British and American pilots who flew here in World War I. At a grassy airfield I saw in the distance a German Fokker D-7 and as I walked up, Anna Kreisling was standing by the side of the plane. Many pilots were there and soon they were all talking and comparing stories. Anna is from a small group of pilots who own and fly aircraft from World War I. Even though she is more famous from World War II, and also modern high tech spacecraft from AREA 51, however she has this great love for the aircraft from 1914-1918. Her Fokker D7 is a classic biplane from this era. It has a 185 h.p. SIX cylinder BMW motor in it, one of the best aircraft engines from that era.
As I left her there on the field, I looked back and she was surrounded by five other pilots. It reminded me of the picture of her surrounded by four German pilots as they stood by a Junkers JU-390. This picture is easily found on the internet. So why is this important?? You are looking at a lady who was involved with the Nazi Nuclear Weapons program. The head of this program was Heinrich Himmler.

President Joe Biden USA, 18.02.2024 20:36

Dear Donald Duck the Draft TRUMP,
You think your really Hot Stuff?? Compared with me, you are a naive little Boy Scout. You really think the Republican Convention is going to nominate you after you are a convicted Felon in the courts?? God you are dumber than Cow Manure!
Folks, yes it is true that I have ordered two attacks on AREA 51. The first 3,300 Mexican Drug Cartel gang members died. The second, more than 4,000 Aids infected Gangmembers died. I did this to save America. AREA 51 is the most heavily guarded Nazi Air Base in the world. President Xi Jinping of Red China ordered me to capture Anna Kreisling, and what Xi wants, I jump around and does it!
Folks, it is not my fault that under OPERATION PAPERCLIP 55,000 Nazi's were let into the USA!! Rachel Maddow said it best," We gots to get rid of all the Nazi's, Southern Baptists, Catholics, Gun Owners, Republicans, People with Common Sense, Conservative Negroes and Zionist Jews and make America Normal again!!
Folks I am so proud of the Democrats in California! They have DEFUNDED THE POLICE, THE KIDS IN SCHOOL DO NOT SALUTE THE American Flag in the morning at school, and over 20 Million illegal Aliens are turning the cities into RAPE AND ROBBERY ZONES!! Folks, vote for me and you will see San Francisco really get groovy!!
Folks, don't worry about inflation, this is only in your imagination, it does not exist in the real world. Just listen to the Jefferson Airplane and drop Acid!! Soon you will forget about all your problems and know that Peace and Love are all around you. Folks just look at me, I'm 88 years old and Life is a Groove Baby, its just like Corn Pop said," When your walking down a street and you see a Colored Girl eating Peach Pie, just jump on her and go to town!!"

President Emmanuel Macron of FRANCE, 15.02.2024 06:28

Dear Professor Albert Manstein, UCLA,
The flight of the Junkers JU-390 over New York on August 28th, 1943 is important for many reasons.
1. It was part of the Nazi Nuclear Weapons Program
2. It proved to Roosevelt that New York could be hit with a dirty nuclear weapon and in true German fashion, Recon flights were flown before an actual mission.
3. It also showed that Michigan and the military industrial plants there were a vital target for Adolf Hitler.
4. Hans Pancherz wrote about Anna Kreisling, he said," What first looked like a suicide mission, now looked like a great adventure. With Anna at my side in the cockpit it filled all of us with confidence and we realized we were going to make history.
5. Four squadrons of AT-6 training planes the 116th, 117th, the 118th and the 121st, saw the JU-390 over Michigan. However they reported it as a six engined B-24 Liberator with a gorgeous Blonde at the controls!
6. Pacific Flyer Magazine in Australia published a picture of Anna Kreisling which was then Banned in the USA.
7. Currently Anna Kreisling is still the Flight Commander at AREA 51 and proof of this comes from the German Government. They still have a squadron of Mig-29's at Nellis AFB there to guard AREA 51.

Dr. Albert Manstein, UCLA, 01.02.2024 01:06

Dear Vladimir Putin CCCP,
2176 Stavinsky Blvd. Moscow,

I received your letter and yes I traced the electronic address of Adolf Hitler to Morro Bay. It turns out my secretary was having breakfast there last year and saw Adolf and Eva and Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling walk in to have breakfast also!
Vladimir, I'm afraid the reports of 55,000 Nazi's coming to America as part of OPERATION PAPERCLIP are true. I know how much this really pisses you off, but it is true, and no matter how much Vodka you drink, it will still remain true.
CNN NEWS was censored by Joe Biden when they reported Anna Kreisling driving her glacier white 1972 British MGB near Baker California. 32 Mexican Drug Cartel members followed her into a Gas Station and then tried to attack and rape her! She had a weapon in one hand that burned the pants off her attackers and they were seen screaming and running around and holding their cajones!!
As you know Joe Biden has been offered $55 Million Dollars by Red China if he can capture Anna alive! Why? The Red Chinese want to know about the technology used at AREA 51. So far they are really disgusted with how stupid Joe is, especially with him launching two major attacks on AREA 51 using Drug Cartel members! They were slaughtered! My God, none of them survived! Vladimir, AREA 51 is the most heavily defended target in North America! Plus Alien technology is used in many of these weapons. Vladimir, when your Russian Satellites are taking pictures of AREA 51, GUESS WHAT?? What you are seeing is an AI generated picture that your Satellites think they are taking a picture of, it is all FAKE. This is all from Alien Technology! At night do you ever hear any buzzing or high pitched noise in your ears??? Again Alien Tech being used to track your every movement. Joe Biden hears this noise and it causes him to massively Poop his Diaper until it is overflowing and running down his legs!! Can you imagine trying to Campaign and hoping that your Diaper does not explode on stage!
Vladimir you need to tell Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran to get out of Teheran, there is talk on the internet that the Junkers JU-390 at AREA 51 is being loaded with a FUSION BOMB which will leave a 145 mile wide crater when it is dropped on Teheran!
The Nazi's there want to celebrate Hitler's birthday this year with a really big BANG!!!

ADOLF HITLER, 14.01.2024 20:22

Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler,
Dear Donald Trump,
You are being far to soft on Joe Biden! You must tell the American People the truth about this Communist Rat, this Left Wing Lunatic who is destroying America.
My greatest achievement in Life was preventing the Communists from taking over Germany. In 1927 there were Six Million Communists in Germany trying to violently take over the country! By 1937 they were gone! Many of them joined the NAZI Party because they wanted to save Germany.
This peaceful uniting of Austria and Germany shows the Love that Germans have for each other.
During World War II many of our Austrian Brothers fought bravely, one of my favorite rifles in World War II was the STEYR M95, it is great to see that you can still get 1938 Nazi Ammo for this gun.
So why is Joe Biden such a SCUMBAG??? Eva and I live in Morro Bay and out here in California the Democrats no longer allow the saluting of the American Flag at schools.
They also do not teach American History at K-12 schools. Joe Biden in a big Television speech talked about how great George Washington was. This was all a propaganda charade! He and all the Democrats have called George Washington a RACIST, a SLAVE owner, and have forbidden schools in California to teach anything about him!
In 1951 when Eva and I came to California we could understand why the 55,000 Nazi's that came to America under OPERATION PAPERCLIP loved this State. You could own a car, a house and all the Guns you wanted, this was a Great place to live! If you went to Yard Sales you could pick up a German Mauser and a Luger for practically nothing!!
Tonight here in Morro Bay, Eva and I will be having dinner with Hannah Reitsch, Hans Baur and Anna Kreisling. These three pilots were with me in the Bunker in 1945, and it will be great to share our stories.

AL GORE Boston, Mass., 13.01.2024 09:53

Dear Donald Trump,
If you have any doubt about Global Warming just look at how our planet has heated up! Right now in Iowa girls are wearing string bikinis and getting a sun tan in their back yard!! Right now in China the Sun is so hot that the Chinese girls are wearing nothing and planting flowers outside.
I also want to congratulate Senator Bernie Sanders and the HARVARD HAMAS BRIGADE for going to Gaza and showing the Arabs how to build Seven different kinds of bathrooms for the Hamas LGBQTV Muslims. The only problem Bernie is that Hamas has already killed all the LGBQTV Muslims!!
I remember going to UC Berekley ten years ago and seeing all those ISIS FLAGS fluttering in the wind, all the rich college girls wearing Burka's and everyone trying to kill the Jewish students. The Democrats in Sacramento were so proud of these rich white elitist students who had never worked a day in their life, sitting around singing songs about Blowing in the Wind while they fart and stink up our planet!! NOT ONE WAS WEARING A DIAPER, You have to wear a Diaper if you want to save the planet, this is why Joe Biden wears a diaper, to save our planet!!

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 10.01.2024 00:59

The Ju 390 V2 was not built, so any story about the Ju 390 fleeing to Uruguay is plain fantasy.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS, 01.01.2024 07:53

Happy New Year!!
I just finished drinking 3 bottles of KILBEGGAN Irish whiskey! God I feel so horny right now, but folks seriously I have to respond to Joe Biden's dreadful letter! First so many people support Trump because Joe Biden is such a Loser and has dreadful policies. Example; Just look at California which is taking away FREEDOMS EVERY DAY. The Democrats in California are now trying to close down all GAS STATIONS. What gives them this right?? This power to destroy the lives of millions of Americans???
Anna Kreisling owns a 1972 British MGB and sometimes drives it from AREA 51, to Las Vegas and then on to Porterville California. What's in Porterville?? At the North end of the airport she keeps several airplanes, a Fokker D-7 ,,a Fokker Dri Triplane, a Dornier DO 17Z, and a Douglas DC-3.
All of these airplanes require aviation GAS to power them. If the Democrats BAN all Gasoline, Anna will have to move her planes to Arizona!
Now speaking of Great Books to read, Anna Kreisling has written a book about the NAZI Nuclear Bomb Program in World War II. The Book is titled,,,ADOLF HITLER,,,THE DREAM,,,THE VICTORY."

President Joe Biden USA, 29.12.2023 03:29

The President of the United States,
My Fellow Americans,
Thanks to people like Bernie Sanders, AOC, and OMAR THE JIHADI we have finally stopped the Israelis from total Victory over HAMAS. Folks these Terrorists are good people. When they killed all dem babies and women they were helping save the planet from over-population! Now you take the Communist Chinese, they have killed over SIX MILLION MUSLIMS inside China, but you don't hear IRAN and Saudi Arabia complaining. Folks one of the reasons America is so messed up and divided is the Fact that our State Department allowed 42 Million Muslims to come flooding into the USA. So why did our State Department do this??? To make sure the Jewish people in the USA were outnumbered ten to one!! That is why Jewish kids can't go to school is because of Islamic Muslims beating the crap out of them! That is why every Republican and Democrat Presidential Candidate is promising a Palestinian State. Even Bernie Sanders is saying ,,,THE ONLY GOOD JEW IS A DEAD ONE!!! But folks don't worry about a thing! I have decided that the best thing the USA can do is concentrate on going to Mars!
So far only India and Japan have serious Moon Missions planned. And well folks, we are screwed. We owe $35 Trillion in debt. We can't afford a good hamburger!! But ya know folks, thank god we have Mexican Drug Cartels that kidnap 13,000 American children each year and sell them into sexual slavery!! They pay me $5 Million Dollars a month to do nothing. Just keep the Southern Border wide open, and keep all the Black Gangmembers locked up in prison so they can control the Drug Trade!!
In conclusion, Folks just drink a beer and don't worry! You Gots da best Black President in da world!! Kamala and me support the Black Lives Matter movement, we gots to have da Spearchuckers picking cotton so we can make the shirts that say JOE BIDEN FOR PREZIDENT!!
Last night Kamala came in smoking a big Fatty, dressed in some red polka dot panties and she said," Hey Biden, you know why Chinese Children do not believe in Santa Claus??? Because they are the ones who make all the toys!!"

Senator Bernie Sanders, 30.11.2023 01:20

Dear President Macron of France,
I myself and 800 Harvard Students landed in Gaza yesterday and we have already got the Palestinian people to build 7 different kinds of bathrooms for all the LGBQTV ARABS. We also are passing out condoms and are requiring the Arabs only to have sex once a month and to have mandatory abortions if they get pregnant. Why?? In order to save the planet, we have to reduce the Arab Muslim population by 800 Million!!

President Emmanuel Macron of FRANCE, 26.09.2023 21:07


Dear President Joe Biden,
You really are one of the dumbest RETARDS on the planet. So you have attacked AREA 51 Twice??? With Mexican Drug Cartel Puta's!!! Of course your going to fail using amateur smelly uneducated untrained Monkeys like that!! By the way Joe, AREA 51 is protected by NATO and the U.N.,,,,didn't you know that !!
Joe let me tell you some really TOP SECRET STUFF. The Nazi's had been on the Moon for 20 years before Neil Armstrong came down the ladder in 1969 and said,,," Thats one small step for man, one Giant Leap for Mankind!!" Joe don't you know the Nazi's on the Moon guided him in and set up more than 22 lights, and then filmed him while he was coming down the ladder!! Anna Kreisling was there!! Hannah Reitsch was there!! The first woman on the Moon was Hannah Reitsch!!
Why do you think that Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling met with President Kennedy in 1962!! They were discussing what it was like on the Moon and how America must beat Russia to the Moon!!
Joe did you know the Secret Service has film footage of John F. Kennedy swimming naked in the pool with Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling!! IT SHOWS ANNA KREISLING COMING OUT OF THE WATER, MAMA MIA WAS SHE EVER SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Dr. Albert Manstein, UCLA, 22.08.2023 19:03

Dear Peter Graves and Rachel Maddow,
Sean Hannity and Fox News is making a big mistake by not having Anna Kreisling on their show to be interviewed. Why? Because the Nazi Atomic Bomb program is important to understand as part of history.
By 1939 Albert Einstein had warned President Roosevelt that the Germans were working on Nuclear Fission. In the movie Oppenheimer, you can see the motivation of the American Scientists was to develop the bomb before Hitler could use it. This is why the flight of the Junkers JU-390 over New York on August 28th, 1943 makes perfect sense. This Recon Flight took off from Norway, passed over Canada, and then entered American Airspace on the Morning of August 28th. At noon the JU-390 was over New York city.
The White House had been alerted and President Roosevelt made the correct decision to give a STAND DOWN Order to the Fighter Squadrons guarding New York, not to shoot down this Recon Aircraft! Why?? Because it would have caused a panic in New York and also then they would have to reveal to the public the Manhattan Project. Which Roosevelt was determined to keep TOP SECRET.
Both Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling expected to be shot down over New York. They had been seen over Michigan and unknown to them two British agents had seen the Junkers JU-390 take off from Bergen Norway.
There is more to this story, in December 1944, Hans Pancherz would fly Martin Bormann to Cape Town South Africa in a Junkers JU-390. He would land and for the next 3 days the OSS, MI6, and other British and American Officials would hammer out the details of OPERATION PAPERCLIP.
In this agreement both Germany and the USA and England would agree that Nuclear Weapons would not be used in Europe, and that New York would not be bombed. That at the end of the war all Major Weapons and technology would be turned over the England and the USA.
Dear Rachel Maddow, this is why you must take this opportunity to interview Anna Kreisling.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 18.08.2023 01:49

Good Evening, My Fellow Americans,
Today it is 112 degrees here at AREA 51, but all our Hangars are Air Conditioned and so it is a great place to hang out, have a beer, and reminisce about the year 1936. This was a great year for Germany. The 1936 Olympic Games at Berlin. Our German people coming out of the Great Depression. Our Great leader Adolf Hitler. For the last 35 years, British Propaganda has tried to Portray Hitler as a crazed Drug Addict. This is of course all a lie.
To understand Hitler you must look at Hamburg in the winter of 1919. The war had been over for a year, yet the British still banned food from going to the city. 110,000 German women and children starved to death at Hamburg that winter because the British kept this embargo on. You will not read about this in any History Book, but it happened.
What motivated Adolf Hitler was revenge against the Communists for killing my Mother, Hannah. Hitler wanted revenge against France for starting World War I. He also wanted to restore German Honor.
In all of these things he succeeded, he is a Leader that America needs at this moment. He will secure our Southern Border, he will destroy the Communist Party in China. He will also save the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Iran. Make no mistake, Adolf Hitler would make a far better leader than Joe Biden or Donald Trump. America the choice is yours.

President OBAMA USA, 29.07.2023 05:13

My Fellow Americans,
As you know both Congress and the Senate are holding hearings on UFO's. These hearings are supposed to expose the truth, but as you can see they are not calling any credible witnesses. During my administration we tried our best to get the facts to the American People, but both the CIA and the NSA, and Congress denied our requests.
Fact; if these UFO Hearings do not call on Anna Kreisling to testify, then you know the fix is in. Why?? Anna Kreisling is the Flight Commander of AREA 51 and has been since President Ronald Reagan gave her this job.
At AREA 51 they have over 35 crashed Alien Spacecraft they are reverse engineering. Inside Russia they have 17 Alien Spacecraft they are working on and many Russian Scientists have died from germs and booby traps that are built into these Alien ships.
One of these Alien Space Ships in Siberia is five miles wide in a Disk configuration and they estimate that it crashed there 35,000 years ago.
My Fellow Americans, I am really disappointed that Joe Biden has attacked AREA 51 twice using Mexican Drug Cartel Gunmen.
This is insane, AREA 51 is the most heavily defended airbase in the world. They also use Alien Technology to defend this base. I feel sorry for these poor Mexicans, getting ate up by Giant Spiders and horrors not seen on this planet!!
So why do the Chinese want Anna Kreisling?? She controls the GATES, the technology developed from DIE GLOCKE,,,the most Top Secret device the Nazi's developed in World War II.
The DIE GLOCKE was flown from Norway to Wright Patterson AFB on June 3, 1945 in a Junkers JU-390 and turned over to American Scientists. SS Col. Hans Kammler , Martin Bormann, and Heinrich Himmler did this deal with the OSS as part of OPERATION PAPERCLIP.
My fellow Americans, please tell your Congress to have Anna Kreisling testify, she will tell the truth is she is ordered to.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS, 26.06.2023 20:44

Good Evening America,
I am reporting tonight from Las Vegas where the Flying Saucer crashed and two very large ALIENS were actually filmed in a back yard, then disappeared!
For those of you who are wondering why AREA 51 is 110 miles North of Las Vegas, this is no coincidence.
We now know that the ALIENS were rescued by Personnel from AREA 51. Even the Flying Saucer was loaded up on AAA flatbed TOW TRUCK and taken away! Jesus!! Even AAA does jobs for the Nazi's at AREA 51!! They probably think it is the debris from a LAMBORGHINI that crashed, probably owned by a Cocaine Snorting NBA STAR!!!
Folks last night at CEASARS PALACE, I saw Anna Kreisling pull up in her glacier white 1972 British MGB followed by 3 black SUV's filled with Japanese Body Guards.
She was wearing a silver cape over a black leather outfit and my God she was stunning! 5 feet 8 inches tall, FROST BLONDE HAIR, very tan and athletic looking, gorgeous breasts straining at this black leather, she has cleavage that is a chasm of ecstacy! God I wish I could make out with her!
Anyway they walk in and I find out that they are throwing a party for Heinrich Himmler! Nazi Flags everywhere! A German Polka Band playing, Beer being guzzled down, a really serious celebration!!
Then walks in Adolf Hitler and Eva and smile and wave at the crowd, and everyone erupts with SIEG HEIL,,,SEIG HEIL,,,SIEG HEIL!!
I honestly wish that the Democrats could throw parties like this, they are so much fun!! And the German Frauleins serving Beer are so gorgeous!!
For those of you who are wondering how all this is possible, remember OPERATION PAPERCLIP?? When the machine,, DIE GLOCKE was brought to Wright Patterson AFB on June 3rd, 1945, from this the Nazi's at AREA 51 developed the GATE Technology that allows Anna Kreisling to go back in time to save certain people who are deemed worthy to the FOURTH REICH, also the GATE allows you to never age, to never die, because your DNA is encoded into the GATE.
Eat you heart out FOX NEWS, at MSNBC WE GET THE REAL STORY!!

President Emmanuel Macron of FRANCE, 28.05.2023 02:55

President Emmanuel Macron, FRANCE,
Dear Anna Kreisling,
It was a joy to have you visit Paris and spend 3 days with my wife and myself. You have a great appreciation for French Wine, food and culture.
Here in France the Kreisling name belongs to some German Farmers who started vinyards here and some of the best wine in the world comes from the Southern part of France where the name Kreisling still exists. In fact there is a wine in France named in your honor,,,it is ANNA,,,and below it on the label is your family name ,,,KREISLING.
Many Baltic Germans live in Estonia, and that is where your mother comes from, Hannah Kreisling.
I have been very saddened and angry that Joe Biden is still trying to capture you. There was another attack on AREA 51, this time 3,765 Mexican Drug Cartel Gang Members were sent in by Joe Biden, and they all were killed.
Make no mistake, France and Germany and England support you in your right to life and your liberty.
Your work at AREA 51 is very important, and just because the Red Chinese Communist Party want you captured, does not mean that Joe Biden must bow to their demands.
Anna, as we toured Paris I thought of the first time that you toured Paris. It was with Albert Speer and Adolf Hitler.
So Anna, thanks again for making Paris such a magical place and so important in history!

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 09.05.2023 02:09

Dear President Joe Biden,
Don't act innocent with me! You know that from 1945-1947, 55,000 German Nazi's were brought to the United States in Operation Paperclip.
Also that this device DIE GLOCKE, was the most Top Secret machine in the Nazi Arsenal.
President Xi Jinping of China has asked you very nicely to arrest Anna Kreisling and to bring her to China for interrogation! I have asked you to arrest her and bring her to Moscow! Now I am told that she attended the Morro Bay Car Show, and you did nothing!
I had 17 KGB agents at the car show and they could not get within one mile of her. They were taken to a Community Center and there some Nazi's beat the crap out of them, except for Boris and Natasha, they wanted their autograph's and pictures! Boris and Natasha are the most famous Spies in the world and they take orders from only me!! Their Fearless Leader!!
So Joe, stop taking all this money from China when you can not arrest Anna. Do you see me making deals with China that I can not fulfill??? Of course not, I am not a crook! We in Russia run an honest country
For those of you in the United States that know nothing about history, especially the Democrats! Let me tell you a story that is still classified Top Secret.
Yes Heinrich Himmler was in contact with the OSS throughout 1944-1945.
Yes this is the beginning of OPERATION PAPERCLIP, which Martin Bormann also worked with President Roosevelt and the OSS.
After Anna Kreisling flew Hitler out of Berlin, Martin Bormann gave her orders to test fly the Horten with a device on board, the Die Glocke. This enabled the Horton to pass through numerous Dimensions and Time very much like a Cell Phone electronic signal does. The military implications of this are enormous!
Anna Kreisling after landing in this Horten was captured by the U.S. Army under Gen. Patton. This Horten jet was brought to the U.S. and evaluated and today it rests in the basement of the Smithonian Air Museum in Washington D.C.
On May 5th, 1945, SS Gen. Hans Kammler landed a Junkers JU-390 at Wright PATTERSON AFB with the DIE GLOCKE, and then he disappeared with the help of the OSS!!
This Junkers JU-390 today is owned and housed at AREA 51 by Anna Kreisling, who also happens to be the Flight Director there!!
Joe Biden!! Now do you understand why I am so mad!! I am really angry!! Don't play innocent with me!! You have known all about Anna Kreisling for the last 25 years!!
Vladimir Putin

Kim Wallace, e-mail, 03.05.2023 21:28

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Dr. Albert Manstein, UCLA, 01.05.2023 19:47

Dear Prof. Thomas Craig, London,
I am amazed and stunned, the best Car Show that I have ever seen, this Bakersfield Hot Rod Car Show!
Saturday morning Adolf Hitler drives in and gives the Nazi Salute to the crowd!! Driving the Car was Heinrich Himmler! In the back seat was Eva and Anna Kreisling smiling and waving to the people! Let me tell you I was just shocked and amazed!! Hitler looked like he was only 35 years old! Anna and Eva were gorgeous, beautiful classy women! How do they stay so young and wonderful! The secret I believe is DIE GLOCKE that was brought to the USA by Hans Kammler on June 5, 1945, flown in on a Junkers JU-390 where he landed at Wright Patterson AFB and turned over this most secret device to the Americans!
Evidence leads from DIE GLOCKE, to the GATE Technology that was later developed at AREA 51.
It is said that only one person controls this GATE Technology, and she has the only key to activate the Gates!
Anna Kreisling can go not only through time, but to distant Stars and Planets! This is because she can bend Space and Time through Inter Dimensional travel.
Once you enter a Gate with her, your DNA can maintain your body forever. This explains why Adolf Hitler is still alive and doing better than ever!
Amazing Car show!! And seeing Hitler was just incredible!

Adolf Hitler, 29.04.2023 17:34

My fellow Germans and Nazi's everywhere,
This is another glorious day for the 4th Reich and the world. Eva and I are on the way to the Bakersfield Hot Rod Car Show, the biggest in the world!
At this very moment Heinrich Himmler is driving our Mercedes G-4 Staff Car, while Eva and I are enjoying the scenery! Soon we will be entering the gates of the Car Show and these people will see what a Mercedes should look like!
Anna Kreisling will be there, as will Hans Ulrich Rudel and Hans Baur!! It is now 7:30 in the morning, so wake up Bakersfield, we are coming!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.04.2023 09:25

This April 28th,29th and 30th is the Bakersfield Hot Rod Car Show. This is the largest gathering of classic cars in North America. If you love Hot Rods and the classic cars from every era, you will be there. I am flying a Dornier DO-17Z from AREA 51 to Porterville Airport, from there I am going to the car show with my neighbor James Newsom. We will be there Saturday on the 29th and join up with Phil who is driving from Nipomo. Phil has a great car collection and a Hot Rod that is very excellent in every way! The one person who will not be at this great car show is Joe Biden. This scumbag, this traitor hates cars, airplanes, guns, everything that makes America a great and Free nation.
He is purposely leaving our Southern Border wide open so that the Red Chinese and the Mexican Drug Cartels can operate throughout the United States.
More than 387 Mexican Drug Cartel Gang members attacked AREA 51, and none of them survived this. So why did Joe Biden send them in?? Because they study our defences by sending in probing attacks. Apparently Joe Biden does not care about people losing their lives, just look at his disaster in Afghanistan. Every major General at the Pentagon warned him that his plans for Afghanistan would not work, but like a fool he went ahead and did it his way. He is like a petulant child, a stubborn ignorant Socialist Marxist Fool.
In a way I am glad he is not coming to the Bakersfield Hot Rod Car Show. The Secret Service sometimes does not know what to do with his Diapers when they change him. If one of these gets thrown into a crowd, you will have a major panic, trying to escape the Poop, the smell and his Diapers have been known to explode!
For those of you who are wondering about my Douglas DC-3, yes I still have her, but the Dornier is much smaller and can cruise at 235 m.p.h. the visibility is superb and the history behind the Dornier is incredible.
To all my fans around the world, I thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. To all the members of the Luftwaffe around the world, be bold and be brave. What we are doing is vital for the survival of humanity everywhere.

Peter Graves CNN NEWS, 06.04.2023 09:10

Before America dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan they flew Recon Missions over every major city in Japan in our B-29 Superfortress. It should not be surprising to anyone that Adolf Hitler had Recon Missions flown over the United States in World War II. The boldest and most successful of these Recon flights was the Junkers JU-390 flight from Norway across Iceland and into Canada, and on the morning of August 28th 1943 penetrating into Michigan airspace. The two most vital targets for Hitler was the factories in Michigan, and then the city of New York itself. Unknown to Anna Kreisling and Hans Pancherz was the fact that two British Agents had seen the Junkers JU-390 take-off and head out over the Atlantic Ocean.
By the time they were over Michigan and heading to New York, President Roosevelt was making a very hard decision. He ordered the three squadrons of P-47 Thunderbolts which guarded New York to stand down and to not engage any German Recon Aircraft. Why?? Roosevelt wanted to hide the Atomic Bomb Program from the American people. He also did not want Germany to speed up their development of any Nazi Atomic Bomb program. Both Hans and Anna Kreisling knew that they had a 50% chance of being shot down over New York. Both understood that the minutes and seconds over New York would be the most dangerous moments of this flight.
But what is more amazing is the order from Martin Bormann for Anna to test fly the Horten Jet fighter after Hitler was flown out of Berlin in 1945. Why?? Why assign such a flight after Hitler had been evacuated from Berlin?
We now know that these orders to Anna Kreisling to fly the Horten was all part of the agreement within Operation Paperclip. After Anna shut down the Jumo Jet engines she found herself surrounded by three Sherman tanks. She cooly stood up in the cockpit and removed her helmet. The three American soldiers that walked up and were staring at her, could not believe their eyes! Here was the most gorgeous, beautiful blonde on the planet! This is when they decided to keep her and put her to work pouring coffee for the U.S. Army. They actually told the OSS Officers that the Male Luftwaffe pilot who was flying the Horten had run away into the forest!! Anna was not flown out of Germany until 1946.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 25.03.2023 01:37

My fellow Americans,
Today in Syria American Soldiers are under attack by the forces from Iran. American death's have been reported and the leaders of Iran are joyful about this.
Make no mistake going into Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein was the worst mistake America has made. Iran feared Saddam and he kept the Persians cornered in the Middle East. He fought Iran for eight years in trench warfare, and the Persians died by the millions. America at that time had a Great President in Ronald Reagan and he gave me the Green Light to keep Saddam well supplied. At night our C-130's would fly into Baghdad loaded with weapons for Saddam.
Now thanks to the stupid ignorant morons like George W. Bush and Barack OBAMA, they have destroyed most of the obstacles that faced IRAN.
The power of Iran now stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.
When Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States, a school teacher was kidnapped in Morocco. A letter demanding $300 Dollars for her safe return and that all American citizens leave Morocco was sent to President Roosevelt. Instead he sent in the U.S. Marines armed with 30-40 Krag rifles and within three weeks they had killed over 1,300 of these Terrorists. The school teacher was rescued and Americans were welcomed in Morocco!
Today we have a President who is a Communist Leftist Moron who thinks that launching one missile at the Terrorists in Syria is going to scare IRAN. If you want to scare Iran Joe Biden, you must destroy their entire AIR FORCE in one day. You must destroy the Iranian navy in the Persian Gulf, and destroy their Nuclear Bomb Factories.
After the smoke clears, you will see the leaders of Iran sing the Star Spangled Banner, declare that Baseball is the new national sport, and kick all the Red Chinese out of their nation.

Sergei Lavrov CCCP MOSCOW, 23.03.2023 22:53

Dear President Joe Biden,
You are in direct violation of your agreement with President Xi Jinping of China!
You promised him you would arrest Anna Kreisling and send her in chains to Moscow!
When Xi arrived in Moscow he was asking Vladimir Putin," Where is the White Wolf?? I have many questions I want to ask her! So Vlad, where is she??"
Our Fearless Leader said that Joe Biden had failed to capture her! That more than 2,600 Mexican Drug Cartel Gangmembers had failed to come back from AREA 51 alive!
This is after Red China paid him $55 Million Dollars to capture her!
So Joe, are you listening? Xi is really angry with you. If you can't do the job, why you taking his money?
Joe, Vladimir Putin wants her arrested! She is a devout Nazi, she is the Flight Commander at AREA 51. She knows to many secrets to be left alive! You would be doing your Patriotic Duty by arresting her and sending her to Moscow! We will give you another three months!
By the way, at Nellis AFB the Germans have over 227 Mig-29 Fulcrums helping to guard AREA 51. We have now learned that these Migs are being given to Ukraine! They are being replaced at Nellis AFB with more Advanced German Fighters! Joe don't you know that Vladimir is pissed out of his mind! How could this happen on U.S. Territory!
Joe don't you know that Anna Kreisling has personally flown into Ukraine 38 German Leopard Tanks! Do you have any idea what a Leopard tank can do??? They will destroy hundreds of Russian Tanks!

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 16.03.2023 01:11

To our Glorious Russian Air Force,
Congratulations on bringing down this advanced American Drone. This was not easy, we have already recovered this American made Drone, and we are not impressed with American technoloy!! Example; we expected lots of computers that would fly this Drone, instead when we fished out this Drone in the Black Sea we find that it was a Chimpanzee flying this Drone. When he would bank and turn left, if he did this, he would get a banana! In many ways this does not surprise us! We in Russia remember when we were putting Men and Women into Space, the Americans could only send up Monkeys and Chimpanzee's!! Remember HAM, who flew sub-Orbital flights! He was America's Greatest Space Hero in 1957!
Congratulations to our Russian Pilots who out fought this Chimpanzee over the Black Sea. Finally after 22 minutes of violent manuevers in the air, this Chimp opened up his canopy and threw a baseball bat at one of our SU-27 FLANKER FIGHTERS!! Instead this bat hit his propellor, and down came the drone!! So President Joe Biden, your monkey brought down your Drone, not our glorious Soviet Red Air Force!!
By the way we are sending your Drone and your Chimpanzee to IRAN. There they will torture this monkey until they make him talk!

Sean Hannity FOX NEWS, 12.03.2023 01:56

Dear CNN NEWS Don Lemon,
Hello Don, many people at CNN News have criticized me for not having an interview with Anna Kreisling. This is the German Lady Test pilot who flew for KG-200 and also with Hans Pancherz flew over New York on August 28th 1943 on what was the most important and dangerous Photo Recon Mission in World War II.
Don, has it ever occurred to you that CNN has also never had an interview either!! It is not easy to locate Anna Kreisling. She could be at AREA 51, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Japan or even at Morro Bay, California.
Also the rumor is that the CIA, and the NSA do not want her to address the Operations behind OPERATION PAPERCLIP. This is when 55,000 Nazi's were brought to the USA to help our Rocket Programs, our Space Programs, even our Air Force in developing Jets like the F-102 and F-106.
So Don, tell them at CNN that they should cool down these accusations that I do not want to interview her! I would love to interview her! She looks like Grace Kelly and Veronica Lake, she is the hottest Blonde on the planet!

President Joe Biden USA, 04.03.2023 20:04

Dear President Xi Jinping of CHINA,
How about sending over 800 more Balloons! I need to keep the Republicans off my back! They are actually investigating Hunter Biden, all the hookers, all the drugs, all the Billion Dollar Deals we did!! Xi it is not easy to arrest Anna Kreisling, I sent in 327 Mexican Drug Cartel gun men into AREA 51, WE COULD HEAR THEM SCREAMING AND NO ONE CAME BACK ALIVE!! So don't get mad at me! You have over 30,000 RED CHINESE Communist Agents in this country, why don't you send them into AREA 51???
Xi, be careful, I have just received a picture of the 12 Communist Party Members in Beijing that are planning on killing you. Buddy they want your job! Hey if you want more information, send me another suitcase with $55 Million Dollars!! Man I love those suitcases!!
Xi I have another Big problem, I have found out that Adolf Hitler and Eva live in Morro Bay California!
Heinrich Himmler lives in Nipomo!! Did you know that Anna Kreisling flies into Nipomo all the time and takes her 1972 glacier white MGB to the Donut every Saturday Morning!! Hundreds of people in Nipomo have seen her!!

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 20.02.2023 06:52

Dear President Joe Biden,
I am writing to you because President Xi Jinping of China is really angry with you. He has sent you $55 Million dollars every month and what have you done?? Shoot down one of his SPY BALLOONS?? Make money with the Mexican DRUG Cartel??? Joe you have not even arrested Anna Kreisling! What happened?? You send in 337 Mexican Drug Gangmembers into AREA 51, and not one comes back alive?? What did you expect??? AREA 51 is the most heavily defended airbase in North America! They even utilize Alien technology to help defend the base. But Joe I am not complaining, just remember to have Anna Kreisling arrested before August 7th, 2023.

Dr. Kenneth Watson YALE, 14.02.2023 05:36

Dear President Joe Biden USA,
Why don't you tell the truth to the American People??? That beginning with President Bill Clinton we had a treaty with China and Russia called ,,,THE OPEN SKIES TREATY.
This meant that the Russians and China could fly their spy missions over the United States and we would do nothing. This continued under Presidents Bush, Obama, Trump and now you.
President Biden, you should also reveal to the American People the SPY Flight by the Junkers JU-390 over America in 1943. Anna Kreisling is real, Operation Paperclip is real, we were in a race to develop the Atomic Bomb and this recon flight over New York on August 28th, 1943 was part of the Nazi plan! All of us can be thankful that the United States prevailed in this race to perfect the Atomic Bomb.

President Joe Biden USA, 04.02.2023 09:11

Dear President of China, Xi Jinping,
I wanted to personally thank you for sending that Chinese Spy Balloon over the United States. On FOX NEWS and CNN, all that they could talk about was Hunter Biden's Laptop!! Now all they can talk about is your Balloon.
Hey this Tuesday night I get to brag about the High Inflation, our weak military, the Race Riots were trying to cause, Banning Gas stoves, Banning Gasoline Cars, Banning Guns and the right to defend your family. So many things I am proud that I have accomplished!!
To all the Republican Morons out there who say I should shoot down this Balloon, I say you are crazy!! This Balloon is the best thing to ever happen to me. Even Sean Hannity understands that we can't shoot it down.
Our best fighter plane is the Curtiss P6E Hawk!! It has a
Liquid cooled 600 h.p. engine! It is armed with two Fifty Caliber Machineguns!! But it can only fly up to 22,000 feet! This Chinese Balloon flew over at 66,000 feet!!
This Chinese Balloon only cost $12,000 to make while our Curtiss Hawk P6E Biplane cost the USA $44 Million dollar each!! We spend 10 times more money on our Military than CHINA and RUSSIA combined, but we also have the weakest military. Why? In a real war numbers count, and we will spend $44 Million on a Biplane Fighter, when China can build an advanced Jet Mig 17 fighter for only $35,000 dollars!!
Folks, tune in this Tuesday Nite where you will hear more fantastic Joe Biden stories!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 20.01.2023 02:23

Anna Kreisling, AREA 51,
We here at AREA 51 listen to music all the time while we are working on aircraft and spacecraft inside our massive hangars. It is with great sadness that David Crosby one of the best musicians in the last 70 years passed away today.
Both David Crosby and Jerry Garcia contributed so much to other bands. The Jefferson Airplane was a superb band because of their contributions. One of my favorite songs done by the Jefferson Airplane is the song,,,,WOODEN SHIPS,,,which was written by David Crosby, Paul Kantner and Stephen Stills.
My next door neighbor, James Newsom loved his guitar playing on the song,,,,EIGHT MILES HIGH,,, David Crosby will be deeply missed and never forgotten.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 05.01.2023 08:35

Happy New Year!!
I want to thank the people of Norway and Finland for making this a wonderful and magical Christmas for me!
Right now I am with Elon Musk in Nipomo, California working on his rocket which will take six people to the Moon in 2023.
We will on the Moon be working on receiving these six people into our biosphere for their safety and enjoyment. By 2024 we should have 250 Americans working on the Moon with our 7,400 Nazi's that are there now. Very soon you will enjoy the peace and the serenity that the Moon enhances. No more war, no more massive poverty, only serenity and peace.
For the people of the Earth, if you want to build some serious Starships, it has to be done on the Moon. Low Gravity, easy launches, easy repairs and no one around like Russia and China to bother you.
Remember whoever controls Space, controls the Earth. President Kennedy knew this to be true when he met with Hannah Reitsch and myself back in 1962.

President Joe Biden USA, 03.01.2023 03:24

My Fellow Americans,
Under the Freedom of Information Act, in the year 2023 you will be able to read the 55,000 pages about KG-200 and why it was classified TOP SECRET all these years.
You will understand the race to develop the Atomic Bomb and how Germany almost won this race!
You will understand the importance of the Junkers JU-390 and its Recon Flight over New York on August 28th, 1943.
So my fellow Americans read these documents and understand the race for the Atomic Bomb, also how OPERATION PAPERCLIP helped America win the space race!

Chancellor Angela Merkel Germany, 26.12.2022 21:01

Merry Christmas to all !!
I wish at this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! I have been told that Santa stuck a big hard load of coal up Vladimir Putin's Butt!! This is what happens to bad boys who kill women and children!
The world we live in today has many problems and we need coal, oil and gas to survive this terribly cold winter.
Thanks to President Joe Biden, he is going to give all the coal and heating oil to Europe, because the USA is enduring very high temperatures due to Global Warming!
President Biden said," Hey Man, at Buffalo New York the girls are wearing bikini's and dancing to the music of the BEACH BOYS!! AOC and Nancy Pelosi are both wearing Red Polka Dot Bikini's and getting their gruuve on dropping Acid, and smoking some serious Weed. Hey Baby all the USA is having such a hot winter that I'm gonna sell all our heating oil and coal to Europe and then take that money and build my retirement home in Australia and raise kangaroos!!"
My fellow Germans, even Donald Trump has flown into Buffalo, New York with all his Russian Prostitutes and is planning a huge BEACH PARTY!!
Now to my gift to England. As you know the British are having a real tough time. The people can't afford Tea anymore and their stiff upper lips and Penises are frozen solid.
So here is my gift to England, Germany will give England,$27 Billion dollars so they can rebuild the factory at Abingdon on the Thames river, so they can once again build the MG Roadsters! For all of you Nerds out there who only know how to jerk off and use your thumbs to text. The MG CAR COMPANY is the most famous thing to come out of England besides the BEATLES!! yeah, yeah, yeah !!
In conclusion all of us Germans are proud of Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer who designed that stainless steel bra for Anna Kreisling!! This was designed to protect her incredible breasts as she flew over New York at noon on August 28th, 1943. Knockers like this are a gift from God and should be seen by all men of good cheer!

President Joe Biden USA, 23.12.2022 06:26

Dear Vahe David Demirjian,
You are such a turd, what are you, some fat college kid who believes television shows, or what is in books?? The first flight of a Junkers JU-390 was in 1942, and it was built from a Junkers JU-90 Airliner. David trust me, AREA 51 exists, Anna Kreisling is real, and you should not call people morons, when you have no idea how powerful Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann were.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 14.12.2022 05:26

What are you, a moron? When I watched some time ago a documentary on the History Channel delving into the question of why Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were motivated to carry out acts of monstrous evil, I was dumbstruck to find out that Hitler became addicted to fentanyl thanks to his dependence on Theodor Morel. Hermann Goering also became addicted to drugs, which probably affected his decision-making as regards the Luftwaffe's conduct of its air war against the Eighth Air Force. Hitler opposed communism not just because he regarded it as a Jewish invention but also due to his view that communism destroyed traditional family values.

That the Junkers Ju 390 first flew in 1943 is established fact. The first and only Ju 390 prototype to be built was converted from one of the prototypes of the Ju 90 airliner (the first prototype of the Ju 290 likewise was converted from the eleventh Ju 90 prototype on order).

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 14.12.2022 05:11

The short summary of this entry is partly incorrect. Only the first Ju 390 prototype was ever completed and flown, while the Ju 390 V2 was not built by the time that the Ju 390 and other advanced piston-engine strategic bomber projects for the Luftwaffe were cancelled in July 1944 to save money for Germany's combat jet programs, namely jet fighters, the Arado Ar 234, Junkers Ju 287, and Heinkel He 343. The story about the Ju 390 making a test flight to vicinity of Manhattan to test the Ju 390's capability to attack the US Eastern Seaboard has been debunked by available wartime documents and other source material (a rumor in a British news story from 1969 that the Ju 390 made a flight to South Africa in early 1944 and a claim in a 1975 book that Albert Speer knew of a Ju 390 flight to Japan are likewise false).

Dr. Kenneth Watson YALE, 24.11.2022 08:00

Dear New York Times Editor; Martin Short,
Why is there so much history about World War II still classified TOP SECRET?? More than 35,000 pages about KG-200, Operation Paperclip, Anna Kreisling, Martin Bormann, The Manhattan Project, etc. are not available to the public. What is the U.S. Government hiding???
The first JU-390 was built and flown in 1942. The report about it being flown for the first time in October 1943 is not true. This was shown to Hitler for the First time, not it's first flight. This is confirmed by the British Naval Intelligence officer that photographed RC-DA flying supplies to North Africa in 1942.
Another thing that concerns me is the British Propaganda about Adolf Hitler. He was not some crazy drug addict, which British Propaganda now promotes.
To understand Hitler you must look at a man who was trying to save Germany, but also the world from Communism.
When Hitler marched with 300 other Nazi's in 1923, in what was called the Beer Hall Putsch. The man to his right was shot and killed, the man to his left was killed. More than 14 other Nazi's were killed. Yet at his trial he was not convicted of Treason, he was viewed as someone who was trying to save Germany.
You must also look at the years when he was in the Thule society with Hannah Kreisling, the child they bore. Why Hitler let Heinrich Himmler raise her, how Anna Kreisling was kept secret from the world until the 1936 Olympic Games.
Finally you must study the world of Martin Bormann, who arranged three of the best Rescue pilots in the world to be at the Bunker in May of 1945, Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling.

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 15.11.2022 19:30

It is cold outside and I am staring out the Window at Red Square. The real reason we are losing the war in Ukraine is that thousands of Nazi's are helping them. Our Russian Soldiers are facing a technological WAVE of new Terror Weapons.
Anna Kreisling and the Nazi's are using Microwave Weapons which have killed more than 38,000 of our Russian Troops. In the air and on the ground our soldiers have seen eyes which exploded, Brains that have boiled, many deaths.
On the battlefield they have faced these half wild pig, half human soldiers weighing more than 800 lbs. all armored, and equipped with major firepower destroy our Russian Troops. Our men have seen these monsters tear the heads off our troops and eat their flesh.
In the air these Nazi UFO's, or FOO FIGHTERS, are destroying our equipment and Jets, killing thousands of our pilots. Even flying SWASTIKA FORMATIONS OVER MOSCOW!!
Even now Joe Biden is meeting with President Xi Jinping of China to divide up Russia, and who gets the oil, gas and massive minerals that Russia has!
Notice in the past that Joe Biden has failed to arrest Anna Kreisling. That she is able to operate out of AREA 51, to help co-ordinate the War against Russia in Ukraine.
Finally proof of this comes from the fact that with OPERATION PAPERCLIP, at the end of World War II, the USA brought over 55,000 Nazi's to help them with their Scientific Projects. That Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann were allowed to leave Berlin and go to Argentina.
My KGB Comrades tell me that Anna Kreisling and Hitler and Eva have dinner all the time in Morro Bay, California, where tourists get their picture taken with Hitler and Eva!!

Professor Albert Barnhardt, UC DAVIS, 24.10.2022 02:16

Dear President Joe Biden,
I am shocked that you would refuse such a gift from President Vladimir Putin of Russia. At great expense he shipped you a complete Junkers JU-390. This massive six engined aircraft with Anna Kreisling diving nude through some clouds with the large red and white letters,,,BERLIN BABY,,on the nose is an incredible plane to put on display at the Smithonian!!
Why can't the public see this,,,it is proof that the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project existed and that the Germans did fly a Recon mission over North America and New York!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 20.10.2022 07:23

Dear Boys and Girls,
Christmas is coming and I hope all of you receive from Santa the book entitled,,,THE POLAR BEAR WISH,,,by Lori Evert and Per Breiehagen, published by Random House.
Why this book is so special to me is because I have spent many years in Northern Norway. The Laplanders and many other people who live there have Polar Bears as pets. In fact they raise Polar Bears. There is nothing more beautiful to take a sled out with two Polar Bears pulling you. Going through the snow and across glaciers and fjords is breathtaking!
People in Alaska should be raising Polar Bears especially the Eskimos. They should not be hunted and killed. Polar Bears like all Bears are loyal and kind, but you must raise them from cubs, at the same time you should never separate them from their mothers. There is nothing more beautiful than a Polar Bear Mother and her Cubs.
This Christmas I will be in Norway and Finland celebrating Christmas. On Christmas Eve I will be with Santa preparing his sled for our trip around the world.
May the Peace of Christmas
Be With you,
Love ,,,, Anna

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 09.09.2022 10:02

This is a sad day all over the world. Queen Elizabeth the II has passed away after serving her country for 70 years as Queen and her many years in service in the military.
When Winston Churchill in the summer of 1940 walked through the burned out buildings of London, many times she was with him looking at the destruction of the Blitz.
As the Queen of England it was my honor to have Tea with her and discuss the world we lived in.
All of us in the United States and at AREA 51 will miss her wisdom and her sense of adventure.
Sincerely, Anna Kreisling

Professor Albert Barnhardt, UC DAVIS, 20.08.2022 07:01

Yes I quite agree Dr. Watson,
Our History Dept. here has verified that 2 British Agents witnessed the takeoff of the Junkers JU-390 from Norway and reported this to London MI6.
This was relayed to the Americans who completely ignored this information.
Next we have Col. Scott Thomas in Michigan phoning the White House about a possible JU-390 sighting over Michigan by more than 35 pilots on a Training Flight!
President Roosevelt with more reports coming in made a wise decision. He decided and ordered a stand down of all P-47 Thunderbolts guarding New York. Why??
Because if the Ju-390 was shot down over New York, the press would find out about the MANHATTAN PROJECT.
Very few people in 1943 knew that their was a race to build the Atomic Bomb between Germany and the USA.
By allowing the Junkers JU-390 to just take pictures and escape allowed America to keep the Atomic Bomb Project a TOP SECRET!
Make no mistake people like Anna Kreisling, Hans Pancherz, Werner Von Braun and SS Reichsfurher Heinrich Himmler who was in charge of the NAZI ATOMIC BOMB PROJECT, was closely monitored by the OSS.
Here are some simple facts to prove this, No B-29 Bombers were ever based in England. Berlin was dropped as being an Atomic Bomb target. Why???
Because all of this was covered in a written document, which is the Beginning of Operation Paperclip.
Finally, we know for a fact that Anna Kreisling works at AREA 51. Over the years thousands of people have seen her, and her famous Silvery Aluminum DC-3, at the Reno Air Races and the OSHKOSH AIR SHOW.

Dr. Kenneth Watson YALE, 18.08.2022 19:33

It is important that the CIA writers who write all of these insane letters, stay off this site.
So why does the CIA have so many writers here?? So that the public will forget about OPERATION PAPERCLIP and the Anna Kreisling and Werner Von Braun history.
It is vital that the American People understand that after the Battle of Kursk in 1943, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler gave the GO, on the famous Recon Flight over New York on August 28th, 1943.
When this Junkers JU-390 passed over the Empire State Building, it proved to President Roosevelt that New York could be taken out by an Atomic Bomb.
It was then that Heinrich Himmler sent a cable to Washington D.C. for an Agreement to be signed.
This was done in December 1944 when Hans Pancherz flew Martin Bormann to South Africa in a Junkers JU-390. When the Ju-390 landed, Martin Bormann was taken to a Conference where the American OSS and British MI6 were waiting.
After three hours of discussion, a Treaty was signed forbidding any Nuclear Weapons would be used by Germany and the United States for the rest of the war.
This also was the beginning of OPERATION PAPERCLIP. Martin Bormann told the OSS and MI6 that he knew Germany was going to lose the war, but after the war Russia would be the world's most dangerous enemy. So every German Scientist and every German TOP SECRET Weapon system must be allowed to fall into the hands of the Americans and British. This agreement of course was never seen by the public or the Russians.
This is why World War II ended in the way it did, not by luck or chance, but by an agreement and Operation Paperclip.

President Joe Biden USA, 14.08.2022 21:11

My Fellow Americans,
As your President I have done a lot of STUPID things. Like have the Secret Service change my diaper eight times a day! Shutting down SEVEN Gas and oil refineries,,,Boy that was stupid,,,You should have seen how the Price went up!!!
Allowing 260,000 diseased infected criminals cross our Southern Border each month! Sounds crazy but its true!
Folks, I have done a lot of STUPID THINGS, but the latest item is something I am really proud of!!
For the last six months, thanks to Viagra and this New Pig Heart they put in me,,,I have been having NON STOP SEX WITH BRITNEY SPEARS!! Yep, here I am 77 years old and I have been banging her Night and Day!!
Folks, the real reason I wear Sunglasses all the time is because I have gone cross-eyed from having to much whoopie !! But the doctors have been performing miracles!
I have a new penis taken from a Babboon, shot in West Africa! However when I am with Brittney Spears, I eat a lot of Bananas and crap all over the place!
Finally my fellow Americans, even though I have Monkey Pox, Cancer, a New Penis, COVID, and Diareah Non stop. I am doing a great job as your President!
Soon you'll be hearing that knock at your door, and the IRS will be there,,,smiling,,,and they will say,,,," Yes we are from the Government,,,and we are here to help you!!"

Vice President Kamala Harris USA, 13.08.2022 08:36

Dear President Xi Jinping of CHINA,
So get ready, I'm flying to China and I want to see THE GREAT WALL. I plan on importing that BIG HUGE WALL of yours to TEXAS, TO MAKE THESE COWBOYS HAPPY! What could be better than Chinese Food and a GREAT BIG WALL !!
Next I want to see your A.I. Robotics Factories! If Bill Gates and Anna Kreisling can make a fortune on A.I. Robots, then Xi, you and I will make $ Billions of dollars!
Yes the Junkers JU-390 that was supposed to go on display at the Smithonian Air Museum, has been moved to Wright Patterson AFB. Why?? Because we can't have a Nazi Aircraft on display at the Air Museum. What do the Nazi's know about Aviation and Space Travel???
Folks lets face facts, the German Scientists did not develop rockets and jet fighters in 1945. The smelly British Cabbage eaters did. My God the English smell bad, these buggers have the worst teeth, they have the worst Music!! Just look at the ROLLING STONES,,, These buggers can't dance, can't sing, Keith Richards died 45 years ago and he is still playing guitar!!
Why can't they celebrate AMERICAN ROCK MUSIC like the LED ZEPPELIN,,,,or THE WHO?????
Finally Xi Jinping of China, you better show me a good time in China or else I'm gonna have the Japs move in and take over Shang-hai,,,,How do you like dem apples!!

Don Lemon CNN NEWS, 12.08.2022 02:53

Dear Rachel Maddow, MSNBC NEWS,
It is a busy News Night here at CNN NEWS, but Rachel I wanted to give you a heads up on a Major story brewing here at CNN.
As you know Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft some 20 years ago. Rumors swirled that he was working on some TOP SECRET Project. It was reported that he was working with Anna Kreisling on some advanced Alien Technology at AREA 51.
Rachel it turns out that they have a factory at AREA 51 where they have been making advanced A.I. Robots for the last 15 years! These robots look human, smell human, and understand this, the population of Los Angeles has increased by 3 million people in the last 20 years, but 50% of these so called people have been A.I. Robots from AREA 51!
What Bill Gates and Anna Kreisling have done is released these robots in Las Vegas and then their orders are to go to Los Angeles and get a job, buy a house and blend in with the population. They estimate that they have made more than $14 Trillion Dollars for Bill Gates and Anna Kreisling!
There are ways to tell if your Neighbor is an A.I. Robot!
No. 1,,,Enter them into a Poker Contest, they don't lose!
2. Take them up in an airplane, with no lessons or training, they know how to fly any airplane!
3. Have them drive you to L.A. to New York. They never will have to use the bathroom!!
4. When in public, they only blink their eyes when they look down.
5. Be nice and careful around them. Crime in L.A. has gone down 300% because they tear the heads and arms off anyone who tries to rob them.
6. If a gorgeous woman looks like Morgan Fairchild, you have a 95% chance of dating an A.I. Robot. You also have an 88% chance of getting laid!!
7. The Divorce Rate in L.A. has gone down 70% because you do not want to divorce an A.I. Robot. They can divorce you, but you can not do this and expect to survive!
Rachel, all of us are wondering what does this mean for our society?? Robots mixing with humans???

Augie Johnson, Dallas Texas, 07.08.2022 21:45

Dear President Joe Biden,
I have in my house hanging from my huge Vaulted ceiling a 1/18th scale Junkers JU-390.
It is my pride and joy! When 21st Century made these, I was lucky to buy mine at Wal-Mart for $150 dollars. It has a 26 ft. wingspan and is 18 feet long! Six Motors, gray and green on top and Luftwaffe sky blue underneath! On the side it has the BERLIN BABY in big red and white letters, with Anna Kreisling diving through the clouds in a red one piece swimsuit!
Now Mr. President I went to Washington D.C. to see the real thing in the Smithonian Air Museum, and they told me that Red China has forbidden this historical aircraft to be put on display! It seems they are hopping mad that she destroyed more than 300 Chinese Migs with her squadron!
Joe, why do you bow to the Chinese all the time!! Put this massive plane on display! This is part of WWII history!
Joe, you and CNN sure are attacking Nancy a lot!! Why??
So please put this aircraft on display! Don't go kissing Red China's Ass,,,put the JU-390 on display!

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House, 06.08.2022 22:15

Dear President Xi Jinping,
Why did you cancel my visit to China?? We were supposed to play tennis and the winner would get $100 Million Dollars! Are you afraid to play an 88 YEAR OLD WOMAN TENNIS??? You poor boy! Are you that FAT??? Why are so many Communist Party Members so FAT??? You also sweat and perspire all the time! Is that because you are afraid of me??? I was going to enjoy seeing you chase my balls all over the court. I wanted to watch your FAT ASS try to recover my serve!! The Chinese People would have enjoyed seeing a FAT Communist play an athletic 88 year old Woman!!
At this time I would like to pray for Anne Heche who was involved in an accident. She is alive but severely burned and I wanted her to know that I am praying for you.
My fellow Americans, CNN and Red China are trying to convince you that my trip to Taiwan was wrong. Red China is just using my trip as an excuse to act like a FAT Communist Bully. President Xi Jinping of China is a coward, he does not want the people of Taiwan and Hong Kong to decide their own future. Ask anyone in Hong Kong or Taiwan if they want to live under Communist rule!! They do not, for good reasons!!
It is time for Xi Jinping to resign and go back to raising chickens and understand what real work is!!

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 03.08.2022 11:06

Dear Comrade Joe Biden,
We in the Communist Party want our Money back!! You promised us an easy roast duck of Nancy Pelosi, but now she has made laughing stock of entire Communist Party!
How can an 88 year old woman bring CHINA BOY TO HIS Knees?? How can one woman blow the shiite out of our Air Force?? We send Wi Tu Lo and Wi Gonna Di,,,,OUT TO SHOOT DOWN NANCY ,,,AND SHE MAKA CHOP SUEY OUT OF US!! JOE BIDEN YUOU SONS OF A BITCH,,,YOU SONS OF A MUTHER GOAT!! you GONOREAH DIAREAH PUTA!!!
now I look like Chinese Rat!! dey talk about putting bullett into my Chinese Butt!! The Communist Party is hopping Mad!!
Now when I brag about taking over the Phillipines and Austailia,,,they think I am Loco Bandito from Shang-Hai!!! They say my Chinese Butt smells like Joe Biden!! You gonna pay Joe!! No more Hookers and Cocaine for you!!! We gonna get Hunter Biden and make him into Phillipino Puta!!
Joe did you know about Anna Kreisling and AREA 51??? OF COURSE YOU KNEW!! DID YOU KNOW ABOUT GINA HASPELL AND CIA?? OF COURSE YOU KNEW!! What about Bill Clinton??? What about JLO????

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 02.08.2022 20:08

Dear President Bill Clinton,
After discussing the situation with Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, I then went to the War Room at AREA 51 and talked with the 27 pilots from JG 26 to prepare for combat. We were going to show NO MERCY on these Communist Chinese Dogs! We took off in the SANGER 27 Attack SAUCERS armed with the latest weaponry.
It was night but after 40 minutes of flying from AREA 51 we rendevoued with Nancy Pelosi's aircraft one hour away from landing at TAIWAN.
Joe Biden had sold her out! More than 327 Red Chinese fighters of all types were waiting for her!
We banked and climbed for altitude, at 127,000 feet we looked down with our radar and let the computers acquire the multiple targets below. This was going to be a slaughter!
Down we came with our ICS Radiation missiles and Microwave weapons, Lasers, etc. etc.
The first 127 Chinese fighters could feel their eyes exploding from our Microwave inducements. Their Brains fryed inside their helmets. The Jets tumbling around in the sky with Dead Men at the controls.
More than 75 were shot down by Lasers with explosions lighting up the night sky! Many of our pilots just flew and let the Computers do the work.
Finally only two Chinese Jets were left in the sky, a couple of old Mig-17 Fresco's probably left over from the Vietnam War. I flew alongside and saluted them, and they were free to return to their bases in Red China. So why did I let them live?? It is important that Xi Jinping understand that he is going fail in any attempt to capture Taiwan. We in the NAZI party hate his Communist Party. They have murdered more than 3 million Muslims. They have killed innocent women and children in Hong Kong. They have forced 55 Chinese Women in China to have an Abortion. The Communists who rule China have killed more Chinese than all the wars that China has fought in history.
Yet it is this scumbag Joe Biden who takes their money! It is time for America to choose between our Freedom, or pieces of Cat Crap like Joe Biden.
Our combat mission was not over, every Chinese Airfield up to 125 miles inland was destroyed. They have lost over 50% of their combat aircraft. This is a day the Communist Chinese Dogs will remember! Dear Nancy, have a nice day!

President Bill Clinton USA, 02.08.2022 02:52

Dear Anna Kreisling, Flight Director AREA 51,
Hey Baby,,,how are you doing? Listen we have a problem. I took Joe Biden Duck Hunting, he showed up with a Daisy BB gun. For 4 hours he blazed away and was wondering why he didn't hit anything! Joe does not know the difference between a BB Gun and a Shotgun!! He just wanted a photo Op so he could tell the voters that he is a real man and knows how to Duck Hunt! Deep down he is talking about BANNING all guns!
But Baby we have another problem! He is taking money so that Red China can kill Nancy Pelosi. He has already taken more than $500 Million dollars under the table so that they can operate in Mexico!
Joe has gone Nuts! We must save Nancy's Life!! Please send your advanced Stealth Space Aircraft to Taiwan and save Nancy! Gina Haspell the CIA Director also wants you to save Nancy! So Anna, your country needs you, please save Nancy!

President Joe Biden USA, 02.08.2022 02:39

Dear President Xi Jinping of CHINA,
So you want to kill Nancy?? You wanna look good to all your Communist friends?? You wire me $666 Million dollars and I will let you know the minute she will try to land in Taiwan! You can send up 360 Red Chinese Fighters and shoot her down!
Also you are bragging about sinking the U.S.S. RONALD REAGAN Aircraft CARRIER??? You pay me extra $55 Million and I will just talk about Sanctions after you sink our Carrier! You will look very important after killing Nancy and sinking our Aircraft Carrier!! We got deal Xi ?? We do!! That's great!!

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 28.07.2022 13:44

May the New year bring you happiness and Joy!! May the sparrows of Beijing pick all the Lice out of your Butt!!
May you buy New MG car that we produce which we stole from England!
May you move to America and get kicked in the head by Racist Fat Black Africaners! This means they love you!! Every time Little Black Sambo rob you, this means they love your Chinese Butt!! Just ask Chinese people who live in New York, they say, "Don't come here!! Stay in China,,Chinese Food here is bad!!!! We serve it only to Jews and the Darkies!"
Recently I hosted Saturday Nite Live!! They did not even understand that I ,,,,XI JINPING,,,is the President of CHINA!! They think that I am waiter from Peking Fried Duck Fast Chinese Food,,,from across the street!!
They say we never have Chinese person host Saturday Nite Live,,,so get out there you lousy Chink, and act Chinese!!
I say I am President of China,,,and they start laughing!! Then they give me long list of Chinese Food that they want!! So I go to McDonald's and Burger King, and then I piss on food and then take VELVEETA CHEESE and put on top, then I nuke it in Microwave oven for FIVE MINUTES,,,THEN I GIVE THEM FOOD,,,,THEY SAY IT IS BEST CHINESE FOOD THEY EVER HAVE EATEN!!!
This is why we gonna WIN !!! Americans are so stupid!!! We are preparing 1,287 long range ICBM's to launch Nuclear First STRIKE on the USA. In just 3 hours CHINA will emerge as the No. 1 power in the world!! We dance with joy for coming FIRST STRIKE ON YANKEE DOGS!!!

POPCORN THE WHITE HOUSE, 27.07.2022 19:21

My Fellow Americans,
Joe and I grew up together in Scranton, a real hell hole of a town. Joe was getting beat up all the time by BUBBA, but I saved Joe by getting him a BB gun. We shot Bubba dead, but the next day BUBBA was at school looking for Joe.
This is why Joe Biden joined the KKK, was because of Bubba!
Back in 1921, 90% of all Democrats in the South belonged to the KKK.
For the last three weeks I have been translating for Joe and things have greatly improved across the USA!
1. The Seven Refineries that Joe closed are now open and making gasoline again!
2. The Farmers are doing better since my translation!
3. Joe Biden's WAR on Truck Drivers has ended, except out in California where Gavin Newsom is trying to destroy the TRUCK DRIVERS AND BRING ON FAMINE.
All of these things were due to my translations! Now Joe is hopping mad and says he did not order any of these great things. He wants all Americans to starve and ride bicycles! He wants America to look like RED CHINA back in 1948!!
So now he wants me POPCORN to be arrested for improving Life here in America!! If he can do this to me,,,you know he is going to do it to you!! Pray for America! Joe Biden is a Commie!!

President Joe Biden USA, 24.07.2022 23:55

Since President Joe Biden has lost his ability to speak, POPCORN is now translating for him!

Biden; Goo GA GA Goo, dum di dittle juma ala puta s el grande puta, e har man nee el loco el grande puta!

POPCORN; We need to blow up every Russian ship in the Black Sea and invade Crimea and kill 100,000 Russians!!


POPCORN; I want the U.S. Army to go to our Southern Border and shoot to kill anyone who dares to cross our border. God bless America,,,and GOD BLESS TEXAS!!

Biden; skl ska ka eisof a lsi dei a diid ald a puta, Mama Mia che hassa really BIIIIGG TTITS TITTYS TAT TITS!!

POPCORN; He wants to play baseball for the Yankees, and suck on Kate Upton's really nice round and firm Titties!!!

Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS USA, 23.07.2022 07:59

Breaking News,
It has been reported tonight that President Joe Biden has lost his ability to speak. Only Popcorn knows what he is saying, so Popcorn is by his side translating what he is saying,
Joe Biden; gaandl sksea islakfa ven nien dempster!!
Popcorn; He is saying that he wants a Dr. Pepper, a cold Dr. Pepper you frigging Morons!!

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 21.07.2022 18:31

Dear Gina Haspell, CIA DIRECTOR,
We desperately need your help, first Good ole Joe gives a Press Conference and says that he has cancer. Three days later he says it is the cancer that makes him have constant Diareah!
This is confirmed by our KGB agents in Saudi Arabia who picked up his slimy smelly Turds on the carpets there! After DNA analysis, from Russian Seagulls, we confirmed it was from Joe Biden!! 12 of our Seagulls died confirming this!
This morning on the Communist News Network, they told us he has Covid and Diareah, but Comrade Joe will keep to his schedule and help sell Girl Scout cookies from Door to Door!!
You have some brave little girls in the USA!! We in Russia guard our little girls from Big Bad Wolves and American Politicians!!
Don't worry Joe, we send you our Russian Cure for Diareah, Monkey Pox, Cancer, Depression, screaming wives, Screaming Democrats throwing hissy fits because they can't get laid, a bad day on the Golf Course! We send you 24 cases of Vodka! Our Russian Doctors say keep it cold in your refrigerator, and drink it over ice, 16 times a day! In 4 weeks you will not have any problems what so ever!!!
Now to some serious world business! Hey AOC, YOU FOXY WILD THING,,,You have just been voted Russian PLAYBOY PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR!! The pictures of you with Soviet Tractor and LADA Cars, and our new Moscowvitch, made all of our Russian teenagers have steel hard Boners!! You have a great fabulous beautiful tractor!! We love you! You come and tour Russia Tractor Factories and all you have to do is bend over and smile!

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 20.07.2022 08:17

Dear Don Lemon,
If you don't want to catch Monkey Pox, don't go near good ole Joe, he got's it bad. How Bad?? Even Monkeys won't have sex with him!!
Don we in China read about how 24 Secret Service Agents have either been fired or they have quit!! Tell them not to worry, they can make much more money spying for China!!
You Americans have gone Nuts, crazy like Loony Tune Characters! My favorite is Bugs Bunny! When he say,," WHAT'S UP DOC??" Everyone in China screams and has an orgasm!!
Now I have great NEWS for Aviation Modelers and History Buffs!! 21st Century toys is building again the Junkers JU-390 in three different scales.
1/48th scale, 1/18th scale and 1/32nd scale.
All three scales will show a different JU-390! The 1/18th scale JU-390 will show the famous BERLIN BABY that flew over New York at Noon, on August 28th, 1943.
The 1/48th scale will show the Junkers JU-390 that was flown to Wright Patterson AFB on May 7th, 1945 with the BELL, the DIE GLOCKE. SS Col. Hans Kammler delivered THE BELL to the American scientists and the OSS!
The 1/32 Junkers JU-390 will depict the plane flown by Hans Pancherz to Cape Town South Africa on Nov. 9th 1944. His passenger Martin Bormann and his staff came to sign some agreements with the British and the OSS. This was the beginning of OPERATION PAPERCLIP!!
I am sure these Luftwaffe planes will be a big hit with the 21st Century modeling fans!
Remember American Boys and Girls,,,don't get Monkey Pox,,,and stay away from Joe!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 17.07.2022 00:45

Today, we are honoring a very special person.
Today is Barbara Stanwyck's Birthday!

Born in 1907, Barbara Stanwyck is perhaps one of the greatest Actresses to ever appear in films. She could do comedy and very serious drama. She was also a very kind person who always had time for her fans.
This evening in our famous Black Hangar, here at AREA 51, we will be showing the comedy,,,BALL OF FIRE,,,made in 1941. Starring Gary Cooper with some of the best character actors in Hollywood. Directed by Howard Hawks and the comic pen of Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett.
Seven other species of Aliens will also be watching this film along with my next door neighbor James Newsom who is visiting from California.
Also we have our honored guests from New Zealand who are also members of the TIGER MOTH CLUB.
So everyone remember Barbara Stanwyck, today is her Birthday, drink a toast to her, and remember her!
Anna Kreisling

Don Lemon CNN NEWS, 15.07.2022 20:34

Under the FREEDOM of Information Act, I have acquired from NASA the diary from Werner Von Braun, who was a prominent German Rocket Scientist brought to the USA under Operation Paperclip.
On page 132, he writes about SS Gen. Hans Kammler arriving at Wright Patterson AFB on May 7th, 1945 in a Junkers JU-390 with the DIE GLOCKE, the BELL, the most Top Secret device in Nazi Germany! Werner Von Braun says that this is a Game Changer, that now we have a machine that can not only fly, but go through time and chance dimensions!
On page 137 he writes about a key, a key that can only activate the BELL, without the key, the BELL will explode and rip a hole in the fabric of space and time. It is here that SS Col. Hans Kammler says that Anna Kreisling has the key and both Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler entrusted her with this key. Why? Because in 1939 she was the first Nazi to fly through time. When she came back she had proof that CASE WHITE, in invasion of France would be a success only if they followed Adolf Hitler's plan. This is why Hitler was so jubilant on his 50th birthday, he knew that the coming war in Europe would be a success!
Then in Werner Von Braun's Diary it talks about the frantic search for Anna Kreisling by the OSS in 1945.
Everyone of any importance had disappeared from the BUNKER. Hitler was gone, Eva was gone, Blondi his German Shepherd was gone! Martin Bormann was gone! Even the three best rescue pilots in the Luftwaffe were gone, Hans Baur, Anna Kreisling and Hannah Reitsch.
The OSS spent six months looking for Anna Kreisling! The Russians under Joseph Stalin were looking for her. Finally on the Christmas issue, 1945 of STARS AND STRIPES there she was!!! On the cover pouring coffee for Gen. George PATTON!!
Stalin was so enraged that the OSS grabbed her and flew her to America, that he ordered Gen. Patton to be murdered because Stalin was convinced that it was he who had been hiding her!
Again, this Diary of Werner Von Braun is so explosive and so full of details, that I have given it to the staff of President Joe Biden for safe keeping.
Folks, what this all proves is that there is so much more history from World War II that remains a secret. This explains why more than 56,000 documents about KG-200 and OPERATION PAPERCLIP are still classified TOP SECRET!!

ADOLF HITLER, 12.07.2022 10:49

Dear President Joe Biden,
Are you infected with Monkey Pox?? You smell really bad Joe,,,in fact you smell like a Chimpanzee having diareah in a Cat box! Joe do you want some advice?? You and OPRAH need to retire and move to Haiti, America does not need you anymore.
America is the greatest country in the world. President John F. Kennedy helped the Fourth Reich establish 7 major colonies on the Moon!
President Bill Clinton helped up develop a Space Elevator at AREA 51 that can deliver cargo 145 miles above the Earth's surface. Our Nazi Spacecraft routinely dock there!
Heinrich Himmler and I are very proud of Anna Kreisling. She is what every Nazi Girl in America dreams about, and someday wants to be! Both Anna Kreisling and Hannah Reitsch did everything they could to save Germany and to have Germany prosper after the war. Our German ideas of Honor, love of God, love of country, and love for all the animals on this planet. We are the ones who want to save this planet, not destroy the American ideals that made this country great! Why not let the American Free Market decide the fate of Electric Cars? If Americans want to buy a shotgun to defend their families, they should have this right!
Why are you Communists and Socialists always trying to dictate to people what they must do?? What they must believe in??? Why do you try to indoctrinate our children with this garbage about America being an evil and racist country???
Joe you should publicly apoligise to the American people for your evil and decadent ways. You should tell the American people that you believe in God, your country and salute the American Flag. Communism and Socialism have no place in a FREE NATION.

President Joe Biden USA, 12.07.2022 10:22

Dear Anna Kreisling KG-200,
Flight Operations Command AREA 51,

I won the fight in Las Vegas! I not only beat the shiite out of Donald Trump, I also won the election in 2020! How?? Both times I cheated and did some very dirty things!
Guess what Anna? I'm gonna send Donald Trump to prison so I won't have to face him in 2024! I am going to win by a Landslide!!! How?? Because OPRAH is going to be my Vice President on the ticket. We are going to change America forever!
1. No more guns will be allowed in the hands of the American people. Anyone who does not obey will be put in Prison!
2. All the Police will be required to round up all the Republicans and send them to prison. If the cops refuse, then their entire families will be in prison!
3. In order to save the planet, all gasoline powered cars will be destroyed and all Americans will be forced to use bicycles.
4. We are going to destroy the farmers, and control all food in the USA.
5. All Truck Drivers will be forced to buy Electric Trucks even if this means all Food deliveries will be stopped.
6. All Christians will be forced to register as Terrorists.
7. Mandatory Abortions for all White Women, no exceptions, you can not have a child unless you have the Government's Permission.
8. American School Children will not be allowed to salute the American Flag. They must salute Oprah and sing songs as to how great she is.
9. We are going to sell Alaska back to Russia, and Hawaii back to Red China.
10. California will be the model for the nation, a Socialist Paradise, where the Democrats in Sacramento will control every aspect of your lives!

Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS USA, 06.07.2022 19:21

Good Evening Bernie and President Kamala Harris,
As you know I flew to Las Vegas to cover the fight between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. This was to be done to raise more than $300 Million for charity! I wasn't expecting much,,,maybe they would dance around the ring and throw a few punches, but this turned out to be quite a fight!
So the two were introduced, and Donald looked very good in his Red White and Blue trunks and his matching boxing gloves! Joe looked skinny and pathetic,except for his RAINBOW colored trunks which looked like they were going to explode around his butt!! Of course he was wearing a diaper,,but every time he tells a Lie,,,it just keeps filling up with massive amounts of brown hideous smelling shitte!!
Well the bell sounded and Donald immediately punched him in the stomach, which caused his diaper to explode and it sprayed over 30 people with that toxic Poop!!
So they went to their corners so that Joe Biden could get a fresh clean new diaper, AND WHEN DONALD SAT DOWN, BERNIE reached in and raised his boxing trunks and poured scalding hot coffee on Donald's Cajones!!
The bell rang for Round 2, and Donald was holding on to his family jewels and screaming, when Joe landed a punch and knocked his wig off!! Then two more punches and he knocked his false teeth out!! THE BELL SOUNDED and they both staggered back to their corners!!
This time AOC was there waiting for Donald and she reached in and took a bite of his left nipple! Man she held on like a Pit Bull that just grabbed a T-Bone steak. Man she tore off his left nipple!!
The bell sounded for Round 3,,,and Donald was so angry and pissed off that he pounded 33 blows to his head. But Biden keeps all his brains in his ass so it did not hurt him!!
When Trump went back to his corner,,,there was Nancy Pelosi,,,with a smile on her face. When Donald sat down,,,Nance pulled open his boxing trunks and put a rabies infected, mean nasty Raccoon in his shorts!
The Bell sounded for Round 4 and Trump came screaming across the ring and kicked Joe Biden right in the butt!! His Diaper again exploded and he shot into the air and sailed across the arena and landed on Gavin Newsom. Gavin was seen screaming and running for the exit with Poop all over him. Joe came back naked and climbed into the ring!! By this time Donald had removed the Raccoon from his Boxing shorts and he proceeded to stick the Racoon up Joe's Keister!!
This heroic act by Donald stopped the flow of crap coming out of Joe Biden, and saved the lives of most of the innocent spectators!! Donald was declared the winner of the fight because the Democrats had done such dirty Deeds!! They had actually tried to Steal the fight!! Also Donald was the clear winner because he had landed more punches!
Wow!! They raised more than $300 Million for charity!! This fight will go down in history!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 03.07.2022 09:15

Dear Senator Bernie Sanders,
It is Saturday night and AREA 51 is alive with color and sound. Flight Operations is controlled kinetic energy, a translucent energy directed for a certain goal.
Bernie I am surprised to hear you speak on the subject of the history behind the Junkers JU-390. Most of the morons in Washington D.C. have never heard of the Ju-390, and how it played an important role in the Nazi Nuclear Weapons Program.
Bernie, its main role was to prove that a Nuclear Weapon could be delivered to New York. When our Recon-flight was such a success, early in 1944 was when Hans Pancherz flew Martin Bormann to Capetown South Africa to sign agreements with the British MI6 and the OSS. These agreements paved the way for OPERATION PAPERCLIP to proceed.
They also banned the B-29 Superfortress from being based in England, and Berlin being used as an Atomic Bomb target.
This is what I am very proud of, that our crew saved Berlin and the Fourth Reich to come.
Today the Nazi Fourth Reich is very real, our science is 300 years more advanced than anything the Chinese or Russians have. We have major bases on the Moon, Mars and beyond. We are dedicated to making sure that the United States is never destroyed by Russia or China.
Recently China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping has begged us for help. We have agreed,,,if he will stop his aggression towards Hong Kong and the world.
Make no mistake, China is the gravest threat to the peace of the world. We are fortunate that the Communist Party is filled with fat headed idiots who think they can scare Vietnam, the Phillipines, Japan and Australia with their bombastic threats. If the Chinese Dogs were smart they would not brag about killing everyone, but instead smile and talk about how peaceful they are. Thanks to the brave people in Hong Kong, the entire world knows what cowardly dogs they are.
But Bernie, why don't you go to President Joe Banana Head Biden and tell him to listen to Bill Clinton?? Not one single American believes his Lies about the price of Gas being so high because of the War in Ukraine.
Joe has told so many Lies that he has outdone Joseph Goebbels our great Minister of Propaganda in World War II.
The biggest Lie that Joe Biden has stated is that if he became President he would bring a sense of decency back to the office, that things would return to normal, that he would be a President for all Americans. What a Lie!!
He instead has done everything that the Lunatic Left wants. High Gas Prices, forcing everyone to buy an electric car, hiring 88,000 new IRS Agents to go after the American Middle Class, waging a war on the Truck Drivers of America! Doing everything that Communist China wants him to do! Only China benefited from the Cancelation of the Keystone Pipeline. Or when Joe Biden removed all tactical Nuclear weapons from Taiwan and South Korea, so that when China attacks,,,they will have an easy victory. Bernie if you really care about the security of the United States,,,you should talk to this Lying Carnival Con Artist. Joe Biden is the worst President in the History of the United States.

Senator Bernie Sanders USA, 02.07.2022 06:22

Dear Dr. Kenneth Watson, YALE
I received your letter and I found it most impressive. I would like to share the following facts.
1. From your findings we know a Junkers JU-390 arrived in Argentina with a special cargo. It was then broken up and put into the local river.
2. A Junkers JU-390 arrived at Wright Patterson AFB on June 7th, 1945 with the TOP SECRET DIE GLOCKE,,delivered by SS Col. Hans Kammler.
3. The Junkers JU-390 being delivered to the Smithonian Air Museum was originally on a photo recon mission over the Urals, where it was shot down, but made a successful crash landing.
4. We know of a Junkers JU-390 being taken apart at the Junkers factory, its propellors stripped off of it.
5. We know of two Junkers JU-390 aircraft that were in Japan in 1945. One was in the Kuril islands, the other in Tokyo.
6. We know of another in Norway at the Bodo Airfield.
7. Finally we know of another that crashed off the coast of Owl's Head Maine. Due to severe bad weather, which probably saved the people of New York from a very dirty Nuclear Device.
So why is this important, it gives you an idea that there were more than two Junkers JU-390's built. That the Nazi Atomic Bomb program was a serious program. That SS Reichsfurher Heinrich Himmler was in charge. That both Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling flew Recon Missions in the JU-390, and that Hans Pancherz admitted he had flown a Junkers JU-390 to Cape Town South Africa in 1944.

ADOLF HITLER, 30.06.2022 19:34

While walking around the Pismo Car show I am still appalled at the BMW Car Company! Why can't you build the 1972 BMW 2002 Sahara Model car again?? It had a straight 6 motor, 5 speed manual transmission, AFRIKA KORP Paint, a really wonderful car! For only $6,000 dollars. This is what America needs, this is what America wants! This is what every decent German wants!! Seig Heil !!! Seig Heil !!! Seig Heil !!!

President Joe Biden USA, 25.06.2022 02:18

Dear Anna Kreisling, Flight Commander of AREA 51,
You just can't go flying off to China with Bill Clinton and not take me! Do you realize that I could make them Chinks pay me Billions of dollars,,,just to help them! When I leave office I will be the first President to make $22 Billion Dollars in under the table payments! God Bless America,,,and God is really blessing Joe Biden!
But Anna, we have bigger problems than an ALIEN Invasion in the Gobi Desert. The Supreme Court just over turned ROE VS. WADE,,,and now the States have control over the abortion issue.
This is bad, because now I will not have any control over who gets an abortion in the United States! Take Pete BUTT BOY BUTTICHEG for example. He has had 17 abortions! When those adopted kids of his start biting his nipple off, and he is tired of trying to breast feed them,,,he takes them out back and takes a chainsaw to the little buggers! I made this legal,,,you can kill your kid until he turns 18 years of age! This is called a really late term abortion! Man this is why you see very few teenagers walking around. Their parents have killed them,,,and I made it legal!!!
Speaking of abortions, I also have had 42 abortions. The Secret Service says I have a nine pound Turd stuck up my ass, and the doctors say that they can hear a heart beat!!
So out come the rubber gloves and they stick their hands inside,,,clear up to their elbows,,,and pull the little Turd Monster out!! JFC!! It looks just like me!! And the smell,,,,every day more and more of the Secret Service Agents quit because they can't go through this again!!
My Fellow Americans,,,everything is great,,,very soon I will have forced everyone into an electric car. For every TESLA they sell,,,they have to give me $22,000 dollars!
Folks, you do not have the right to buy gasoline powered cars anymore! The U.S. Government is here to help you!! And what we say,,,is what you will do!! Remember folks,,,we only waste $ONE TRILLION of your Tax Dollars each year. Do you think we care??? What we say,,,,is what you will do.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 23.06.2022 21:11

Dear President Xi Jinping of China,
If Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler agree to help you destroy this Alien Invasion, you will also have to withdraw the 45,000 troops you have installed at the Panama Canal. You will have to withdraw the 135,000 Chinese Military Advisors you have in Mexico. However I am in favor of you staying in Mexico if you promise to kill the 535,000 Mexican Drug Cartel Gang Members who are currently running the country! Our current President Joe Biden is doing his best to see to it that these GANG MEMBERS destroy the United States of America.
First President Xi, yes China is in grave danger, tomorrow is friday and five of our planets in our Solar System are in perfect allignment. This means that a massive Invasion force in Space is on its way to Earth. For the average person to understand this,,,this is like a five lane highway all lit up to show the way for this invading fleet to attack the Earth.
When you activated your Time Portal, you sent an energy signal that the Earth was ready to be conquered. We here at AREA 51 have had to fight off seven Alien attacks. The only reason we survived is that we have superior firepower and energy reserves than the Aliens. But you have none of the superior weapons that we have. This is why the Gobi Desert is perfect for their invasion.
President Xi, I will fly over with Bill Clinton to see for myself which race of Aliens you are facing. We can talk and discuss what must be done to save China.
Sincerely yours,

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 23.06.2022 20:52

Dear Anna Kreisling,
We the Chinese people and the Chinese nation need your help. Ever since we activated our Time Machine in Area 717 in the Gobi Desert, we have encountered numerous Alien spacecraft flying over our Top Secret Area's. At first we thought it was you and the Nazi High Tech Spacecraft that you have at AREA 51, but now we have a full scale Alien Invasion going on in the Gobi Desert!! So far we have lost more than 275,000 Chinese troops! They go in, and then all contact is lost, and they do not come back alive!
Anna if you help us, we will give up on taking Australia and Taiwan. We will stop preparing for a Nuclear FIRST STRIKE on the United States. We will stop killing Vietnamese Fishermen in the South China Sea. We will be peaceful and a really good neighbor to all the nations around us! Please help, we are very sad about the loss of so many Chinese Troops!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 21.06.2022 10:53

Dear Gina Haspel, CIA Director,

As you know, China has built in the Gobi Desert a Time Machine based on the DIE GLOCKE Technology. Though crude, they are for the first time getting glimpses of the future, and they are not happy with what they are seeing. The future according to Chinese Intelligence shows China devastated by a Nuclear War with most of the population dying from starvation or nuclear radiation. They are convinced that to change the future they must strike first with Nuclear Weapons, their target, the U.S.A.
What concerns me is that our views of the future show nearly the same thing,,,except,,,this Nuclear War begins in the next 12 months and it starts with a FIRST STRIKE with Nuclear Weapons from China upon the U.S.A., and it will be devastating because President Biden will fail to strike back against China. 800 Nuclear tipped Missiles will rain down on America, and President Biden will not retaliate.
This is why I am writing to you. You must talk with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and make sure that Joe Biden does not prevent them from protecting the U.S.A.
Something is wrong with our Retaliatory Capabilities regarding Nuclear Weapons. If one man,,,Joe Biden can prevent the United States from responding to a Nuclear Attack then America is doomed.
Sincerely, Anna Kreisling
Flight Director, AREA 51

Vice President Kamala Harris USA, 20.06.2022 06:50

Dear President Joe Biden,
How dare you call me a bitch and a cow! You learned nothing from your eight years with President Obama. He taught us to love each other as Americans, that when they go low,,,we go high. Well Joe Biden, your days are numbered. Why?? Because you will not listen to the American People and take responcibility for your failed Marxist policies! Here is an example; From the first day in office you have closed down 5 Refineries, 17 oil and gas production fields, and have promised to declare war on the Gas and Oil Companies. This started the rise in inflation!! Why?? Because when gas and oil go up,,,food goes up,,,America is a very great country because things are supposed to work in harmony. You can't go in and destroy the oil and gas industry without major famine and poor people left homeless!
You also are trying to destroy the Trucking industry and the Family Farms. You are doing what STALIN did to Russia. You want the Government to be all Powerful, with massive numbers of Americans starving to death.
This is why Kamala Harris am going to run for President! I am not a bitch or a cow! I am not a Communist or a Lunatic Nut Job who wants a Socialist America!
What I want is for the FREE MARKET to give me and the other 325 Million Americans a choice.
Joe Biden wants everyone to use an electric stove! Well Joe you dumb ass, you can't cook real food on an electric stove! I want a Gas Oven! As an American I have the right to choose,,,and I want a GAS OVEN. But you have to go out and MANDATE that every American has to have an Electric Oven!!
Also you dumb son of a bitch, if I want a gas powered Mustang,,,I will buy a gas powered car! You have purposely raised the price of gas so that everyone will be forced to buy an Electric Car!! You are taking away the right of Americans to choose what they will drive! Vladimir Putin did not raise the price of GAS,,,YOU DID!!
I am going to make a great President, everyone in America will have the Freedom to choose, and let me make this perfectly clear. If a woman is raped and needs an abortion, that is between her and her doctor. The U.S. Government needs to let this woman have her choice! All of us are against abortions,,,but sometimes they are necessary! This is between her,,her God,,and her doctor.
Joe, you should have listened to me and talked with Bill Clinton and Anna Kreisling! Today you would be doing great things,,,but NO,,,YOU WOULD NOT LISTEN TO THEM!!
So you wanted the Press to film you being cool and jumping on a bicycle!! My God,,,Your diaper exploded Shiite all over the place!! Five more Secret Service Agents had to quit because they can't handle changing your diaper!!

President Joe Biden USA, 16.06.2022 19:18

Dear V.P. Kamala Harris,
Who gave you permission to talk about the Junkers JU-390 coming to the Smithonian Air Museum? You stupid Bitch! You keep your mouth shut and just obey my orders! God I can't wait to replace you with OPRAH,,,Folks in 2024 you will see the New Joe Biden!! Running against TRUMP with OPRAH on my ticket!! This is how we are going to win!
1. American School Children will no longer salute the American Flag every morning. Instead they will sing songs about OPRAH and how all white people are Honky's and Racists!
2. To save the Planet Earth,,,I have closed 5 Refineries that make GAS. I have also closed down 17 oil fields here in America! The USA will once again be dependent on Saudi Oil and GAS!!
3. By 2024 a Gallon of Gas will cost $14 dollars a gallon!
4. A gallon of Diesel will sell for $20 dollars a gallon!
5. All the Farmers will be bankrupt and Food Production in the USA will be shut down! This will save the Planet Earth because all the Americans are going to starve to death!!
5. The Trucking Industry will be shut down and out of business,,,No more Food will be delivered across the USA! This will also save the environment!
6. President Xi Jinping of China will give me an additional $687 Million Dollars if I can take away all Guns in the USA. This way the Chinese Military troops and the Mexican DRUG Cartel gang members can take over the USA!!
7. I am going to show how big and tough I am by putting in prison all the Border Control Law Enforcement officers! First I am going to shoot all the horses that tried to stop the Haitian Voodoo Gang members from crossing our border! I promised every Haitian Voodoo Gang member,,,,FREE DENTAL,,,FREE MEDICAL,,,FREE HOUSING,,A FREE TESLA!! Plus $100,000 dollars a year in Free Spending Money!! ALL that they have to do is vote for the Mighty Joe Biden!!
In conclusion,,,everyone will bow and worship me,,,because OPRAH is going to be on the ticket with me! My fellow Communists and Democrats,,,WE CAN'T LOSE!!
So Kamala,,,you stupid bitch,,,KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND FOLLOW ORDERS!! You Dumb Cow!!

Vice President Kamala Harris USA, 15.06.2022 22:38

My Fellow Americans,
It is a great honor to announce that Russia which has rebuilt the Junkers JU-390 shot down over the Urals in 1944, is shipping and donating this huge six engined Recon Aircraft to the Smithonian Air Museum in Washington D.C.
This is the famous Ju-390 ,,,,BERLIN BABY,,,that took off from Norway,,overflew Canada,,,and on the morning of August 28th, 1943 emerged over the skies of Michigan! By Noon it was over New York and circled the Empire State Building before heading out over the Atlantic Ocean to land at a Luftwaffe Base just outside of Paris.
This was the longest Recon Flight flown by an Enemy Airplane in World War II. This plane will be put on display with photo's, maps and charts to show the flight path of this incredible aircraft. Pictures of Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling and the other two crew members will also be on display!
I talked to Anna Kreisling on the phone and she feels this is a great honor and it is important to preserve history so that our children can learn what took place in World War II. The race for the Atomic Bomb was not a joke, but Anna Kreisling feels that the fact that this Recon Flight in 1943 saved Berlin and saved Germany. She said that Germany was very fortunate to be able to surrender to America,,,which she calls the Greatest Country in the World!!

President Joe Biden USA, 12.06.2022 19:45

My Fellow Americans,
It is not my fault that our country is going to hell in a handbasket. All my policies and advisers were selected by AOC,,so don't get mad at me!! Get mad at this crazy bitch!!
Now I want to talk about something very important, as you know America is only responcible for 4% of the world's Air Pollution, and China and India are responcible for 72% of the world's Air and carbon pollution. If America gets rid of all cars, cows, and farting humans, it doesn't matter. It is what China and India do that matters! So far they are not morons like like AOC,,,they are keeping their Cars, their Coal burning plants, and their Cows! Last night AOC said that every American should stick a beer bottle up their Butt, to stop air pollution,,,so I tried it!! Hey for four hours no one from the SECRET SERVICE RESIGNED,,,BUT WHEN I PULLED THE BOTTLE OUT,,,,THEY DECLARED AN EMERGENCY EVACUATION OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!
Also my fellow Americans I have some very sad news,,,POPCORN has left me and is now the passionate lover of Donald Trump. Why Popcorn?? Why???
This is why the LGBQT Democrats have arranged a fight between me and TRUMP. The winner gets Popcorn!!!
Beating the shiite out of Donald Trump is going to be easy! The guy is old and fat, he can't take a punch, he can't move, and I have a secret weapon! I can take off my diaper and throw Monkey Shiite at him!!
So folks tune in on JULY 4TH,,,live from Las Vegas,,,the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY will take place! After I knock him out,,,I'm gonna shave his head and sell his hair for $678 Million Dollars !!! Then I'm gonna take POPCORN and spank his butt for running off with another guy!!

Senator Al Gore USA, 10.06.2022 01:40

My Fellow Americans,
Many of you have forgotten who I am, so let me remind you. I ran for President against George W. Bush, and I won the election by more than Six Million Votes. But the President is not elected by the popular vote, he is elected by the Electorial College. G.W. Bush paid the Supreme Court $20 Million dollars so that they would not allow a re-count in Florida. This is what delivered to him the Presidency. Elections are not always fair in America, but I did not contest the election for the sake of the country. Richard Nixon faced the same thing, LBJ promised the Kennedy Campaign that he would deliver TEXAS for John F. Kennedy,,,and he did!! Stuffed ballot boxes, bribes, etc. etc. and he delivered Texas to Kennedy! Nixon could have contested the election, but for the good of the country he kept quiet about the STEAL.
But what I am writing to you about is my admiration for the Flight Commander at AREA 51,,,Anna Kreisling.
As you know President Joe Biden was supposed to go to Saudi Arabia to beg them to pump more oil out of the ground so he could take credit for LOWER GAS PRICES!!
However since he poops his pants constantly, and the shiite just keeps rolling down his pants legs, the Saudis begged him not to come! But Joe was determined to go! So he called Bill Clinton and told him he wanted Anna Kreisling to fly him to Saudi Arabia! She could fly from the White House to Saudi Arabia in less than one hour! So Joe figured that she could also change his diaper after he landed and all would be fine. However Anna refused to fly him because he smells like shiite, and is a Commie, a big fat Commie Rat!!
So Bill Clinton called me, and asked if I could fly to Saudi Arabia and beg them to pump more oil.
So I was up in Bangor, Maine, eating some Lobster, when all of a sudden, out the window, a Flying Saucer landed in the grass outside our house! This craft was small, only 22 feet across, and designed only to hold two people! My wife and all of her friends were ecstatic and amazed, when a tall blonde wearing tight Black leather emerged from this spacecraft, and walked with a lot of grace and confidence up to our table. She smiled and showed me some documents and told me she was Anna Kreisling! Normally my wife would get very angry with me getting into a car with a hot, knockout blonde, wearing black leather, but since she knew that I was flying to Saudi Arabia, she showed courage and actually happy for me!
Why??? Because we had been briefed about the coming flight! Anna took her time and strapped me in, set all my Com Gear in place, our flight would be tracked by the NSA and Naval Intelligence. We would not show up on any radar screens, but a special electronic beacon would show our progress across the Atlantic Ocean.
Folks, let me tell you, I was scared, then sitting there next to this amazing beautiful woman, I started laughing and began to relax. Takeoff, was breathtaking! You go from the surface of the Earth to 135,000 feet in just 55 seconds. We were in space! Anna skipped the spacecraft off of the atmospere, like a stone skipping on water, for 45 minutes we did this as I watched our beautiful Earth pass by below! About the time we passed over Italy,,,Anna started coming down, and fast. There were no flames coming from outside, like you see in the movies, and I asked her why?? No heat shield, no firey re-entry?? And she said that because we were in a different dimension when descending and did not have to worry about the atmosphere melting our spacecraft!!
We landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and when I emerged the sunlight was very bright! More than 50 people were there to greet us and we were ushered into a 1936 Rolls Royce to take us to the palace.
For the next five days we were treated like members of the Royal Family! I wish to thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Anna Kreisling on a journey I will never forget.
People do not realize how important the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to the world. Again my most sincere thanks to Anna Kreisling, for showing me the wonders of Saudi Arabia and what it means to be in space!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 06.06.2022 18:54

I have been asked by many Aviation historians which part of the Recon Flight over Michigan and New York was the most exciting? To be honest, when you are flying a long range reconnaissance flight you feel many different emotions. The danger of it keeps you alert and constantly thinking ahead, but when we entered Canadian Airspace we felt elated. Hans Pancherz the pilot in command was smiling, all four of us were. We were proud to be doing something that the Allies thought was impossible. The high point of the flight was when on the morning of August 28th, 1943, we penetrated into American airspace over Michigan.
We knew then that we had done the impossible, we knew that no matter what we had proven that a German Luftwaffe aircraft could successfully penetrate into American Airspace!
As we were descending to take pictures of the B-24 Aircraft factory, that is when we were startled by four squadrons of American Training Airplanes. More than 36 AT-6 aircraft were all around us flying in formation, and they seemed thrilled to be flying along such a large airplane! Then the radio chatter came in that they had spotted me in the cockpit. So I took off my jacket and my headgear and began to smile and wave and blow them kisses. Hans looked at me and smiled and gave me the thumbs up to go for it.
The young American pilots were all over the radio yelling about some knockout Blonde flying the plane. Formations started to come apart, and many of them were flying dangerously close to our plane, hoping to get a good look at me! At this point I was down to my black lace bra, and they were getting a really good look. More yelling and screaming on the radio, and they were going crazy!
Part of why all of this worked was our painting on the nose of our plane,,BERLIN BABY,,,with me diving nude through some clouds, a very American Pin-up picture! In fact when these horny American Boys returned to their base, they said that we were some New Six engined B-24 Liberator!
After we took pictures of the factory we turned south and the vast number of AT-6's went west, still babbling about the hot blonde in the airplane.
Hans later said that at that moment he knew why I had been chosen to fly with him. He said that I inspired confidence in people, that with me in the cockpit, we could do the impossible, and on top of that I was a great pilot!
Yes Michigan was the high point of the flight, New York was frightening for all of us, we expected any minute to see P-47 Thunderbolts engulf us and shoot us to pieces.
We did our jobs and then got the hell out of there, all of us felt that that New York, flying over the Empire State Building was suicide, but it had to be done, and we were willing to die to prove that New York was not out of the reach of German bombers!

President Emmanuel Macron FRANCE, 02.06.2022 06:02

Dear George Soros, Department of Homeland Security,
I am writing to you because Joe Biden keeps telling me that you are in charge of Homeland Security.
He says,,," That fat ugly bald headed bastard is head of Homeland Security,,,then he kept mentioning your name!" CNN NEWS tells me this is not the case,,,but what do they know???
My complaint is that Sean Hannity of FOX NEWS is in Paris and keeps riding his Harley Davidson up and around the town naked as a jaybird,,,not quite naked,,,he is wearing a Coon Skin Cap and a silver G-String just like Joe Biden wears when he visits Las Vegas! Why on Earth do Americans wear such such outlandish outfits?? You can see their butts!! And their butts are not in shape! They look disgusting! Besides that motorcycles are banned in Paris because they sound like a cow farting! All cows in France have to wear a diaper so that we can save the planet! So do all the Muslims! So do all the people from India! Everyone has to wear a diaper in France, except for the Canadians,,, we put wine bottle corks up their butts, and that works well for them.
Again I want somebody from the State Department to take Sean Hannity home, Paris will be a much more calmer city without his naked butt and his Harley Davidson roaring up and down our beautiful Parisian streets.
I want to say thanks to Anna Kreisling for all her compliments about our help to the people of Ukraine. She is a great supporter of our French Foreign Legion. Yes we have a wine named after her,,,ANNA,,,from the KREISLING farms and vineyards in southern France.

President Joe Biden USA, 31.05.2022 23:32

My Fellow Americans,
Jill and I flew to UVALDE, TEXAS for a roast pig barbecue! Man I just love barbecued Pig! Folks while I was there I ran into Kanye West who said he was sad about what happened! "Did they cancel the barbecue!!" I yelled.
Kanye said,,"No, Mr. President they have not!!"
I smiled, and Popcorn farted, and even Jill farted,,so I knew everything was going to be O.K.
Thousands of crying people there,,,,and I kept saying,," Everything is going to be O.K.,,,,,DON'T WORRY,,,,BE HAPPY,,,"
Later in the day Kanye said he was really sad,,,but that he was still the world's Greatest Lover! I looked at this demented Soul Brother and I told him that he was wrong,,,,that I ,,,Joe Biden was the world's Greatest Lover!!
Kanye said, " Man you are one stupid,,sob,,,MF,,,CRACKER!! You smell worse than a truck load of dog crap!!" So I bet him $100 Million Dollars that I was indeed the World's Greatest Lover!
So we called up Ann Coulter to fly down to Texas so she could give a speech on how Republicans are so lousy in bed,,,but they are still better at building a wall around the CAT Houses that they have in Texas!
So while she was here,,,we used some GRINGO BANDITO hot sauce on her panties,,,and we started eating some taco's and tamales down there!
After 10 hours of screaming and moaning, she declared that KANYE WEST was the WINNER!!
So folks,,,is Joe Biden worried?? No way,,,Hey Man I had a really Great time down in Texas!! And Folks your TAX DOLLARS went to pay $100 Million Dollars to Kanye West!! Do you Morons really think that I spend any of my money when I go on these trips!!
Don't you realize that the U.S. Government wastes $ ONE TRILLION TAX DOLLARS EVERY YEAR. THAT's A FACT,,,JACK!!!

Hiroshi Tanimoto, Tokyo Japan, 29.05.2022 07:56

Dear Anna Kreisling,
You may not remember me but I will always cherish seeing you in Hiroshima Japan. Four weeks before the Atomic Bomb was dropped on our beautiful city. I remember seeing you walk by, a vision of courage and beauty, you were truly the SHINTO Goddess come to save Japan from the fires of war.
Thanks to you and the long range flights made to Japan, we were working on building more than 1,000 Me-262 Jet fighters in the caves in our country! By 1946 it would have been impossible for B-29's to fly over Japan.
Many people still do not know why the Japanese Zero was such a formidable fighter plane in 1941.
First it could stay airborne for more than eight hours! It was covered with a durable magnesium skin. It was armed with two 7.7 machineguns and two 20mm cannon!
The Zero was agile and graceful and a forgiving fighter to fly! However by 1943 the Americans would have 3 fighters that were clearly better, the P-38 Lightning, the Grumman Hellcat, and the Corsair!
The American fighter I feared the most was the P-38 Lightning! It could fly 10,000 feet higher than any Zero. This gave the P-38 pilot the choice when he wanted to dive and blast us out of the sky! In the nose of the P-38 were four 50 Caliber Machineguns, also a 20mm cannon! Such concentrated firepower was devastating! Also the P-38 had much greater range than the Corsair or Hellcat!
We in Japan called the P-38, the fork-tailed Devil, it was death incarnate, it was a horror to see a P-38 dive on your wingman and set him ablaze in one pass. As you looked you could see him burning alive in the cockpit. Since most of our pilots did not wear parachutes, they stayed with their planes and burned alive on the way down!
But thanks to you Anna and Germany, you supplied us with the Damlier Benz engine you used in the German ME-109. Kawasaki would build the TONY,,,a superb fighter, a plane that could take on the dreaded B-29 bomber!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 28.05.2022 02:01

Dear George Soros,
Why did the American Congress have this sham hearing on UFO's and Aliens and not subpoena Anna Kreisling or the thousands of other Nazi Scientists working at AREA 51??
These NAVY pilots that showed the footage of the UFO's flying over the Atlantic Ocean should have realized that they were seeing special spacecraft from AREA 51.
For all of you JU-390 so called experts, who only believe that two Junkers JU-390'S were ever built. Let me remind you that the Junkers Aircraft Company was paid for 11 JU-390's delivered and built. Why would the Germans in the middle of a war make up and falsify payment records?
During World War II, I can show you the payment records for the Hawker Hurricane and prove to you that more than 6,000 were built and delivered.
Why is it that Joe Biden still has over 44,000 documents related to KG-200 classified TOP SECRET?? Remember that we are talking about World War II, some 70 years ago!
Why does Joe Biden still have over 55,000 documents relating to the Kennedy Assassination classified TOP SECRET??
Probably because a Democrat like LBJ, was supposed to be in the car with President Kennedy and his wife in Dallas Texas. Instead LBJ put Senator John Connelly in the car and he was wounded, a miracle that he wasn't killed.
The fact also that six month's before Dallas, Jack Ruby met with Campanella, the head of the North American Mafia in Havana Cuba. Campanella at that time knew that Jack Ruby had cancer, so he asked him to kill someone for them at a certain time. Jack Ruby asked who??? And Campanella calmly told him that it was Lee Harvey Oswald.
All of this is well known in England. We know that Anna Kreisling still has Tea from time to time with Queen Elizabeth. We also know that the sky is blue and the grass is green, but you Americans are so gullible,,,you believe Joe Biden when he says this is all classified for National Security reasons? The real reason is that he does not want you to find out the truth.

Dr. James Madison UCLA, 22.05.2022 02:37

In his book,,,"The Making of the Luftwaffe", Gen. Kesselring is seen standing next to Adolf Hitler with Anna Kreislng in a photo as they discuss ways of rescuing Rommel who was trapped in North Africa in 1943. Later in the book, Field Marshall Kesselring is writing about how she flew down to Africa where the British R.A.F. shot her down while flying a FIAT BR-20 Aircraft on her way to try to rescue Rommel. She brought the stricken plane down inside the German lines and she was brought to Rommel. At first Rommel refused to try to escape with her and wanted to stay with his Afrika Korp, but Anna had orders from Hitler, that he was needed in Berlin.
It was then that Anna dressed as a British Nurse and Rommel dressed as a British officer, drove through the British Lines at night in a captured Jeep. The next day they drove onto a British airfield where Anna found a Douglas DC-3 sitting near the runway. She quickly entered the aircraft and getting Rommel inside, started the engines and flew the aircraft away before the British could stop her.
12 hours later, Rommel would be reporting to Hitler who at that time did not want his most famous General to fall into British hands. For rescuing Rommel, Field Marshal Kesselring wrote,,,that this is why she received the War Merit Cross. The next year because of her flight over New York with Hans Pancherz, the top pilot for the Junkers Aircraft Company, she was awarded the Iron Cross with swords and diamonds awarded to her by Hermann Goering, the head of the Luftwaffe, this was in 1944.
What really amazes me is that she did modeling in New York from 1951 until 1955. You can see her picture many times in the SEARS Catalogs from that era.

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 18.05.2022 23:27

Greetings Comrade Joe Biden!!
You are a better Communist than OBAMA!! WOW!! We paid you $500 Million to get Putin to invade UKRAINE,,,and boy did you come through!! Now U.S. of A. is bogged down with NATO screwing the Russians,,,,and we have the entire Pacific Ocean at our feet!! Joe you are great!
So now you are saying that everyone who owns a Gun is a TERRORIST??? That the U.S. Government can jail anyone who owns a gun?? This is right out of the STALIN PLAY BOOK!!! Joe remember before we invade U.S.A. from Mexico in the next two years,,,you must get rid of all the guns in TEXAS!! We do not want our Chinese Butts to get shot off!! Joe make it easy for us,,,and we will give you another $500 Million Dollars!! How about dem apples Joe!!!
One thing I don't understand,,, Why did you make George Soros the head of HOMELAND SECURITY??? I am looking at his picture and he is an ugly FAT bald headed bastard, who looks like a piece of Chinese Cow Manure!!
Joe,,,Kim Jong Un of North Korea is still hopping mad that you got his sister pregnant!! Dat's right,,,she got a Bun in her oven!! Kim Jong Un says he is going to cut off your CAJONES and then eat your Penis on a Hot Dog Bun!! Joe don't travel to Japan of South Korea,,,,Kim JONG UN,,,,is so mad he wants to launch a Nuclear Tipped Rocket at you!! If he does just say SAYONARA,,,,AND YOU CAN KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE!!!
By the way stay away from Anna Kreisling and Bill Clinton,,,they want to give you good advice on how to get rid of inflation, high crime, ETC. ETC.,,ETC. ETC. But Joe remember,,,,you are working for us,,,the Chinese Communist Party,,,,if you screw with us you will wish you were married to that skanky HO-HO-HO BRITNEY SPEARS!!!

President Joe Biden USA, 18.05.2022 05:42

Dear V.P. Kamala Harris,
I woke up this morning constipated and puking all over the White House when suddenly the NEW YORK TIMES calls me and wants to know more about what Kamala Harris said!!
While the Secret Service changed my diaper five times,,,which resulted in 5 more of them quitting their jobs! I had to listen to this Turd from the Times babble on about UFO'S AND WHAT YOU,,,KAMALA HARRIS said!!
Finally I told him to print the Seven major items I have achieved for the American People!
1. Record High Inflation,,,,after I cancelled the Keystone Pipeline,,,,Gasoline went up $1.55 a gallon,,,which affected everything. By the way CHINA was the big winner in that deal!!
2. Wide Open Southern Border!! 226,000 illegal Mexicans are now pouring across our border because I have promised them FREE DENTAL,,,FREE MEDICAL,,,FREE FOOD,,,FREE BABY FORMULA,,,FREE HOUSING,,,YOU NAME IT,,,,IT'S FREE!!
3. Massive Increase in Murders and Crime!
4. $2.7 Trillion Dollars going to Ukraine,,,to secure their border!! None for the USA,,,,BUT WHO CARES????
5 AFTER CLOSING DOWN SEVEN FACTORIES THAT MADE BABY FORMULA,,,,THERE IS NOW A MAJOR SHORTAGE OF BABY FORMULA!! More than 1,567 babies have died because of malnutrition!! So Popcorn told me to blame it on Vladimir Putin!!! AND IT WORKED,,,,these Democrat Congress idiots say that all of these women should have had ABORTIONS ANYWAY!!!
7. FREE SEX CHANGE OPERATIONS FOR ANY BOY OR GIRL in the 2nd or 3rd Grades! If your little boy goes to school and tells the Teacher that he would like to be a girl,,,he will be removed from that school and taken to a secret U.S. Government Location and we will cut off his weiner and Cajones and turn him into a girl. Three month's later he will be returned to his parents and then they will get a bill,,,around $225,000 dollars to help pay for his operations!!
Finally,,,My Fellow Americans,,,,if you are starving,,,and have NO BABY FORMULA,,,,do what Cathy Hamilton did with her husband Jack Hamilton and their five children. They went to Mexico on a Vacation! Then they crossed the border and said they were illegal immigrants! Now they have FREE BABY FORMULA,,,FREE DENTAL,,,FREE HEALTH CARE,,,A FREE CAR,,,A FREE HOUSE,,,AND THEY DON'T HAVE TO PAY TAXES!! So my Fellow AMERICANS,,,ASK NOT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY,,,BUT WHAT CAN AMERICA DO FOR YOU!!!

Vice President Kamala Harris USA, 16.05.2022 03:20

Dear Editors of the New York Times,
In the next two weeks both the Senate and Congress will hold hearings on the UFO Activity in the skies over the United States. They will show video's of these Flying Saucers, Military Pilot testimonies who have chased them, and open up TOP SECRET FILES. None of this will be open to the public. Also both Congress and the Senate will not call Anna Kreisling to testify, or anyone connected to AREA 51. Why??? Because they are not interested in finding the truth! They can't handle the truth! All these fat, disgusting Men want to do is hide the truth from the American people!
FACT NO. 1,,,the reason they will not call Anna Kreisling is because she is a woman. They are sexist Pigs!
Fact No. 2,,,,Even though she is the current Flight Commander at AREA 51,,,they have no plans to call her!
Fact No. 3,,,,,They know that Flying Saucers exist and are built at AREA 51. They know that Nazi Technology is behind the DIE GLOCKE DRIVE,,,which allows the Saucer to evade anything is because it can jump from one Dimension to another! This is how it can accelerate to 4,000 m.p.h. in 4 seconds! The laws of gravity and Physics do not apply to a spacecraft that can jump from one dimension to another!
Yet these fat, Male chauvinist Pigs in Congress and the Senate will not call Anna Kreisling to testify! Yet they tell the public that they are sincerely trying to get to the bottom of the UFO sightings!
My fellow Americans,,,soon I will be President of the United States. Joe Biden is soon going to step down because of health reasons,,and I promise I will always tell the truth to the American People, may God bless you,, and God bless America!!!

Senator Bernie Sanders USA, 12.05.2022 07:15

Dear Professor Kenneth Watson of YALE,
I agree completely with your analysis, so does Professor Albert Grayson from Harvard and Dr. Andrew Carnegie from U.C. Berekley!! Anna Kreisling is a goddess, of royal blood, and throughout history she has taken different ancient Deities and millions of people have worshipped her!
I was also at the Morro Bay Car Show with these Professors and and we were about to do some major examinations of her breasts, when this massive Black guy showed up. His name was Mike Bummer, and he looked like Mike Tyson on steroids. He was wearing a Coon Skin Cap and just a silvery G-String!! He scared the Shiite out of us! It turns out that he had been paid $55,000 dollars by Kim Jong Un the Leader of North Korea to tear the arms and legs off of Senator Bernie Sanders!! Why?? Because Bernie has gotten the sister to Kim Jong Un knocked up!! He also filmed himself having sex with Kim Jong Un's sister and sold the tape to the PLAYBOY CHANNEL,,,,which Kim Jong Un watches all the time!!
So Mike Bummer tears the arms and legs off these Professors and starts barbecuing them! He especially loved chewing on the ears and the noses,,,the entire time they are screaming and calling him obscene racist names!
Finally Adolf Hitler put an end to this embarrasing episode by pulling an American 45, and blew Mike's Cahones off,,,,he was writhing in pain and screaming in agony.
Hitler calmly said,,," That's another Jewish life I have saved,, WTF,,,is WRONG WITH ME???"

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 10.05.2022 20:24

I'm glad you enjoyed the Morro Bay Car Show and staring at my breasts. It makes me feel good when men admire my healthy curvy Butt, or my face and eyes!
Yes both Hitler and I enjoyed the car show,,very few people recognized Hitler without his moustache, and most of the men were stunned as they gazed upon me, this is why it is safe for Adolf to be with me, no one really notices him unless they know a lot about history, and most historians admire Adolf Hitler.
Now to a more serious subject. While the Democratic Party is the party of the insane and Leftist Retards and insane Communists,,,the Republican Party is the STUPID PARTY!!
America needs a NEW Political Party based on Common Sense and putting America First!
Example; We have given Ukraine $2.5 Trillion Dollars in Aid,,,yet the Republicans will not require President Biden to also secure our border with Mexico!
The Republicans are not doing enough to secure our 2nd Admendment Rights to own Ammo and Guns!
Example; Here in California Black Folks are not allowed to buy ammo so they can protect their homes from Mexican Drug Cartel Gang members!
Each night in Fresno, California five Black families are attacked and invaded by Gang Members. Often they are tied up and gasoline is poured over them, then these Gang Members set them on fire and leave with their stolen items!
Yet the Democrats will not let Black People buy shotgun shells or guns! The Republicans just sit around and pick their noses and fart and do nothing to help Black people!
Adolf Hitler is really disgusted with the Jews in New York who let criminals rob some of the best stores on the planet,,and they just sit around and do nothing! Hitler can not buy Eva some diamonds or a nice dress, because these stores are being robbed every day!
America wake up!! Our problems can be solved quite easily with New Leadership! The next time you see Bernie Sanders or AOC,,,or even the lazy Turds in the Republican Party,,kick them in the Butt and vote them out of office.

OBIE DAR Henschel Schuckker, 09.05.2022 17:07

Dear Dr. Kenneth Watson YALE,
I can't understand one cotton picken word you are saying, is this what they mean when they say that we have here a failure to Kommunicate?? Or Fornnicate??
This weekend I was with my Four Wives and we went to the Morro Bay Car Show!! Folks, if you want to understand what America is all about, go to a Car Show!
While I was buying my wives each some Ice Cream, up drove a black FERRARI 308 GT,,,I gasped because out popped out Adolf Hitler, dressed in a white dinner jacket dressed like he was Humphrey Bogart in the movie CASABLANCA!!
But the driver,,,the stunning Blonde,,was dressed in black,,and I was so amazed I forgot about my Four Wives and I went over and introduced myself!
She smiled and shook my hand and introduced Adolf and then herself as Anna Kreisling!
Of course I was in awe,,,she stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, Frost Blonde Hair, Crystal ice blue eyes, and a figure that is hotter than Hamburger gravy and Black eyed peas!!
The cleavage between her breasts is a chasm of paradise! Holy Cow,,,what great Knockers!! I wanted right there to make her my 5th wife!
The Morro Bay car show was great! Kenneth, you need to go to Car shows where you can see the real Anna Kreisling,,,and stop reading 3,000 year old Papyrus Comic Books ,,,,trust me the real WOMAN is Better!!!

Dr. Kenneth Watson YALE, 05.05.2022 01:54

Dear President Joe Biden,
Last night I was in my Lab studying some ancient writings attributed to RAMSES II, some 3,227 years old. They spoke of a chariot of fire and the arrival of ISIS. She stood 5 feet 8 inches tall, adorned in Gold. She rode on a large White Horse that was sent from heaven.
Mr. President if I can speak freely, you are surrounded by dimwits and Buger eaters, Retards and imbeciles! Don't you and the other Communists in the world realize what you are dealing with!!! Anna Kreisling has the ability to travel through time, in Ancient Egypt she was known as the Goddess ISIS.
In Japan they worship her as the Shinto Goddess, we may be witnesses to a Biblical Prophecy come true,,," That there will be great darkness come upon the land, and the leaders will kill and eat their own children, that a homeostatic awakening will happen and the White Wolf will leave her time and awaken in many other lands and time will be forgotten. That Civilizations will collapse,,,and the leaders will have no answers. "
President Joe Biden, I urge you to stop this war, and stop trying to capture Anna Kreisling and enslave her! You will only cause the collapse of Civilization!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 04.05.2022 08:07

At this time I would like to thank the thousands and thousands of people who worked so hard to make Adolf Hitler's Birthday Party such a great success!
It is good for my soul to be with other Nazi's. Joe Biden and other Communists like to portray us as evil, but let me tell you some of the many positive and great things we are working on.
1. No one is working harder to save our wildlife, Tigers, Bears, Lions, you name it, we love animals and are trying our best to save them!
2. The Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we love Saudi Arabia and the rich vibrant culture they have. We are working hard to make sure Iran does not pose a threat to the Royal Kingdom.
3. We believe in God, Country and the glorious history of the United States. America has been great to us! Everything that America was in 1957 is what Hitler wanted for Germany. A car in every garage, a Winchester rifle above the fireplace, your kids going to school and learning about the dangers of Communism and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!
4. We are working hard to bring back the joy of FLYING back to the United States and the world. When my neighbor James Newsom was growing up he would ride his bicycle the five miles to the airport. He took his first flight in a Piper J-3 Cub when he was 8 years old. Every News Stand back then had over five Aviation Magazines he could read,,,FLYING,,,AIR PROGRESS,,,PLANE AND PILOT,,,,etc. etc. Now there is nothing. The Democrats have destroyed Flying magazines and our great American History.
5. We are trying to protect America's children from the Mexican DRUG Cartels. More than 13,000 American children are kidnapped each year and sold into Sexual Slavery by these Criminal Cartels. President Joe Biden should be deeply ashamed for doing nothing to protect our children.

Sergei Lavrov CCCP, MOSCOW, 02.05.2022 19:26

Dr. Sergei Lavrov, CCCP
Minister of Propaganda,
No.2 guy in Russia
Dear President Joe Biden!
Of course Vladimir Putin is Jewish, why do you think he invaded Ukraine??? It was because they were building 897 McDonald Restaurants! Do you know how much money they make!! Billions!! Anyone who is Jewish wants to own a McDonald's!! Vladimir Putin is also an ordained RABBI,,HE flies to Jerusalem twice a week to pray at the Wailing Wall, he was personally circumcised by Donald TRUMP in 2008!! Donald said,," Vlad,,,this is not going to hurt a bit,,,,think of all the money you are going to make!! Look at me I'm Jewish,,,Sean Hannity circumcised me in 2005,,,,and trust me it didn't hurt a bit!!"
After three weeks of agony and 55 stitches in his DING DONG,,,Vladimir Putin was released from the hospital. Was it worth it??? You Betcha,,,because now he can own a McDonalds Restaurant!!
I have just received a letter from Mel Brooks, he said he wants Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin in his next movie!! It is entitled,,,,BLAZING SADDLES PART DEUX,,,,ALL ABOUT JEWISH COWBOYS AND HOW THEY CIRCUMCISE DONKEYS AND WON THE WEST!!!

Gen. Rustam Minnekayev CCCP, 29.04.2022 07:41

Gen. Rustam Minnekayev CCCP
Russian Central Military District,
Dear Nazi Pilot Anna Kreisling,
I am looking at Pacific Flyer, an Australian Flying Magazine, the June 2001 issue, page 23, top right hand corner, this is your picture!! Wow! When are you coming to Moscow??? I want to get you drunk and lets party!
Why did you save Vladimir Putin's life in Syria? Everyone here in Russia wants to shoot the SOB!! So far we have lost 44,000 dead Russian soldiers and more than 97,000 wounded. Many without arms and legs. This is worse than when we invaded Afghanistan! This is worse than when we invaded Finland. But we finally have a master plan to win this war!
Our Fearless Leader, Vladimir Putin is going to send our crack Airborne units and land them in Ireland. Once we control the world's supply of whiskey, the world will have to surrender! This is brilliant!
Anna, we are asking that you do not interfere with this military operation, we know that both you and Hitler love to drink Kilbeggan Whiskey. That during World War II, Hitler had three U-boats delivering him whiskey throughout the war!
In the summer of 1940, Winston Churchill tried to close the Kilbeggan Whiskey Distillery down and Hitler sent the Luftwaffe to bomb England to prevent Churchill from destroying this sacred Whiskey site!
Anna the KGB has video of you and JLO partying with Bill Clinton and President Xi Jinping in China in 1999. Both of you have Butts that are round and firm like an apple. You have such healthy Butts! Jesus I love round firm butts! This is proof that God exists! I was watching this film with Vladimir, and he was drooling and smacking his lips, and his eyes were bouncing all around,,up and down,,,,watching your butts shake and move! He said,,," Bill Clinton is the Luckiest Bastard on the planet!!"

President Emmanuel Macron FRANCE, 27.04.2022 01:31

Dear President Vladimir Putin CCCP,
We have met and talked many times, and many people do not realize how intelligent and thoughtful you can be. The entire world knows of Russia's heroic struggle against Nazi Germany, and this is why I am writing to you.
You have vast KGB files on Anna Kreisling and AREA 51. If you were to share your files with the public they would be shocked at how vast and powerful the 4TH REICH is, and how it projects power all across the globe.
This is why you must end this war in UKRAINE. Why? Because the Russian people and you have been betrayed. Red China paid President Joe Biden $500 Million Dollars if he could lure you into invading Ukraine. China wants Russia and NATO tied down in Europe and this means also the USA tied down in an endless war. CHINA knows that they can then take the Phillipines, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and most of the Pacific.
Also there is a greater threat to Russia, most of the very wealthy Billionaires in Russia want you dead. They want to carve up Russia for their own greedy desires. Vladimir you are the only person holding Russia together.
Another grave danger to you is Anna Kreisling herself. She has access to advanced weapons that can kill everyone in Russia. Your soldiers will die in the most hideous ways. First they will hear a high pitched ringing in their ears, then the brain is seared and their eyes will explode.
If they see green pellets on the ground they will notice their hair will start falling out, the flesh on their bones will fall off, they will die in agony.
If Anna is given the Green light to destroy Russia and your Army, it will only take her Seven Days, no one in the Russian Navy or Army will survive.
Finally here in France there are many German Farmers with the last name of Kreisling. They grow grapes and make the world's best wine. In France the far Right has a wine named after Anna Kreisling,,,it is simply called ANNA,,under the Kreisling label
Make no mistake Anna is very popular here in France, because we know that if France was ever attacked, she would not hesitate to utterly destroy that nation. Even the French Foreign Legion have dinners to celebrate her twice a year!

Gen. Vladimir Degtyar Russian Missile Co, 24.04.2022 20:19

Dear Nazi Pilot Anna Kreisling,
You may smile and pose for PLAYBOY, you may even make the cover of VOGUE magazine, but deep in your heart you know that RUSSIA is going to win in the coming Nuclear War with the United States! Why?? Because even though the USA spends more than CHINA, RUSSIA, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and JAPAN combined, America is a very weak country. Why??
1. You send $Billions of dollars to UKRAINE, but you spend nothing on defending your SOUTHERN BORDER.
2. Each month you let in 257,000 people, crossing your SOUTHERN BORDER. 27,000 of them are known Chinese Communist military infiltrators. 78,000 are Mexican Drug Cartel members, 6,800 are known AlQUEDA and HAMAS TERRORISTS sent from IRAN to kill you.
3. Each one of these Turds you let in costs the American Tax Payers $100,000 dollars.
4. President Joe Biden has promised them,,,FREE DENTAL AND HEALTH Insurance,,,Free T.V. and Motel rooms,,,Free Food and lots of money for them to buy Beer and TECQUILA!
Everything is Free, paid for by the American Taxpayer!
5. THIS IS WHY RUSSIA IS GOING TO WIN,,,,because their is no money for Missile Technology, or even building up your dwindling numbers of ICBM missiles!
6. FACT,,,China has more long range Nuclear Tipped Missiles than the USA. We now estimate that CHINA has 5,800 long range ICBM's aimed at the lower 48 states. America has fewer than 687 long range ICBM's ,,,,and they are so old,,,made in the 50's and 60's,,,the Pentagon calculates that only 50% will actually fire up and work right!!
7. Your Nuclear Submarines which carry most of your Nuclear Arsenal ,,,,are being hunted by Chinese Submarines! Every time an American Submarine leaves a port,,,they are followed by two and sometimes five Chinese Submarines! CHINA now has a Submarine fleet which is five times bigger than the American Submarine fleet.
8. China now has 26,000 soldiers in charge of the Panama Canal. They have another 126,000 troops inside Mexico. They are currently enlarging the harbors in four Mexican Coastal Cities so they can bring Millions of troops over.
9. Thanks to Joe Biden none of your trucks are inspected when they cross from Mexico into the USA. We in Russia would never let this happen! Only Morons would allow huge massive Nuclear weapons to be brought in by truck and then parked in your major cities!
10. Finally our Russian Missiles are superior! Check out our Sarmat and Voyevoda Missiles! Vastly superior to anything you YANKEE DOODLE DANDIES HAVE!!! Vladimir Putin slapped me on the back when he saw our SARMAT missile perform, he said,,," WE ARE GOING TO BURN AMERICA INTO RADIOACTIVE ASH,,,THIS IS GREAT!!"

Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS USA, 21.04.2022 09:25

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and Gay and Transgender people everywhere!
I am here in Porterville California and I am covering Adolf Hitler's Birthday Party! First let me tell you how all of this came about! I received a phone call from Don Lemon who has a huge crush on Hitler, he adores the guy! Anyway he tells me about how Hitler is having a Birthday Party in Porterville California and he wants me to go and interview Adolf Hitler!
So I contact Bill Clinton, and he calls Anna Kreisling, and sure enough she is landing here on top of a Manhattan Building within 35 minutes in a two seater Flying Saucer! JFC!! What a ride! Anna takes off and within 15 minutes she is up to 125,000 feet and bouncing off the atmosphere in her Saucer! In another 22 minutes we are landing at Porterville Airport! Folks let me tell you, she told me that this was the calm serene ride, she can fly from New York to California in half that time, but it is not for the faint of heart, it would scare the shiite out of most NASA Astronauts!
It was at Porterville Airport that I met Adolf Hitler! He was quiet and smiled and led me to a seat in his huge six wheeled Mercedes that was made in 1938. As I sat in the back seat with Anna and Heinrich Himmler, I was just amazed at all the lights and the men in their flashy snappy Black uniforms serving as a barrier to all the people gathering around us!
This was Tuesday night, and we drove to Main Street Porterville where they were having a huge parade in his honor. Hitler was standing in the Mercedes giving his salute to the thousands of people cheering. Once in awhile little girls would come up with flowers and the parade would stop as Hitler would accept this gift from the children. At the end of this parade we left for Lake Success.
There I saw over 300,000 people camped out and drinking beer and celebrating the night. Overhead fireworks was exploding and 88 saucers from AREA 51 were flying in a SWASTIKA Formation! This reminded me of Woodstock only much bigger and more highly organized. Flags were flying everywhere! American flags, Nazi Flags, Confederate Flags, even Ukrainian Flags!
Then in the middle of the lake on a floating stage these five Rock Bands played all night! They were so loud that you could feel the energy electrify you! There was the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, AC DC, and STEPPENWOLF!!
I found myself jumping up and down screaming,,,SEIG HEIL,,,,,SEIG HEIL!!! Seig Heil,,,SEIG HEIL!!!

Dr. Juan Jose Rodriguez,,Portugal, 19.04.2022 21:20

After years of research on Hans Pancherz and the Nazi activity on the Azores, it all adds up. Hans Pancherz was not only the top Junkers Test Pilot in World War II, but he was also working with Anna Kreisling and Himmler on the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project. Make no mistake Hans flew some of the most important missions in World War II involving the Junkers JU-390. After the war he denied everything, so did Anna Kreisling, but Hans did verify that he flew a Junkers JU-390 over New York on August 28th at noon, over the Empire State Building.
Recently under the Freedom of Information Act, the White House records reveal that in 1962 when President Kennedy met with Hannah Reitsch and Anna Kreisling at the White House they did discuss the Nazi Atomic Bomb Program in World War II, the Recon flight over New York in 1943 and the U-2 flights over Russia that were vital for the security of the United States.
Also remember these facts, the Azores were not only being used by German Submarines but also Junkers JU-290 aircraft were based there, including the Tanker versions.
Finally I do think that President Roosevelt made the right decision to not shoot down the Junkers JU-390 that flew over New York. If he had the secret Atomic Bomb research that the United States was doing would have been exposed. This is why this flight was deemed TOP SECRET for more than 50 years and is still considered TOP SECRET. Historians all over the world are still amazed that more than 55,000 documents about KG-200, Anna Kreisling, and OPERATION PAPERCLIP, are still not open to the public! Remember this is history from World War II.

President Joe Biden USA, 15.04.2022 02:19

My Fellow Americans,
I have some good NEWS that will really cheer you up! Last Nite NASA found a gigantic huge enormous big Comet heading towards Earth at a speed of 28,000 m.p.h. It is 88 miles wide and weighs 578 Tons! It will hit the Earth by my calculations on August the 24th, 2022! For you hillbillies out there that is this year! Now here is the good News! This will wipe out our Inflation problem, it will solve our Crime problem because all the Black Lives Matter Mao Mao's WILL become Blacker than Burnt toast!
Folks you won't ever have to pay taxes, ever again! You won't have to listen to Ted Cruz or Donald TRUMP. You won't have to stand in line at the DMV for 16 hours to prove you are an American! But there is more good News! I won't have to run for Re-election! No more Joe Biden speeches, No more Lies, No more Joe Biden farting and pooping my pants! I can kick back and have sex with Mariah Carey and listen to Britney Spears sing,,,"do it again Joe,,,Do it ,,,,do it,,,,do it again Joe!!"
Folks NASA has handed me a letter,,,,wait a minute,,,Folks my calculations were wrong. It won't hit the Earth until 2031. Folks I have some Bad News,,,,you must keep paying all these high taxes, high Gas Prices, high Food Prices, and keep giving me Lots of money so I can run for Re-Election!!

Gen. Alexander DVORNIKOV CCCP MOSCOW, 10.04.2022 20:50

Dear President Xi Jinping CHINA,
Stop pissing in your pants and support our glorious Leader Vladimir Putin! Our Fearless Leader has appointed me as TOP RUSSIAN GENERAL in our War to kill all the Ukrainians!! Let me tell you Xi Jinping,,,I have many girl friends and wives and whores all over the world that hate America just like you do!!
Example: In China 54% of the people there hate Americans!
In Sweden 65% of the Men hate America and 87% of the women want to marry American Men and come and live in Miami Beach so they can get drunk and screw all nite!!
In California, 88% of the Democrats hate America and 92% of all the women want to come to Sweden and become PORN STARS!!!
My 12 girlfriends and my wife in Turkey say that 73% of all the country hate Americans!!
My 42 girlfriends and my 16 wives in Mexico all say that 65% of the people there hate Americans, but 99% of them want to cross the border and live there!! Why?? Because JOE BIDEN has promised them a FREE T.V.,,,FREE HOUSE,,,FREE MEDICAL AND DENTAL COVERAGE,,,,FREE BEER,,,ALL THE TECQUILA YOU CAN DRINK,,,WITH YOUR WELFARE MONEY YOU CAN BUY A CHEVY CHEYENNE PICK UP TRUCK !!! ALL PAID FOR BY THE DEMOCRATS WHO HATE AMERICA!!! AND THEY HAVE THE GALL TO CALL US RUSSIANS CRAZY????

Vice President Kamala Harris USA, 08.04.2022 22:39

Dear Rachel Maddow MSNBC NEWS,
I have some really grim NEWS to tell you. Four of the Secret Service Agents assigned to guard President Joe Biden have been fired because they are refusing to change his diaper ever again! I can't blame them!! Imagine the worst smell you have ever smelled, then times that by 100!! That's how bad Joe Biden's diaper smells when its full of shitte!!! And those poor Secret Service Agents were changing it FIVE TIMES A DAY!!! JFC, I wouldn't do it,,,and I've cheated, lied, forged, F-----, hide and Deal, for this crazy corrupt Joe Biden! So you folks out there think Donald TRUMP was crazy??? Corrupt?? Let me tell you Donald TRUMP was a naive 8 year old Boy Scout compared with GOOD OLE JOE BIDEN!!
Fact; The Red Chinese Commies gave JOE, $500 Million Dollars if he could get Russia to invade UKRAINE,,,,DID HE PULL THIS OFF?? YOU BETCHA!!!
But folks don't worry, Joe has ordered Gov. Gavin Newsom to release the guy that shot LADY GAGA'S Dog handler so that he will be brought to Washington D.C. TO CHANGE HIS DIAPER FIVE TIMES A DAY!! THIS IS A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!!! THIS POOR DUMB ASSHOLLA IS ONLY 19 YEARS OLD!! God I feel sorry for him!!!
On a final note, the real reason SEAN HANNITY at FOX NEWS will not have Anna Kreisling on his show to talk about the war in Ukraine is because she is protected by the CIA and the NSA. They feel that OPERATION PAPERCLIP must be kept a secret from World War II.

Dr. Kenneth Watson YALE, 05.04.2022 09:47

After reading the Diaries of Heinrich Himmler it is apparent that most of the people in the United States are not aware how close we came to being attacked with Nuclear Weapons in World War II. What prevented this attack?? Very simply if you look at Heinrich Himmler's Diary, the journey by Martin Bormann to South Africa in 1944 and the signing of Nuclear Agreements with the OSS and England. This prevented the Germans from attacking the United States! What was in the planning for this attack?? Both Hitler and Himmler had planned for five Junkers JU-390 bombers to fly from Norway, each with an Atomic Bomb. They would penetrate Canadian airspace and then proceed to Michigan where they would drop three Atomic Bombs on factories there, especially the one at Lansing, Michigan that produced the B-24 Liberator bombers!
Two of the Junkers JU-390 bombers would then proceed to New York and Washington D.C. where they would drop the last two Atomic Bombs.
In his diary Heinrich Himmler said that this would be a one way flight. They were not expected to make it back to Germany. The flight crews would be picked up by U-boats off the coast of the United States.
In Heinrich Himmler's diary he mentions that the Junkers JU-390 to nuke Washington D.C. would be flown by Hans Pancherz. The JU-390 to attack New York would have been flown by Anna Kreisling!
Again the only reason this raid never happened is because Martin Bormann flew to South Africa and opened the door to OPERATION PAPERCLIP.
Another fact, the Recon Flight in August of 1943 flown by Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling proved to President Roosevelt that an agreement had to be reached with Hitler.
In this agreement No B-29's would be based in England, and no Atomic Bomb attacks on Germany would take place. Also Hitler and Heinrich Himmler pledged that no Atomic Bomb attacks would take place against Moscow, London and New York, and other targets in the United States!
This successful Recon Flight by Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling saved Berlin from an Atomic Bomb attack by the United States!

ADOLF HITLER, 04.04.2022 21:17

I woke up this morning in our glorious NAZI Castle just above Springville near Coffee Camp in the mountains. Thanks to Anna and Heinrich we have four of these Castles to make sure our people survive the coming Nuclear War. If by some miracle Joe Biden does not get us into a Nuclear War, it is still a great achievement and investment!
I am shocked as to how California has become a Socialist Communist State. Porterville used to be a vibrant fun place to visit with 65 bars up and down Main Street and 57 massive churches. You could dance and drink all night, then show up for Church Sunday Morning.
In Porterville you could buy ammo at any Gas Station, and guns were plentiful and admired. But now you can not buy ammo anywhere, and no place sells guns.
Throughout California the children do not salute the American Flag in the morning in their schools. This is proof that the Communists and Socialists in Sacramento have taken power. They do not allow dancing and singing, hunting and fishing, camping out in the National Forests. The people in California have become sad and depressed because they no longer have any freedoms.
It is vital that young people be allowed to pack up their Volkswagens and go spend seven days in the mountains. This is good for them. This is why in Germany in 1936 we had such healthy happy children. They loved to climb mountains, fly gliders, do the Polka, drink bier, and beat up Communists and other perverts. They were great examples of our youth!!!

ADOLF HITLER, 04.04.2022 01:35

I am really excited about my upcoming Birthday Party. Eva is doing a lot of planning with Anna for this joyous occasion.
A question that is often asked of me is ,,," Why did you start World War II." My answer to that is that I did not.
In 1939 England was going to base Seven Bomber Squadrons in Poland to bomb German Cities. Then the Polish Government whipped their Polish Communist Party Members into a frenzy and they murdered 22,000 innocent Germans inside Poland. I had no choice but to invade and stop this Barbarism!
Next my next comments are about the BMW Motor Cars.
Why can't you build a car like the 1972 BMW 2002 MODEL??
This is a great car and would make a perfect Retro automobile! The cars that you and Mercedes makes today are pieces of junk! To many gadgets, far to expensive, you could knock $30,000 dollars off the cost of a BMW if you would just get rid of all the Bells and Whistles!!
I really regret not conquering England. They make so many really classic cars! Every German should own an MG automobile! The MGB is really the cat's pajamas, it is really cool baby, fun to drive, simple, this is what I wanted, every German owning an MG and a Porsche, motoring down the Autobahn!! As you know Anna Kreisling owns and drives a glacier white 1972 MGB! I have five MG's in my collection, an MG-TC,,an MG-TF,,,,an MGA,,,a 1968 MGB GT,,,and finally an MG designed to go 200 m.p.h. at the Bonneville Salt Flats!!

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 27.03.2022 10:07

Dear President Joe Biden USA,
So here I am in Moscow and posters are everywhere that say ,,,,,Vladimir Putin,,,Wanted DEAD or ALIVE,,,,$10 Million Dollars. Now I hear that you also want me dead!! Did that Fat Ugly Chinese Dog President Xi Jinping pay you to say that????
Last night I had to go to the bathroom and as I turned on the light,,,there were five midget whores waiting for me with their flashing big knives out ready to cut me to pieces. Because I know Judo and Kung Fu, I beat the crap out of these Midget whores and kicked them out a window. They fell five stories where they landed onto a Basketball court!!
Joe this is what my life is like now,,,are you happy???
Yesterday I received a letter from Anna Kreisling explaining why she saved my life in Syria many years ago. She said she was under orders from Heinrich Himmler to save my life because I was a member of the Aryan Race, that my DNA proves that I am not some Slavic Dog, that I am a member of the Master Race! Many years ago a Viking tribe called the Rus,,settled in this region, and that is why it is called Russia. Genetically they were part of the Aryan Race, just like Hitler, Himmler and Anna Kreisling.
So she went on to explain that most of the people from the Ukraine are also part of the Aryan Race and that is why it is wrong for me to wage war on them.
I was also given an invitation to come to Hitler's Birthday Party at Lake Success in Porterville California. So I will be there!! I can go fishing and get drunk, I can dance and sing,,,I love singing when I am drunk. Then I can meet Hitler and wish him a Happy Birthday!! So Joe, are you coming to Hitlers Birthday ??

President Joe Biden USA, 25.03.2022 02:29

My Fellow Americans,
Well folks here I am at the entrance to AREA 51 with my Bro Bernie and the 26 Secret Service Agents who are supposed to guard me and change my filthy stinking diaper twice a day. Boy it really fills up fast with my poop,,,everytime I tell a lie,, I poop my pants!! Why??? I don't know,,, Now folks you may be wondering who is that Joe Biden in Poland right now?? Well folks that is Henry Jones Woolburger,,,my double,,,Do you really think I would go to Poland when I could be here in Las Vegas with my Pervert Pal Bernie???
Now I have some really sad news,,,remember the 26,000 Mexican DRUG CARTEL scum that I recruited to invade AREA 51 and capture Anna Kreisling?? Well Bernie and I saw them ride in screaming and waving their Pistollas in the air and drinking Tequila and then all of a sudden we could hear them all screaming in the distance. Senator Harry Reid was on top of a GIANT HAIRY SPIDER urging him on to tear apart and eat these Mexicans! Then these different lights went off and all of these thugs and rapists were turned to pillars of SALT!!
For the first time Bernie even crapped his pants, and he jumped on his Vespa Scooter and my I jumped on my Harley Wide Glide and we didn't stop doing 90 m.p.h. until we were back in Las Vegas!!! JFC,,,we didn't stop drinking until I saw my double on T.V. in Poland looking drunk and wasted!! Like he had spent the afternoon with my son Hunter Biden smoking some Lebaneese Blonde and getting his FREAK on with some nasty skanky HO-HO-HO's!!!
Then this Moron who is my double said," I'm really going to get tough on Vladimir Putin, No more Bras and Panties will be allowed to shipped to him from Victoria Secrets!!"
Who in the hell told this Moron to say that????

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 23.03.2022 06:01

On April 20th, I will be celebrating with Adolf Hitler his birthday at Lake Success in Porterville, California. There will be fireworks and plenty of beer and Kilbeggan Whiskey being consumed by the gallon! Also Bratwurst and a host of other German foods. We will have 42 of our famous Flying Saucers from AREA 51 fly a perfect SWASTIKA FORMATION over the lake in honor of our beloved Furher ADOLF HITLER!
Born in 1889 our Furher has stayed young like myself due to our advanced Nazi Science developed from the BELL Technology.
President Joe Biden has begged me to let him enter the GATE at AREA 51 so that he would be young forever, but I do not let Communists and atheists have access to the GATE, only loyal Nazi Party members and people that I deem essential to the future of our planet.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you, and showing you our Nazi Castle above Springville and Coffee Camp. It is glorious on top of a mountain and well worth the journey to see it! Remember it is great being a Nazi, be proud of your heritage and our glorious history!

President Joe Biden USA, 20.03.2022 07:23

Dear Piss Ant Putin,
Are you out of your mind??? Are you on drugs??? Have you been reading to many comic books??? Man Bernie makes more sense than you do and he is a certified Lunatic!! Man gets with the program, you gots to grow up and live in the Real World!! I grew up in Scranton, a real hell hole, if it wasn't for Popcorn beating up all those guys I wouldn't be alive!
Vlad, the reason I am laughing so hard is that I've played you like a fiddle! Vladimir when you met with President Xi Jinping in CHINA didn't he tell you that they would support you 100% when you invaded Ukraine?? But they did not keep their word did they?? Do you know why??? Because they paid me $500 Million dollars to get you to invade Ukraine. Remember I did nothing for 10 months, and you kept asking me about Ukraine!! The Chinese wanted you to invade!! Why??? Because they know this is going to lead to a Nuclear War between Russia and NATO. China is going to emerge as the No. 1 power in the world!!! Read the quatrains from Nostradamus,
And the Red Dragon will emerge unscathed,
And rule the world for 30 years,
But they will be afraid of the Woman on the White Horse,
Because Death will come unto them because she has the eyes of a White Wolf and Hell is coming with her.

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 20.03.2022 06:56

Dear President Joe Biden,
I have decided to return Alaska to the rightful claim by the Russian people. You will pay me $ Six Trillion Dollars by March 20th, or I will land in Alaska 100,000 Russian Airborne Troops. We will take Alaska! 1,000 years from now the Russian People will celebrate this moment that I Vladimir Putin returned Alaska to Russia. We are going to kill all the Eskimos and rape Sarah Palin and drink lots of Vodka and party like its 1999! Then we will take California and solve the homeless problem, by killing all the homeless people! In fact after our Rockets hit California everyone is going to homeless anyway!
How do you like dem Apples Joe???
Now I would like to ask Anna Kreisling a question. Why did you save my life in Syria? I still do not fully understand why?? Were you under orders to save my life?

President Kamala Harris USA, 16.03.2022 01:42

On March 15th at exactly 3:30 President Joe Biden pooped his diaper full of crapola, and then fell over dead. Actually he had been dead for a week but nobody noticed. But now let me assure the AMERICAN People that I am now the AMERICAN PRESIDENT.
Now let's get down to business, I am sick and tired about hearing about Vladimir Putin, so in one hour we are going to launch 1,000 Nuclear Tipped Missiles at him and turn him into chalk dust!! Then lets end the war in Ukraine and the Russians can go home to a new leader!! I am putting Boris Badanov and Natasha in charge of Russia! When I was a little girl I loved watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, and I fell in love with Boris and Natasha!! She is so sexy,,,and Boris is so baaadddd!!!
Soon, my fellow Americans you will be able to walk down the street with your best girl in your arms and be proud that you are an American! AND IF YOU ARE A GUY WHO LIKES GIRLS,, YOU ARE A TRUE BLUE LESBIAN!! Man I love Mel Gibson's BUTT!!

Dr. Juan Jose Rodriguez,,Portugal, 11.03.2022 19:16

I have been researching Anna Kreisling and the Junkers JU-390 flight to New York for five years. Here are my results,,,
1. The flight Logs from August 1943 from the Corvo Island in the Azores has been found. They show that a Junkers Ju-290 Tanker aircraft flew in on August 10th, 1943 and was based there until the end of August, when it flew back to Germany.
Why would a Ju-290 Tanker aircraft be based at that time in the Azores??? The answer is simple, to await the refueling of a Junkers JU-390 Recon Aircraft coming from New York.
During World War II many German U-Boats were refueled in the Azores,,,why not a German Junkers JU-390.
2. I have seen the picture of Anna Kreisling in the Australian flying magazine,,,PACIFIC FLYER. She was 81 years old at the time and still quite beautiful, but she also looked very physically fit, healthy and her eyes just sparkled!
So I traveled to Las Vegas and stayed at CEASARS PALACE,, and after four weeks she showed up!! At the pool, karamba, is she ever gorgeous! The sunlight was shimmering off her bazongas, her tits, and she was tan, karamba, what a firm tan ass she has! and her eyes, the same firey dazzling eyes I saw in her picture! There is something going on here that only Science can explain! There has to be some connection between the DIE GLOCKE and why Anna Kreisling looks so good at 102 years of age! This is something that only Science can answer!

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 10.03.2022 02:20

Dear Nazi Pilot Anna Kreisling,
You can not do this!!! Fly Mig 29's into Ukraine to help the people deal with our Russian Air Force bombing and killing women and children!! Joe Biden has promised me that we Russians will have a free hand in killing women and children!! He is the President of the United States, you can not say NO to him!! Besides I have made some really good deals with Joe!!
1. He is allowing me to claim sovereign Russian Territory that historically belonged to Russia! The Red Star in the California Flag is there because California was once part of the Great Soviet Russian Empire!! President Biden has promised me California if I don't use my Nuclear Weapons!
2. Comrade Joe Biden has promised me the State of Alaska because it was once a part of Russia!!
3. Joe Biden has promised China the Phillipines, Taiwan, Hawaii and even Australia if the Chinese promise to pay him $ONE BILLION DOLLARS!! Wow!! What a deal!! Boy the Chinese are really happy tonight!!
Anna, don't you see that we have won!! No one cares about the murder of millions of women and children in the Ukraine. Joe Biden is a coward and a chicken. He only cares about posturing and looking good, when he said that he would do everything to help Ukraine, do you really think he was telling the truth???

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 08.03.2022 18:36

Yesterday I visited Nellis AFB, 55 miles west of AREA 51. Many people do not realize that Nellis AFB provides security for AREA 51. Since the USA signed an agreement with Germany to share all Alien Technology with them, the Germans have over 229 Mig-29's based at Nellis AFB.
Last night I conferred with Adolf Hitler and Himmler to have these Mig-29's transferred to Ukraine. So today I have 27 C5-A Galaxies ready to fly the disassembled Migs to Romania.
I would like to congratulate Angela Merkel for getting the German government to allow me to do this. Also I would like to congratulate Don Lemon for finally convincing Joe Biden that unless he does this Donald Trump will defeat him in 2024. It is good to see so many Democrats want to help the Ukrainian people.
This is what is uniting the American people and NATO, that if we don't stop the Russians in Ukraine, their next target will be Poland and then Germany.
The Ukraine already has seven pilots who have become ACES flying their Mig-29s. The Russian Pilots have forgotten how to dogfight, they fly to their target loaded with bombs and then out of the sun down come the Ukrainian Migs armed with Sidewinder and Sparrow missiles, and for close shooting a 20mm cannon in the nose.
More than 300 German pilots who used to guard AREA 51 have volunteered to fly for Ukraine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 06.03.2022 09:18

Last night I saw a yellow and blue Robin sitting on a limb outside my window. I opened up my window and in he flew. I sat down and shed a tear and thought that this is what is happening in Ukraine right now. The women and children are fleeing the Russians and they are now coming to England and the Free World. We open our windows and hearts and let them in. This yellow and blue bird stayed until morning and then flew out the window, back to his home. Some day Ukraine will be Free again, and the women and children can return home to see their fathers and sons again.

Don Lemon CNN NEWS, 04.03.2022 19:45

We can confirm that Russian Helicopters are dropping SARIN GAS on civilians in Ukraine. We can also confirm that cluster bombs are being used on civilians. President Joe Biden promised the people of Ukraine that he would do everything possible to help them. O.K. Joe,,,,when are you going to get started????
1. Start flying in supplies at night to the Ukrainian Military.
2. Establish a NO FLY ZONE over Europe and the Ukraine!
3. Ship to UKRAINE 157 A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft, the UKRAINE now has 1,287 volunteer pilots from all over the world, they can fly these jets and destroy the Russian Tank and armored brigades!!
4. Get off your lazy dumb ass and do something Joe, just don't talk big and make big promises,,,get off your dumb ass and do something!
Joe the one person who is doing something is Anna Kreisling! She is flying a C-130 into the Ukraine at night loaded with weapons. Joe why can't you do something like this??? I flew with her on one of these missions and let me tell you it is dangerous! But she is doing this because that is what she is good at!! What are you good for Joe??? Sitting around and making BIG PROMISES while doing nothing???
Joe don't you realize that if UKRAINE falls your credibility goes down the drain!! Do you really want Donald Duck TRUMP to win the next election??? Get off your ass Joe and do something, the entire FREE WORLD IS COUNTING ON YOU!!!

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 03.03.2022 02:26

Dear Dr. Fauci, Wuhan Lab,

Did you see speech by Joe Biden on Chinese Communist T.V.??? From one Commie to another, he really made me proud!! Notice how he did not mention the wide open Southern Border!! Joe Biden has let 46,000 Red Chinese Troops take over the Panama Canal. Another 226,000 Red Chinese Troops are in Alcapulco, plus 378,000 Chinese Troops are in Puerto Villarta with the Mexican Drug Cartel Army ready to invade California!
We gonna kill every Puta Gringo American we can find. Good ole Joe has made it impossible for people in California to buy guns and ammo. We will invade with tanks and planes and with our Chinese Mexican Drug Cartel Army we are going to slaughter those YANKEE DOODLE DANDIES!!!
Make no mistake Dr. Fauci, soon all of California will be singing our Chinese National Anthem or they gonna die!!

Dr. Fauci Wuhan Lab, CHINA, 28.02.2022 07:33

Dear Rachel Maddow,
I received your letter about how does Anna Kreisling look so good! All that I can tell you is that you must read about how DIE GLOCKE was brought to the United States by SS Col. Hans Kammler in a Junkers JU-390 on April 28th 1945 and he landed at Wright Patterson AFB and turned over this TOP SECRET device to the OSS. It was Werner Von Braun who told the OSS that they must find and locate Anna Kreisling before the Russians did, that the fate of the world could be decided by this!
Why?? Because using DIE GLOCKE technology Anna Kreisling had flown through time and had returned when Hitler was celebrating his 50th Birthday in Berlin.
This was in 1939 and she brought proof that Hitler would win in his coming war with FRANCE! Even the plans for CASE WHITE were turned over to Hitler. This explains why he over ruled his Generals and had the German Army push through the Ardennes Forest!
Rachel because Anna Kreisling can move through time, she does not age like you and I. But here is the mystery, even though she can move through time, she is not always right! Even she can not explain this, except that there is the possibility of more than one dimension of reality existing at the same time. Example; in the future she saw that Hillary Clinton would become President of the United States,,,,Yet Donald Trump won the election! Anna was stunned,,,yet on this dimension, this reality, Trump won when the future showed that Hillary was supposed to be President!!
DIE GLOCKE led to the creation of GATE TECHNOLOGY, AND if you can enter a Gate, it can transport you through time and space. So far Anna Kreisling at AREA 51 is the only person who has access to this Gate, it is locked in to her DNA, only she can activate this Gate. This is why Heinrich Himmler is alive and doing great in the year 2022. She went back to 1945 and brought his dead body into the Gate and when she emerged with him in 1995, he was alive and in great health. So Rachel, you may ask why did she save Heinrich Himmler?? Because in 1923 when her mother was murdered by communists in Berlin, Adolf Hitler gave Anna to him so that he could raise her with his other daughter! The most guarded secret in the Third Reich was that Hitler had a daughter and it was Heinrich Himmler who raised her!
Rachel, like it or not, our world is controlled by forces that are beyond our control.

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 26.02.2022 10:06

It has been reported on CNN NEWS that I am a liar for saying that there are Nazi's in the Ukraine. This morning a Nazi SS Panzer Division has launched an attack from Poland. 800 JAGDPANTHER Tanks from the Das Reich Division. From the Ukraine 675 Panthers and 756 King Tiger Tanks from the SS Leibstandarte Division are driving north they have encircled 46,000 Russian Troops. Leading this assault is Anna Kreisling and Sepp Deitrich and Otto Skorezny! So far they are slaughtering the Russian troops and taking no prisoners! The heads of the Russians are adorning the sides of their tanks. We have pictures of her chopping the heads off of more than 300 Russians, blood is all over her samurai sword and her face and clothing! My troops are screaming and running from Giant Spiders, many of them being eaten alive by there 88 yard wide Tarantula's.
President Biden you must keep your promise and attack AREA 51 and stop the Nazi's from helping Ukraine! Before I attacked the Ukraine you should have told me about these Giant Spiders! To see my Russian Troops being eaten alive by these Giant Spiders is really upsetting my stomach! I can't eat caviar or Goose anymore without having diareah! I am pooping my pants just like you do! This is bad! All my advisors want to sit 35 yards away from me! At least I can change my own diapers! I throw them down on the Russian People and watch them scream and run away! Joe Baby, how is the attack going on AREA 51????

Dr. Thomas Maddox CNN NEWS, 23.02.2022 21:07

Two years ago I was assigned by CNN NEWS to track down and take pictures of Anna Kreisling. I have only been partially successful. First you never know when she is going to be at a certain place. Next as Flight Director of AREA 51, you can't begin to get on that base, or anywhere near it. What I did was get a room at CEASARS in Las Vegas and just kick back and relax and smoke some dope and get a lot of LAP DANCES. Then by the pool one afternoon she appeared. In a coral orange bikini with sea shells on her left wrist. She laid down in the sun and removed her top and those glorious breasts just straining to reach the sky. WoW!! I grabbed my camera but it did not work! So I tried to walk over to her but within 35 yards I was stopped by these two Japanese men and they asked me what I was up to??? They escorted me back to my cabana and I just sat there and watched her for an hour!
My research instead turned to the Luftwaffe Pilot Hans Pancherz. Most folks don't realize this but we know for a fact that he flew the JU-390 to Capetown South Africa and landed there with Martin Bormann in November of 1944. Why? This was a part of Operation Paperclip, the evacuation from Germany of its most TOP SECRET PROJECTS, Scientists and high ranking NAZI officials! For three days Martin Bormann hammered out these agreements and left with many signed documents from the British and the OSS.
It also is apparent that Hermann Goering was aware of Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann doing this with Hitler's blessing. He was jealous of their power and he authorized an attack on New York using a JU-390 with a very dirty lethal Atomic Bomb. Thank God this attack failed and the JU-390 crashed in bad weather off the coast of owls head Maine.
But if you stay on Hans Pancherz, and read where he was in the war, you begin to understand his involvement with Anna Kreisling. The most successful Junkers JU-390 missions were flown by Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling.
Adolf Hitler did not care whether she lived or died, he approved of these flights. The Recon flight over New York in August of 1943. The testing of the New York defences in January of 1944. Finally Anna leaves for Japan, and it is in April of 1945 that she is flown back to Germany in a Junkers JU-390 with direct orders from Hitler and Bormann to report to the Bunker in Berlin to evacuate Adolf Hitler, Eva, Blondi, and Martin Bormann and his aides. In case she did not make it,,,Hannah Reitsch and Hans Baur were also required to be at the Bunker in Berlin. Three of the top rescue pilots in the world in the Bunker with Hitler. Do you really think this was just by sheer coincidence???
By the way the best picture of Anna Kreisling can be found in the June 2001 issue of Pacific Flyer from Australia. page 23, upper right hand corner. At the time she was 81 years of age and still gorgeous!

Vice President Kamala Harris, 23.02.2022 08:42

It is Wednesday morning here in Ukraine and I am waking up in a camp full of hippies and gypsies! Actually it is a part of the U.S. Army because their are three Sherman tanks commanded by someone called ODDBALL. Clint Eastwood is here and we are going to go 56 miles behind the Russian Lines and rob a bank that has more than $14 Million dollars in Gold!!
ODDBALL is teaching me to command one of the tanks and since I like to shout orders and cuss, I am doing a great job, besides there is $14 Million in Gold just waiting for us to grab!
This is what life is all about, you take a chance and walk away rich. No more kissing babies and being Vice President, just run away to the Bahama's and get your freak on!
I really admire Anna Kreisling, she is trying to save all of the wild animals in Africa, especially the elephants!
America would really be much better off under the command of NAZI LEADERS. They know how to run a country. They put the needs of the farmers first ! The Nazi Party wants America to go back to the year 1957, when America was at its height of power and glory!

President Vladimir Putin,, MOSCOW CCCP, 18.02.2022 23:47

Dear Anna Kreisling,
Very few people know this, but you saved my life while I was visiting our Russian Troops in Syria. However back in 2008 you invaded the Kuril Islands north of Japan, the island of Iturup to be exact and killed more than 4,000 Russian Troops guarding a small air base that we have there! We had to send Russian Naval and Airborne forces to retake this island and found that your forces were gone! The Japanese Government did not want a war with Russia, so why in hell did you invade in the first place??? So we routinely kill Japanese Fishermen in the area, is this why you slaughtered Russian Forces there???
Now you are in the Ukraine with three Panzer Divisions, do you really expect to survive against our mighty Russian Army?? You may have superior technology and firepower but we have lots of Russian Soldiers that we don't mind losing in the coming invasion!
I really got a laugh out of Joe Biden! Sending 3,000 U.S. Troops to Poland??? Is he kidding??? We have more troops than that guarding just one of our air bases!
Joe Biden says America has a strong military, yet since he has become President he has purged 166,000 U.S. Army troops out of the military because they are Republicans!! Your Air Force has lost 2,687 highly trained pilots!! Your Navy has lost 45,687 sailors because they are Christians!
Here in Russia we have learned over the years not to purge the military! Stalin did this before World War II, and we almost lost the war because he killed so many Russian officers and men. An example that Anna and the Condor Legion know to well is the 1,000 Russian pilots sent by Stalin to Spain in 1936 and 1937. Many of these Russian Pilots became Aces over the skies of Spain, yet when they returned to Russia, Stalin said that they were tainted with Western Ideas, and he had them all shot!! The Germans in the Condor Legion when they returned were treated as heroes, many of them had shot down more than 22 aircraft and later during the Battle of Britain and over the skies of Russia this combat experience proved very valuable!
But now Anna Kreisling you are in serious trouble! Did you know that Joe Biden has assembled 15,000 Mexican DRUG Cartel gang members to assault AREA 51.
Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are in Las Vegas right now passing out money and guns to these gang members. Anna you don't have a chance, so get out of the Ukraine and go defend AREA 51. You saved my life once, now I am saving yours!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 17.02.2022 06:37

At this time I would like to apologize for being so angry about the situation in Ukraine. I remind myself that James Newsom's parents were both Democrats and were some of the finest hard working people you could ever meet. They always taught their son to vote for the best candidate, not the party. I apologize to Democrats everywhere, it is not your fault that currently the Democratic Party is supporting Leftist Communist Views. The last great Democratic President was Bill Clinton. A great American and a superb President. Every President since Bill Clinton has been a disaster for this nation.
At this moment I am watching the Olympics with Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler and Eva. We think it is so sad that the Russian 15 year old girl is being treated so unfairly. The Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva is facing all this despicable rudeness with courage and bravery. My words to her would be, " Your love for Ice Skating and your grace and your beauty will transcend everything, all these hardships you are facing!"

Chancellor Olaf Scholz Germany, 14.02.2022 19:45

Dear Anna Kreisling,
On behalf of the people of Germany I wish to thank you for all the support you are giving to the people of Ukraine. No one has suffered so much at the hands of the Russians like the people of Germany and the Ukraine.
Joe Biden could care less about the One million women in the Ukraine who will be raped and killed by the Russian pigs. Did Joe Biden care about the women in Afghanistan?? History will show what a coward and corrupt he is! Everything that Joe Biden does is to benefit the Red Chinese and his own pockets.

Dr. Kenneth Watson YALE, 12.02.2022 21:22

After years of research on Hitler's Nuclear Weapons Program, I have recently uncovered new evidence.
First, I have uncovered two new pictures of Anna Kreisling taken in 1938. In the first picture she is wearing a two piece bathing suit which is not a bikini. In 1938 the style was much more modest, yet even then the German Girls would take off their tops to sun bathe, and this was considered healthy and normal. Yes I can confirm that she is gorgeous, a girl that can be compared to Veronica Lake,,or Grace Kelly,,or Marilyn Monroe. She exudes confidence and there is fire in her crystal ice blue eyes. In the second picture she is completely nude sunbathing with Eva Braun. Eva is wearing a black one piece bathing suit and she is looking up at the sky, so is Anna Kreisling. Why? I do not know.
The next facts are far more serious, they are the OSS interrogation of Hans Pancherz, the most Top Secret Pilot in the German Luftwaffe. He gives very short and brief answers, but does admit to flying a Junkers JU-390 to South Africa in 1944.
He also confirms Albert Speer's comment about a Junkers JU-390 flying to Tokyo Japan over the Polar Route in 1945.
He also confirms the mad passionate affair between Albert Speer and Kreisling in 1940 and how he took her to Paris with him when he toured Paris with Hitler.
However he just gives vague one worded answers about the flights of the JU-390 over Michigan and New York. You can tell that he is under orders to keep this a secret. Most of the time he tells the British Interrogators that he has no idea what they are talking about.
As a historian, one must ask," Why were Kreisling and Hans Pancherz so protected during the 1950's and 1960's??? Both were so protected by the CIA that no one knew they even existed!! Hans lived a comfortable life in Portugal and Spain and Anna did modeling in New York until 1955 when she married one of the wealthiest men in the world. Then she is back into aviation, traveling and supporting these NAZI air bases around the world. She even goes several times to Antarctica to support the Kreigsmarine Submarine bases there!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 09.02.2022 02:30

To the people of Germany,
Do not believe one word President Joe Biden is telling you. That if Russia invades Ukraine he will destroy your Oil and Natural Gas pipelines and sell you all the oil and Gas you want from America.
Joe Biden already is destroying the Oil and Natural Gas industry in the United States.
For many years the German people have been told by Communists that Germany only needs solar and wind power to meet their energy needs. As a result Germany today can only supply 40% of the energy it needs. This is why you are so dependent on Russian Oil and Natural Gas.
Adolf Hitler was such a great leader. He told the German people that they must only trust themselves, that they have to secure their energy needs. For many people that know nothing about history, remember this, in the winter of 1919, over one year after World War I was over, the British were still blockading Germany. As a result 110,000 German women and children starved to death in the city of Hamburg alone. The British felt no shame in killing Germans long after the war was over! This is why Adolf Hitler came to power, this is why he taught us to love each other for being German, to not trust the British or French for our very survival !
President Joe Biden is a Communist Socialist who cares nothing about the people of the Ukraine or Germany!
Look at the State of California where Joe Biden is waging a war against the men and women who drive trucks. He is telling them that they will have to have Electric Trucks in Four Years or they will be arrested. These so called Electric Trucks do not even exist at the moment. In California they are being told that all oil and Natural Gas will be banned, that they have no choice and their opinions do not matter!
In California you can no longer buy guns or ammo unless the State gives you permission, which is a violation of the 2nd Admendment. Many cities used to sell ammo and shotguns now can no longer legally sell this! Why? Because the Communist Democrats in Sacramento are wanting complete power to tell the people what they can eat, what they are allowed to think, to take complete power. As a result many millions of people are fleeing California. But Joe Biden wants to use California as a great success story that the entire nation must enact the same laws and Communist Dictatorships. New York is another classic failure of the Marxist Democrats. The children in New York are not allowed to salute the American flag in the morning at school. They are being taught the Critical Race Classes that teach that America is a racist and evil nation. That the only way to save America is to destroy its history and ideals.
This brings me back to Germany. For decades the British Propaganda portrayed the German People as a bunch of rabid racist dogs. That at the 1936 Berlin Olympics Jessie Owens was treated badly by both Hitler and the German People. Jessie Owens himself said this was not true, that the German People loved him and showed him only admiration and kindness. When I was in the stands with Heinrich Himmler and Hitler, they clapped and cheered loudly for his races.
However within days the British Propaganda portrayed just the opposite. The British openly lied about the 1936 Olympics!
To the people of Germany, do not believe the Communists that are in power, you need oil and gas, do not believe the Liars and Traitors and Scumbags like Joe Biden!

President Joe Biden USA, 04.02.2022 08:21

My Fellow Americans,
We as a nation are now $30 Trillion Dollars in debt. Folks what this means is that all of you, every Man Woman and child now owes the Government $33 Billion Dollars! Bernie and I realized that you will never be able to pay this off, so we are getting out of town before the American Taxpayers find us!
Folks, Bernie likes to dress up like the Flying Nun, and ride his Vespa Scooter. I prefer the Harley Davidson Wide Glide, with my Coon Skin hat and wearing just a Silver G-String with some red ruby slippers, the Republicans just can't keep their hands off me! There is nothing like the open road, getting out of Washington D.C., getting away from that skanky HO-HO-HO,,,Kamala Harris! So I crank up my Willie Nelson tunes and Bernie and I just roar off down the highway!
We are off to AREA 51 where Anna Kreisling is the Flight Commander and because I am the President of the United States she has gots to let us come in! Folks do you realize that AREA 51 is the most heavily guarded place in North America!!
I have never been to AREA 51, but I heard that Donald Trump went there and wound up washing Hitler's Mercedes and also the Junkers JU-390 that they have there! He kept babbling away about how great her Knockers were and how firm and tan her ass was! That Anna Kreisling was a goddess, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen! That she ordered him around like he worked at STARBUCKS!!
Well folks, don't worry about the poor people in the Ukraine, I just sent over three boxes of 22 ammo so this should really scare the Russians!
Our Southern Border is really secure, last month 136,000 illegal aliens crossed over many of which were criminals and terrorists, so don't worry, Joe Biden is on the job!
Meanwhile the real unemployment number is 30% of Americans are out of work. 90 Million Americans are homeless and hungry. When you go to Los Angeles you can find many famous actors who used to be on STAR TREK, are now homeless and smell worse than any Klingon ever did!
But what do I care? I'm Joe Biden, I'm rich and I have plenty of people who love me and will change my DEPENDS Diaper! So Sean Hannity, watch out! Bernie and I will come to your town, me on my Harley and Bernie on his Vespa Scooter, and we will sing and dance! Me in my Silver G-string and Bernie in his FLYING NUN costume!

Richard Bach USA, 30.01.2022 02:58

So many supposedly military history buffs still cling to this idea that the first flight of a Junkers JU-390 was in October 1943. Today in 2022 we know that a Junkers JU-390 was photographed in 1942 on its way to deliver supplies to North Africa. This photo is widely available and was taken by a British Intelligence officer.
Next, we have pictures of Heinrich Himmler raising Anna Kreisling, christmas pictures, family outings, teaching her to fly gliders at the age of 11 and 12.
Next comes the 1936 Berlin Olympics where you can clearly see Anna Kreisling sitting next to Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler in the section reserved for the Fuhrer.
In Adolf Hitler's writings you can read where he forbid Anna from going to Spain with the Condor Legion, because she was to young! However Himmler let her go to America with Ernst Udet and you can see both of them at the Cleveland National Air Races! This tour of America really impressed Anna, and it was a great success for Ernst Udet. Both Ernst Udet and Anna Kreisling talked Hitler into letting them buy three Curtiss Biplane Divebombers and bring them back to Germany. This is the beginning of the development of the STUKA Divebomber, built by Junkers!
The next time Anna is seen in pictures is when Hitler went to Paris to celebrate his victory over France! Of the 273 pictures of Hitler visiting Paris you can see Anna Kreisling in 22 of them along with Albert Speer and Hermann Goering.
Finally what really proves to me the flight over Michigan and New York happened is that everyone has access to the blueprints for the RECON JU-390 Aircraft. It shows the eight huge fuel cells carried in the fuselage. The wing tanks, a four man crew, no guns, all of this built in January of 1943.
Do you want more proof?? We know today that Hermann Goering ordered in October of 1944 a Junkers JU-390 to carry out an Atomic Bomb attack on New York so that he could impress Adolf Hitler. This attack failed because the JU-390 was lost due to bad weather and crashed off the coast of Owls Head Maine, on its way to New York.
Because of this failure, he kept this secret and never told the German high command.
Finally we come to the Reno National Air Races where Steve Hinton was racing the RED BARON P-51 Mustang. He had won this race three times in this magnificent racing plane. But on his final lap he crashed right in front of the grandstands the plane skidding to a firey halt with only the cockpit still intact. Three people ran to what was left of the plane and in the fire and smoke a Blonde lady with a brown leather flight jacket was seen cutting Steve away from the straps that held him in. The three pulled him to safety and then carried him away. He had broken his back, ribs and an arm, but eight months later he was back flying for the airlines.
This lady was Anna Kreisling, and if you notice a silvery Douglas DC-3 in your pictures, this is what she flew to the Air Races.

Col. George Conway BAKERSFIELD,CA., 23.01.2022 20:17

In August of 1943, I was assigned to the 117th Training Squadron in Lansing Michigan. I had started my flight training in a Stearman Biplane in Tulare California and after 127 hours they transferred me to the 117th Training Squadron flying the great AT6 Training aircraft.
That morning four squadrons of AT-6 Trainers were flying around on August 28th 1943. The sky was sunny but filled with clouds and in the morning the air was very cold at 8,000 feet. Some 36 planes from the 117th and 116th squadrons were above the clouds and descending down to 6,000 feet, when we saw it! A huge six engined B-24 Bomber emerged from the clouds and was merging with us! As flying cadets we were thrilled to be able to fly along such a big plane! Twin tails and six motors, we flew even closer and then we saw her! The hottest Blonde we had ever seen was on the right hand controls and she was stunning! Her blonde hair shimmering in the sunlight, and she was blowing us kisses and flirting with us! She took off her jacket and was waving to us flyboys! Word by radio went out and we all broke formation to get closer to see this Hollywood Hot firecracker of a Blonde!! This went on for five minutes and then this gigantic bomber turned and banked very gently into a cloud and left us all happy and excited to be flyers! This was all that we could talk about when we landed. However some of the guys had some real questions! Was that really a B-24 Liberator? What was a Blonde doing in a six engined plane flying over Michigan? Some of the pilots said it had to American because on the nose was a pin up painting with a Blonde diving naked through some clouds and in big Red and white letters it said ,," BERLIN BABY". But other pilots said they saw white crosses on the side of the plane and that it was painted gray and green on top but on the bottom of the plane it was sky blue!
This was not the only sighting, and the Brass was calling Washington D.C. and the FBI and the OSS.
In the year 2022, I have no doubt that what we probably saw was a Junkers JU-390 flying over Michigan doing a Recon flight! Many of us guys had not been on a date for six months and this is why we went ape shit over this Blonde! It is not our fault that the Army Air Corp worked us so hard that we could not find time to go on dates!
This is what happens to pilots when a Blonde shows up and starts blowing you kisses! And just not any blonde, but a really Gorgeous Girl who could melt your socks with such a beautiful smile!
By the way my dream came true when on December the 22nd at Porterville Airport. I met Anna Kreisling when she rolled out her Fokker D-7 at the north end of the field, a Fokker D7 in Dutch markings! She is still the most gorgeous blonde I have ever seen!

Senator Mitch McConnell, 22.01.2022 07:17

For the record it should be recorded that both myself and Senator Harry Reid spent a lot of time at AREA 51. At first being there scared the crap out of me, but Harry Reid was so brave that it calmed me down. Let's face it, when you see the Alien Monsters they have there, and there own NAZI genetic science, it is beyond any Science Fiction movie I have ever seen!!
The first time I saw Harry Reid get eaten by a Giant 55 yard wide Tarantula Spider, torn apart and then eaten! I was shaking like a leaf. But the Nazi Scientists were able to clone Harry and after three months he was eaten alive again by a Giant Spider!
Folks you haven't seen anything until you see a bunch of Mexicans in the desert, yelling and screaming and drinking Tecquila with a Giant Spider chasing them down and eating them! I bet they miss living in Mexico!
Mexicans are the bravest people in the world, even when a Giant Spider is getting ready to eat them, they still want to have a last drink of Tecquila!!
The last time I was at AREA 51, Donald Trump was with Harry and me gazing at all the advanced Flying Saucers and weapons, but what really shook him up was meeting Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler! Donald is not used to meeting ice cold killers who look upon you like you are a bug in a science experiment. But Hitler has a sense of humor! He had Donald washing his big six wheeled Mercedes and Donald kept staring at Anna Kreisling in her tan string bikini, wearing an Afrika Korp hat, enjoying the sun and helping Donald wash some cars and her Junkers JU-390. When she removed her top, those tan incredible breasts, and her smooth round tan firm butt, happily working on washing Hitler's car, WOW!!
Then there was the elevator ride into space! 135 miles up and Anna gave us a very smooth ride which took 45 minutes to bring us to the top of the platform where you can see the blackness of space, the beautiful curved Earth below and the Nazi Spacecraft coming in to pick up supplies for their bases on the Moon and Mars.
All of this leaves you in awe, that we live in a nation so great that we have been able to achieve this! All because OPERATION PAPERCLIP was such a success at the end of World War II.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 16.01.2022 21:35

No one has suffered more in Europe than the people of the Ukraine. Even before World War II, Stalin through mass murder and starvation killed more than 3 million people who lived in the Ukraine. This is why when our glorious German troops went into the Ukraine they were greeted with flowers, wine and tears of joy that we had come to liberate them from the Russians.
Every time I flew a Junkers JU-52 trimotor into the Ukraine I would stay with local farmers who had nothing but praise for our brave troops. For the first time they now could worship God in their churches and sell their produce at the markets. Before the Communists would take everything and then laugh when they were starving.
Make no mistake, the Russians are just a bunch of thugs and bandits, all they want to do is rape and kill innocent women and children.
But there is someone much worse and that is President Joe Biden. This coward, traitor and scumbag could stop the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. He could deploy 22,000 American Army troops to the Ukraine and that would stop Russia cold. Why? Russia will not risk a Nuclear War with the United States. This is why Russia never took Berlin away from the American Army troops based there for more than 35 years. Joe Biden could also fly in weapons to the Ukrainian People, he has not done this because he is a coward.
At this moment Poland, Germany and France are the only countries helping Ukraine.
I am asking the American Congress to help the people of the Ukraine. They need food, military supplies and 210 A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack aircraft. This way they can destroy every Russian tank that is found in the Ukraine.
If President Kennedy was in office he would help. If President Reagan was in office he would help. If President Biden won't help, the world will once again see America as a weak cowardly country whose leaders are worthless!

rabbi schneerson, e-mail, 13.01.2022 23:54

Anna Kriesling is responsible for 6 million jews dying. She is one who taught Germans to use bombing technique of dropping pellets on floor in gas chambers. She was also responsible for flying all the bodies in mass graves and tons of ashes from crematoria to Argentina which was processed into feed and manure used in the beef industry popular with Germans in Argentina.

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House, 13.01.2022 20:21

Dear George Lucas,
I have been told that you are casting for your movie about Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe. So far you have talked with Uma Thurman, Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and a host of others! I want you to know that I will meet with you anytime, anywhere to read for this part! I know that Harrison Ford is going to play INDIANA JONES when Anna and him first meet in Tibet in 1938. I will do anything to be able to play the part of Anna Kreisling!
Now to a very serious subject. Across America, people are wondering why their coffee tastes like shit. They are throwing away their fancy coffee machines and putting their K-CUPS out in the garden to kill snails. This is not the answer!
Since Joe Biden has become President the Secret Service has been selling his Poop as Coffee to all the world. They have made $Billions of dollars selling his manure. Everytime they change his diaper, more Poop is sold! This is why your coffee tastes like shit!!
So I want all Americans to write Joe Biden and tell him,,,,"NO MORE CRAP,,,STOP SELLING US A LOAD OF SHIT!!"
As Americans we deserve a good cup of coffee every morning that costs us only 5 cents!!

President Joe Biden USA, 09.01.2022 22:10

Dear Boris Johnson, The Prime Minister of England,
Wow! How did you ever get so smart? Did you go to YALE, like I did and graduate CUMA DE PUTA???
I want to tell the people of POLAND and Germany and the UKRAINE that you have nothing to worry about. I just talked with Vladimir Putin and he assured me that he is not going to invade the Ukraine,,,but he is definitely going to invade IRELAND!! He says that the Irish do not know how to fight, that Irish men hide behind their women in a fight, and taking Ireland will be great for the Russian Military forces!
Vladimir Putin went on to say," Did you know that Adolf Hitler's favorite whiskey was KILBEGGAN Irish Whiskey? That during World War II, he had 22 cases of this whiskey brought to him by German U-Boats every month.
That when Hitler invaded Russia it was because the Russians were going to invade Ireland and destroy the Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Pot still.
So by invading Russia, Hitler was trying to save Ireland!!"
As I was listening to Vladimir it all made sense to me! The Russians are going to invade Ireland !!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 05.01.2022 01:59

Dear Senator Bernie Sanders,
It was wrong for MI-6 and British Intelligence to allow you to have access to all of our Secret Files from World War II.
Why do you have such an interest in Operation Paperclip??
We know today that Martin Bormann had Hans Pancherz fly him to South Africa in early 1944 to meet with the OSS and Top British and American Generals to discuss what must be saved from Nazi Germany so that the Russians would not acquire this technology and weapons. So many so called experts say that a Junkers JU-390 did not have the range to fly to South Africa. They are wrong. Hans Pancherz talked about this flight, how they landed, how the Junkers JU-390 was refueled by the British, how Martin Bormann flew back to Germany with documents and shared his success with Heinrich Himmler!
These secret negotiations are an important part of World War II. This is why Stalin was enraged when the NKVD could not locate Anna Kreisling or find Martin Bormann in 1945. Stalin could not even find Hitler or Eva and his dog Blondi!!
This also explains why Winston Churchill had Heinrich Himmler murdered when he was captured.
However there is something very troubling and disturbing to me and all of England. We know today that Heinrich Himmler is alive and has been seen numerous times with Anna Kriesling. This means that by using her Gate Technology she was able to alter time and go back to 1945 and save Himmler! At AREA 51 this technology exists and was developed from THE BELL, flown out by Hans Kammler in a Junkers Ju-390 in April of 1945. So why would she save Heinrich Himmler? This was her real father, the man who taught her how to fly, to shoot, to fight with swords, to be fearless when fighting the Communists and Russians! Anna loved the years she celebrated Christmas with Heinrich, the glorious years from 1928 to 1938, when Germany was restored and her people joyful about the future.
So Bernie remember this, it was Martin Bormann who ordered three of the best rescue pilots in the German Luftwaffe to meet in the Bunker in 1945. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 30.12.2021 08:42

As we come to the end of the year 2021, America is in grave danger. Abraham Lincoln once warned that the United States would be destroyed from within. At this moment in time we have Joe Biden, a Communist Socialist who supports the Radical destruction of American History, Culture and ideals.
Porterville is just one hour away flying time from AREA 51, due west on the aerial charts. Porterville has a 6,000 foot runway and No active tower, which makes it great for TOP SECRET Aircraft to land without drawing attention. Many times I have flown my Dornier Do 17Z, the flying pencil, into Porterville for lunch and no Press waiting there, which is wonderful. Many years ago William Shatner, Captain Kirk, used to come to Porterville to fly Ultralights, with No press to bother him, by the way congratulations on flying into space! This is a great achievement for anyone!
At this time I would like to pay tribute to Harry Reid, a true patriot who represented Nevada in the Senate. Harry always supported AREA 51 and he made sure we had the Top Secret Funding which led to our 142 mile high elevator that we can supply our ships in space.
Harry Reid has also supported our Nazi Bases on the Moon and on Mars and beyond.
Recently 12 of our remote controlled Flying Saucers were spotted over the South China Sea. The Commercial pilots took pictures through their cockpit windows and were amazed.
This is a tribute to Harry Reid who always fought for our TOP SECRET Funding for AREA 51.
America can sleep well tonight because you have advanced Nazi Technology guarding you. But alas we can not protect you from Communist Indoctrination coming to you from Joe Biden. So America, wake up, and ask yourselves these simple questions.
1. When your kids go to school, do they salute the American Flag in the morning?
2. Are they being taught that America is a RACIST Country, and is an evil country.
3. Is American history even taught at your school??
4. In 1957 every American teacher taught children to love our country, patriotic songs were sung, and they knew the difference between Communism and our Democracy.
5. In 1957, Pornography was not allowed on television. The FCC did not allow filth and perversion on television. Now in 2021, Joe Biden supports Pornography on television and the filthy language in music and the arts.
I can only hope that America wakes up! We need a President who will unite us, not tear down our history and force Communist ideals on our children. May all of you have a Happy New Year and remember when you gaze at the Moon, we are there gazing back at the beautiful planet that you call Earth! We are gazing back at our home.

Vice President Kamala Harris, 28.12.2021 00:46

I used to be a singer in nightclubs back in 1957, and I used to sing this version of BLUE SUEDE SHOES!
Two for the show
Three to get ready now GO CAT GO,,,
But Joe Biden, Don't tear off my panties tonight!
You can do anything but leave my cotton panties alone!

Director Robert Ballard Hollywood, 18.12.2021 07:54

As an expert on Hollywood films here is some information that many of you already know. That the movie,,633 Squadron inspired George Lucas to do the DEATH STAR canyons at the end of STAR WARS.
Did you know that Grace Kelly in the movie HIGH NOON had to leave for Europe half way during the filming and Anna Kreisling took her place in many of the scenes! Look at Grace Kelly in the opening 15 minutes,,,then look at her in the last 35 minutes of the movie. It is not the same person. Anna Kreisling who looks a lot like Grace Kelly stood in for her so that she could fly to Europe to take care of some personal business. The public was never told this. However Gary Cooper became a very good friend of Anna Kreisling and they did some fishing in Alaska and Norway together.

Senator Bernie Sanders, 13.12.2021 07:50

All of us can be grateful that the Russians were able to defeat Nazi Germany. But it was a close call. Why? Because the Nazi Nuclear Weapons Program almost succeeded. We know today that the German Luftwaffe always flew Recon Missions before dropping any bombs, especially Atomic Bombs!
The first Junkers JU-390 Recon flight happened on August 28th 1943. Then in January 1944 Anna Kreisling and Hans Pancherz again tested the defenses of New York in preparation for a nuclear weapons attack. This came out in British Interrogations of Luftwaffe pilots towards the end of WWII.
What is really interesting is the concern that Stalin put on the NKVD to find and keep track of Anna Kreisling! Why? Because Heinrich Himmler who was in charge of the Nazi Nuclear Weapons Program used her a lot and usually in some TOP SECRET Operations that involved killing Stalin! Example; the conversion of a captured British Avro Lancaster Bomber to carry a 6,000 pound Dirty Radioactive Atomic Bomb, mated with a ME-110 long range fighter. This was to be the largest Mistel Bomb ever developed. Anna Kreisling was to fly this Mistel Bomber to Moscow in the cover of darkness and then fly the Lancaster with this dirty Nuclear device into the Kremlin. After the explosion Stalin would be dead along with most of the people in Moscow. Her return flight would have been in the long Range ME-110 fighter.
This is why Stalin had code names for Anna, who was known as the WHITE WOLF. Adolf Hitler had the code name,,GRAY WOLF, Martin Bormann was coded the BLACK WOLF. All of this proves that Anna Kreisling was a real person and like Hitler and Martin Bormann, made it out of Germany. Anna was the last to be found by the OSS, it was not until she was photographed by STARS AND STRIPES Newspaper pouring coffee for Gen. George Patton, that she was spotted by the OSS! For six months she had been in hiding pouring coffee for American Army Troops who were helping her feed the children in Germany!
More pictures of her emerge from Wright Patterson AFB when she was flown there in 1946 to meet with Werner Von Braun, who had urged the OSS to find her!
More pictures of her emerge from her modeling days in New York city from 1950 to 1954. Many of her pictures were used in SEARS Catalogs!

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 12.12.2021 03:36

Dear President Vladimir Putin CCCP,
Our Moon Rover on the Dark side of the Moon has found an interesting object in the distance! As our Rover drew nearer we found out that it was a small portable Transponder and radar unit probably installed in 1972. As we filmed this device a very tall buxom Nazi German Girl walked up and did some service on it? She then came over and picked up our Chinese Rover and threw it in the back of her Kubelwagen and drove it to a Nazi Moon base! It is now being used in a Kindergarten playground for German school children to play on!
Vladimir, this proves that Nazi's are on the Moon! I have told Joe Biden to arrest Anna Kreisling, but he says he can't!!
Vladimir my Intelligence Agents are reporting to me that the Nazi's are flying massive numbers of weapons into the UKRAINE, and three SS PANZER DIVISIONS! The SS Leibstandarte,,SS Totenkopf,,,and SS Das Reich!
I am so happy my Chinese Butt is safe here in China, and no where near the Ukraine!

Vladimir Putin Moscow CCCP, 08.12.2021 20:50

I need your help in understanding your American English! I think President Joe Biden told me it was O.K. to invade the UKRAINE, but I could not understand a word he said! Here is an example of our conversation;
PUTIN: " So you are saying that I can invade?"
Joe Biden: " Hey Man, are you nuts? Did you screw a cat last night? Put the pussy aside and make with the positive waves!"
Putin: So I can kill all the women and children in the Ukraine?
Joe Biden: "Do you think I care or give a Rat's Ass about what you wear to the bathroom! Baby you've gots to get with the program! If CornPOP was here he would kick your Russian Heine, but don't worry Man, I can save you from CORN POP!
Putin: So you are saying I can invade the Ukraine??
Biden; Hey man, why don't you go rape Angela Merkel, I hear she really likes the rough stuff! I really tried Baby, but she won't even change my diaper!

President Joe Biden USA, 28.11.2021 22:00

Dear Dr. Alfred Price,,,,London,

Like most highly educated British Limeys you really smell bad. Let me tell you about a really bad smell, I was up at the podium, giving a great speech, when poop and turds started rolling down my leg! My Depends diaper can't handle all the crap that I say on stage, so it just starts oozing out! Luckily I have the Secret Service to change my diaper so I can get going! It is hazardous being a Secret Service Agent!
Now about this flight of the Junkers JU-390 over New York on August 28th 1943. Of course it happened, President Roosevelt gave the order that the P-47 Thunderbolts guarding New York to stand down and to stay on the ground. Why?
Phone calls came in from Michigan that a German Photo Recon plane had been spotted. Then the British Intelligence had notified President Roosevelt that a photo recon JU-390 had flown from Norway with the probable destination of being New York. Roosevelt did not want this plane to be shot down over New York because of the panic it would cause! Also it would draw attention to the Atomic Bomb race that was going on between Germany and the United States.
Anna Kreisling and Hans Panchez knew they had a 50% chance of surviving over New York. But both knew that this mission was vital. Why? Because it would send a clear message to President Roosevelt that New York would come under an Atomic Bomb attack if he based B-29's in England and Berlin was hit. Also the Luftwaffe never conducted a bombing raid of this importance unless a photo recon flight was done first.
Another factor was Hitler, who wanted to destroy the factories in Michigan which were making massive numbers of Bombers and war equipment for the USA.
Hitler knew that even if the Junkers Ju-390 was shot down over New York, it would still be a great victory for the Third Reich. The American public would have been in a panic that a bomber was over New York.
So President Roosevelt did the smart choice, he ordered a stand down and to keep this flight Top Secret! The real problem was keeping the NEW YORK TIMES from publishing the pictures they had taken of the Ju-390. But after the OSS and the FBI confiscated these pictures, President Roosevelt himself called the New York Times and said this was a matter of National Security, and they could go to prison for printing such a story! They complied.
So my fellow Americans, you can understand why I must keep the Kennedy Assaination a TOP SECRET, and also everything about KG-200, AREA 51, Anna Kreisling, and Operation Paperclip and the real reason we invaded IRAQ, and the Vietnam War classified Top Secret!

Dr. Alfred Price,,, LONDON, 21.11.2021 05:03

After three years of research, I have come to the conclusion that many people do not accept the flight of the Junkers JU-390 over New York for two reasons.
1. They are arrogant smug Americans who can not imagine an enemy aircraft over America, even though 12 years ago a Russian Bear Bomber flying off the coast of California decided to take a short cut to Cuba by overflying California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas on its way to land at Havana, Cuba! This was classified TOP SECRET because the USAF was not aware of this flight until the Tupolev Bear Bomber was over the Gulf of Mexico!
2. A beautiful German Woman helped fly the Junkers JU-390 over New York. 99% of the time Americans always will not admit that a woman can also be a great pilot. Hans Pancherz the German pilot of this JU-390 said it best.
"When plans for this flight were being drawn up it struck fear into our hearts that we could pull this off. But when Anna became part of our Flight Team, she showed such enthusiasm, such dedication to this Recon Flight, that soon all of us showed no fear with what we were facing. Over Michigan she proved the value of having a beautiful woman on board. The American Training planes we met, AT-6's, were more interested in her, than the six engined Junkers we were flying!"
Another point I would like to make is that President Biden was asked by CNN NEWS why KG-200 and this flight was still considered TOP SECRET, and he said," Hey man, I just classifed 68,000 papers on the KENNEDY ASSASINATION TOP SECRET, the American People do not need to know about the Kennedy Assasination, or events in World War II, or AREA 51!"

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, 14.11.2021 02:00

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah
Leader of Hezbollah, Lebannon

Dear American Infidels,
Praise be to Allah that Joe Biden is allowing 1,200 ISIS K Terrorists to come across the Texas Border each month. Soon you will see every Muslim in America go out and buy a FORD Mustang and kidnap 500 PLAYBOY BUNNIES so we don't have to wait to get to heaven to have our 72 Virgins! Who needs Virgins anyway??? 500 PLAYBOY BUNNIES AND A FORD MUSTANG IS what every Muslim Boy and Girl wants!!!
Well here I am in sunny Beirut, trying on some bras and panties I bought in Paris! My, My, they look so fabulous, so lacy and cute! So why am I writing to you Donald Duck, Porky Pig Americans??? Because I am jealous! Have you seen the butt on Anna Kreisling? How can I compete with that gorgeous firm tanned ASS of hers! She is over 100 years old and she looks like she is 35 years of age!
Let me tell you, I would give anything to have this GATE Technology that the Nazi's developed from THE BELL, the most valued and secret of all the Nazi Scientific discoveries from World War II. When Nazi SS Col. Hans Kammler landed at Wright Patterson AFB on May 28th,1945, in a Junkers JU-390 with THE BELL, the OSS celebrated their greatest achievement of World War II. Stalin was enraged when he found out about this! Also Hitler, Eva and Blondi his German Shepherd were never to be found in Berlin! Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling were gone!
For all of you World War II historians, this is really what OPERATION PAPERCLIP was all about. The evacuation of all Nazi artifacts, weapons, technology and people out of Germany! Remember this, JOE BIDEN has just ruled that 110,000 pages about the Kennedy assasination will remain TOP SECRET. Also 68,000 TOP SECRET Documents about KG-200 and Anna Kreisling will remain TOP SECRET, and this is stuff from World War II.

Senator Bernie Sanders, 13.11.2021 07:52

Hey Joe,,,Here is my latest song I have written!

You can do anything,,except step on my BLUE SUEDE SHOES!!!

President Joe Biden USA, 03.11.2021 08:03

Well folks, here I am in Air Force ONE, half way across the Atlantic Ocean heading home. It amazes me how big the Atlantic Ocean is! Eight hours of Jet flying just to cross this vast ocean. It took Charles Lindberg 34 hours to cross it flying 105 m.p.h.,,,It took Hans Pancherz and Anna Kreisling 14 hours to cross the Atlantic Ocean after they were over New York in their Junkers JU-390. They landed in Le Bourget Airfield outside of Paris just like Lindberg! Folks when I land I'm going to celebrate our victories tonight in Virginia and New Jersey! The American People want what I want.
Folks I do have some bad News though. Global Warming is not caused by cows farting and Hot Rod Cars. The truth is Global warming is caused by Sun Spots and the fact that the Moon is failing to orbit the Earth in a proper way. It is getting closer to the Earth by 33 miles each year, its orbit is in decay. This is causing the Earth to get closer to the Sun each year by 3,000 Miles in its orbit around the Sun. So if my calculations are correct, by the year 2031, one of two things are going to happen. First the Moon will crash into the Earth and obliterate out planet. Or??? The Earth will be to close to the Sun for us to have any form of Life on the Planet Earth.
So, Have a Merry Christmas this year,,and take my advice,,, Why Worry??? I never Worry! I'm happy if I can make it to the bathroom after I give one of my famous speeches!! Folks NASA Flight Director John Goddard is going to figure out how to save our planet, so don't listen to President Xi Jinping of China, the guy is an Asshole! All that he does is sit around all day and dreams about conquering the world,,, Not saving it.

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 01.11.2021 00:41

My Intelligence Services have told me that this John Goddard of NASA is actually a CIA Deep Cover Officer by the name Scott McKensie. This is a part of the NSA and CIA cover up, so that you Americans do not find the truth about Anna Kreisling. She can write a very moving letter, which has affected me deeply.
Back 25 years ago when Bill Clinton was President, China and the USA had great relations. But now the CIA and Joe Biden are wanting a Nuclear War with China. Why? With China destroyed the United States will be the No. 1 power in the world.
Also your own scientists are warning that unless we have a Nuclear War the human population will so large it will destroy the planet Earth.
However we in the Chinese Communist Party have an ACE up our sleeve. We have 5,687 long range ICBM's that reach the United States, the U.S. has only 985 rockets that can reach China. So we will win the coming Nuclear War!
So very soon we will demand California, Alaska and Hawaii be given to China or else we will level every city in America.
How do you like dem apples Joe? You stinking Yankee Doodle Dandy! Who is changing your Depends underwear? Did you poop your pants after reading this?

Dr. John Goddard NASA, 26.10.2021 07:09

Houston, Texas

Dear Dr. Andrew Wyeth, The NEW YORK TIMES,

I am sick and tired of your articles about our Moon Landing being a fake in 1969. We did land on the Moon, but we did have help. When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were coming down they landed in the wrong spot. The LEM was very near a crater and another ten feet, they would have tumbled down into the crater and probably would have died.
Thanks to the German NAZI'S who were already on the Moon, they came out with their Mark III Moon Panzers and picked up the LEM and put it on a trailer and transported it to a nice flat area! Then they helped with the cameras and the lighting and set the stage for Neil Armstrong's famous trip down the ladder! Guess who was filming Neil?? That's right, it was Anna Kreisling with some Nazi Third graders clapping as Neil came down the ladder! Thank goodness we have Nazi's on the Moon!
Praise the Lord that the Nazi's have such advanced Technology! I spent seven days on the Moon for Octoberfest this year and there is nothing like these gorgeous German Beer Maidens with these 44DD Breasts bouncing around in such low gravity! Let me tell you going to the Moon is such a wonderful experience! Do you know how great it is to look through a Zeiss and Leica Telescope on the Moon! How great it is to play golf on the Moon!
Anna Kreisling has told me that once I retire from NASA, I can come and retire and work on the Moon!
God bless Texas, God bless America, and God bless all our hard working Nazi's on the Moon!!

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.10.2021 07:14

Tonight it is cold and chilly at AREA 51, as I look into the night sky the Moon is so beautiful, so full and majestic. I feel sad tonight, but I have a lot to be thankful for.
President Bill Clinton is doing well in a hospital in Los Angeles. I still consider Bill Clinton to be the last Great President of the United States. When he left office we had a Balanced Budget, America was fiscally strong. Now in 2021 we are $28 Trillion Dollars in debt, this means every man woman and child owes the U.S. Government $ 320,000 dollars.
Last night I was in Porterville California and it rained. The weather forecasters said it would never rain again in California, but last night it rained and it was wonderful. Monday morning everything smelled fresh and new. I spoke with my friend James Newsom and told him of the book that I have finished writing. The Title is ,,," I flew for Adolf Hitler",, it is about my life inside the Third Reich.
So why did I write this book? Perhaps it is because of all the lies that are spoken about Hitler. These lies are part of a British plan during the war to spread false propaganda about Adolf Hitler. Example; The British say that Adolf Hitler poisoned his dog Blondi in the Bunker in 1945. Blondi was taken to Argentina with Hitler and Eva!
Next the British claim that Hitler was a homosexual, when actually he adored and cherished women. He was polite, very humorous, a great dancer, and he loved the company of women. My father Heinrich Himmler every Friday night would provide a Mercedes Benz with a gorgeous Blonde in the back seat, and Hitler loved these erotic liasons. Today we call this Auto-erotica, and Hitler loved his cars and women. This of course ended in 1939 when we went to war.
Anyway I hope I can find a publisher for my book. I have been told that no publisher will touch it in the United States, because Joe Biden has Banned all books about the Third Reich and German Women in Aviation. Even Hannah Reitsch's book,,," The Sky, My Kingdom",,has been banned.
Tonight as I look at the Moon, what makes me sad is our treatment of the African and Asian Elephants. So many baby elephants have been killed by hunters and poachers. Our Leaders like Joe Biden are doing nothing to stop the slaughter of our beautiful and majestic Elephants.
We have fewer than 5,000 Elephants left alive in Africa. Each month poachers and hunters kill more than 325 of them. Within two years the African Elephant will be extinct unless the leaders of the world put a stop to this murder.
We as Germans have always understood that we are the caretakers of this planet. We know the incredible beauty and love that animals like the elephant bring to our lives. These wild animals deserve to live. There is nothing sadder than to watch a baby elephant die. This is why all of us need to write President Joe Biden and use the power of the United States to stop the killing of our elephants. Joe Biden can stop the slaughter. European Leaders could stop the killing. African Leaders can stop the murder and killing of the World's Elephants!

Gen. Scott Andrews USAF, 16.10.2021 08:40

The Defense Department has now confirmed that these so called UFO's flying off the East Coast of the United States are remotely controlled, unmanned craft from AREA 51.
Make no mistake, Anna Kreisling who is the Flight Commander of AREA 51 has authorized these missions. Russian Bombers and Terrorist flown jets will have no chance surviving these lethal Mach 12 fighters.
What concerns me is how fast she flew President Bill Clinton to a hospital in Los Angeles in an hour and a half. He was in Bahrain when he became ill, and she flew him in her personal spacecraft from Bahrain to Los Angeles in an hour and a half!! Folks that is fast, and he arrived in time to be saved from a serious infection!
I am amazed how 58,000 documents from World War II are still classifed TOP SECRET. All related to OPERATION PAPERCLIP. Even Senator Bernie Sanders can not open these documents! President Joe Biden can not open these documents! Amazing!
I am writing this because the American People have the right to know the truth about what happened at the end of World War II. If you want to know, focus on Martin Bormann, who was always with Hitler.
In the Bunker in 1945 three of the best pilots in the world were there from orders from Martin Bormann. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling.
We know today that Martin Bormann made it to South America, as well as Adolf Hitler, Eva, and even his dog Blondi!
What the Russians took to Stalin and claimed was Hitler was a skull from a 42 year old woman! DNA has proved this, Stalin for many years knew the truth and from 1946 to 1950 he had over 300 cables sent demanding to know where the WHITE WOLF was! Where the Gray Wolf was! Code names for Hitler and Anna Kreisling.
In conclusion President Joe Biden must be asked the question," Why are you afraid to talk about Anna Kreisling??"

President Joe Biden USA, 11.10.2021 20:14

My Fellow Americans,
To show the world how tough I am, I have ordered all the Wolf Puppies in Idaho, Montana and throughout the Western United States murdered. Folks just check with the Dept. of Agriculture and you will find this is true.
Next, all White women will be forced to have an abortion over the next seven years, this way the White population will only be 22% of the population. This is the way we will get rid of all Racist White people!
Finally the 900,000 Haitians who have crossed our Border illegally will be rounded up and sent to New York. Central Park will be turned into a massive Tent city. This way we can prove to the world that the rich, fat, New York Democrats love Black People!!
In conclusion, I want all you folks to know that Bernie Sanders is in charge, whatever this Leftist Liberal Communist wants,,,BERNIE GETS!! Can you hear me Donald Trump??
Bernie is my Bro,,,together we will ride into the sunset looking for Anna Kreisling, him on his Vespa Scooter and me on my Harley Davidson Wide Glide. When we find her we are going to tear off her black lace bra and gaze at those big bouncing Titties and then we will know that there is a God.

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 30.09.2021 07:35

At this time I would like to congratulate Anna Kreisling for rescuing the 450 NATO Troops left behind by President Joe Biden. My Intelligence officers informed me that you did this at the request of Chancellor Angela Merkel, because she wanted the German and French and British Troops saved. Joe Biden did not give a Rat's Ass about those troops!!
Joe I have a good deal for you! You give us Hawaii and Alaska and we will give you $3.5 Trillion Dollars so you can pay for your programs! Here is what is in that bill.
1. $826 Billion so you can have every member of the USA Military can watch 135 hours of GAY PORN MOVIES. Any soldier who does not like GAY PORN MOVIES WILL BE PURGED FROM THE MILITARY!!
2. $567 Billion will be spent to DEFUND THE POLICE and destroy every Police Dept. in America.
Joe nothing happens by accident, if you are listening to Bernie Sanders, then you are a crazy Lunatic. You should be listening to Bill Clinton. He knew how to Balance a Budget and have JLO and Anna Kreisling come to CHINA and party. I say to J-LO,,,BACK IT UP,,,BACK IT UP,,,,BACK IT UP BABY AND LET'S GET IT ON!!! BUT JOE ALL THAT YOU SAY is,,," I NEED TO DRINK MORE PRUNE JUICE,,,AND PLEASE CHANGE MY DEPENDS DIAPER!!!"

Detective Mark Ferguson, 23.09.2021 02:11

Dear Dr. Watson,
One of the wealthiest men in America has employed me for the last three years to track down this Anna Kreisling. Why? He is convinced that with the Nazi Die Glocke captured by the U.S. that the Nazi's delivered by SS Gen. Hans Kammler, that this is the machine that led to the development of GATE Technology. That the reason Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Anna Kreisling are still alive is that their DNA are encoded into this machine. All that they have to do to stay young and vital is to step into this GATE, this portal that can not only go through time and space but restore their life.
This last Saturday I was at Porterville Airport and watched as Anna Kreisling rolled out of a hangar a pristine Fokker D-7 from 1918. Many of the pilots there including myself was in awe of this biplane. It had a straight six, 185 h.p. BMW motor. No machineguns, because it now was a classic two seater aircraft.
So guess who she took up flying with her?? Sally Kellerman, who had no trouble getting into the front seat! Let me tell you both of these ladies are gorgeous! Frost blonde hair, beautiful eyes, red lips and athletic toned figures!
On takeoff Anna rolled off to the right and headed for Lake Success. Folks I am not the only one who has seen Anna Kreisling, many have. Think about this, we know today that Martin Bormann made it out of Berlin and made it to South America. If Bormann escaped he escaped with Eva and Adolf Hitler. It was Martin Bormann who ordered Anna Kreisling to come to Berlin. Three of the greatest pilots in the world were in that Bunker with Adolf Hitler. Hans Baur, Hannah Reitsch, and Anna Kreisling.
While Hitler was escaping, SS Col. Hans Kammler was delivering the greatest prize of the war,,,Die Glocke,,in a Junkers JU-390 at Wright Patterson Air Base.

Group Captain Malcolm Scott, 25.08.2021 05:02

Group Captain Malcolm Scott, Royal Air Force

On August 7th we awoke at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to find all the Americans were gone. Why? This left only 430 British, German and French military people to defend this airbase! We found out that President Biden without consulting his NATO allies, decided to pull everyone out without telling the rest of us! Outside in the countryside was more than 4,000 Taliban, who for the moment did not know this either!
Luckily we had 87 members of the French Foreign Legion who organized the Afghan Army, who numbered 326 chaps, who had not been paid in three months by the corrupt Afghan Government to fight with us.
The next day the Taliban found out that the Americans abandoned us, and they mounted a full assault. After six hours of fighting they pulled back with massive losses. We had eight helicopter gunships flown by British pilots and they showed no mercy to these Terrorists.
The French Foreign Legionaires killed hundreds of them and so did our German troops.
The next day came another assault and they captured part of the airbase, the hospital. 26 British, French and German Nurses were captured and raped by the Taliban.
All night we could hear their screams and wondered why President Biden would abandon us to the mercy of the Taliban!
Less than 250 of us were now alive, and we had no more fuel for our helicopters, low on ammo, almost without hope except the French. These soldiers were looking forward to killing more of these Taliban and they walked around smiling!
Let me tell you I am not that tough or brave! Suddenly the radio told us that three airships were coming in to pick us up! We went outside and three massive Russian Antonov Cargo planes landed. Other smaller disc like objects were overhead and the Taliban began to die screaming by the hundreds. Not by guns and bullets, but by high frequency Microwaves, which caused their eyes to explode and destroyed and fried their brains! I had never seen so many Taliban die so quickly! In the distance we could see Anna Kreisling walking towards us and directing us into the massive Cargo Jets. We flew out happy to be alive, and Anna came and congratulated us on holding out as long as we did. She gave each member of the French Foreign Legion a bottle of Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey and said they were magnificent soldiers! All of us toasted our good luck to be alive.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.08.2021 03:26

My heart really goes out to the people of Afghanistan. In 1938 Heinrich Himmler sent me on a mission to Tibet and Afghanistan to find the origins of the Master Race. Ernst Schafer the leader of this expedition was convinced that the Aryan Race began in Tibet. While I was in Afghanistan I was amazed at how the Children were so intelligent and kind, many with Green eyes from the genetic genes of Alexander the Great's Army.
This is why Joe Biden is such a racist scumbag. The people of Afghanistan are intelligent and are worth saving! The women and children of Afghanistan are worth saving! America used to stand for Freedom and Justice for all. Not the rich in New York city, but for all people!
Will Joe Biden abandon Europe? Taiwan? Hong Kong? The logic of Joe Biden is that California should be given to China so we won't make them angry! What a Loser and Coward he is. When he came to office he bragged about what a great leader he was going to be, but now the Marx Brothers or the THREE STOOGES can do a better job!

President Joe Biden USA, 12.08.2021 04:28

Well folks, just wanted to let you know that Bernie and me are in Sturgis for the Big Harley Davidson Cocaine and Strippers Rally! I came riding in on my Harley Wide Glide wearing a Silvery G-String and a Raccoon Skin Hat!! Bernie came riding in with me on his Vespa Scooter and dressed like the FLYING NUN,,SMOKING A HUGE HAVANA CIGAR!! The local girls started screaming when they saw my bony white wrinkled butt!! Man they thought I was Elvis!
This is what America is all about!! Riding your Harley, coming into towns with my Bro Bernie, and scaring the crap out of all the Republicans,,,man they see my Butt and they go to running!

Dr. Alex Buchanan YALE, 07.08.2021 09:39

Dear Dr. Larson UCLA,
During the war Hitler had five doubles that stood in for him from time to time. On August 25 and 26th 1943 Adolf Hitler was in Norway with the entire Nazi High Command to attend a party for Anna Kreisling and Hans Pancherz. This information was collected by British Intelligence who had agents at this party.
They describe Anna Kreisling at the party was adorned with a diamond white dress that was barely there, she was completely topless with a black mask and a German Eagle adorned on her head. She made her entrance with Hitler and Heinrich Himmler.
Inside this massive hangar was the Junkers JU-390 that was ready to fly to Canada, Michigan and then on to New York.
All of this was reported to London, which at the time was not believed by Winston Churchill and was never passed on to the Americans. Why? Because the British had sightings of Hitler at the Wolf's Lair and why would Hitler want to attend such a party??
The British Agents also reported on the take-off of the Junkers JU-390 using rockets to assist. But it was the pictures of Anna Kreisling that almost caused Winston Churchill to swallow his cigar! He yelled at MI6 that these agents in Norway were having to good of a time taking pictures of her gorgeous tanned butt, and what were they doing at this party??

President Xi Jinping CHINA, 23.07.2021 02:44

Dear President Joe Biden,
Your comments about President Trump, that all he did was work for the benefit of Russia is untrue. President Vladimir Putin of Russia talked with TRUMP for hours to arrest Anna Kreisling so he could bring her to Moscow in chains. But TRUMP said No,,,very firmly many times to him, why?? Because Anna Kreisling is an American Citizen and can not be arrested and handed over to the Russians! Also she knows so many of our National Secrets and as Flight Director at AREA 51,,she is protected by the CIA and the NSA. As you can see President TRUMP did not bow to Russian demands.
Dear President Joe Biden, we in CHINA want to help you with all the problems you are having with your newest Aircraft Carrier the U.S.S. Gerald FORD. $2 Billion Dollars over your budget and you can't get this ship sailing?? Have you Americans forgot hot to build an Aircraft Carrier?? We in CHINA are building 150 light attack Aircraft Carriers, with our new NAVY we are going to conquer the Phillipines, Vietnam, Hawaii, Japan and even Australia. Soon we will have the largest NAVY in the world,,,and you will still be working on your U.S.S. Gerald FORD!! What a bunch of losers you Yankee Dogs are! How do you like dem Apples Joe??

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 04.07.2021 20:19

Happy 4th of July, America!
My best wishes go out to our troops around the world. No nation has finer troops than the United States of America. The German Children during the Berlin Airlift received chocolates and food from the American Pilots and troops. In Afghanistan more than 375,000 children received food and medical attention. No other soldiers in the world do more for children than the American soldiers!
I have a lot to be thankful for, if I had been captured by the Russians in 1945 I would have been raped and brutally tortured to death. Instead soldiers from Patton's Tank Army captured me and put me to work pouring coffee and later helped me feed the children in Germany.
America has a great and proud history, you should never give up teaching about George Washington and our founding fathers. Do not listen to these Communist Leftist Morons who want to destroy and revise American History.
So get out there and celebrate, support your Police, take pride in the American Flag, salute it and cherish it. Pass on to your children American Values of Truth, justice and the American way of life. Take your children to church and teach them how to shoot. This way they will never let the Communists and Criminals take away their rights as Americans!

Dr. Karen Powers UCLA, 18.06.2021 03:22

To: President Vladimir Putin CCCP,

Recent UFO activity over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is pointing to the fact that these are not Alien Spacecraft. Recent documents given to Congress clearly shows that they are Nazi spacecraft developed at AREA 51.
On top of the mountains surrounding AREA 51 we have observed spacecraft coming into land at speeds over 4,000 m.p.h. this is after slowing down from 18,000 m.p.h. Most of these are unmanned spacecraft,,but sometimes human pilots emerge from these craft.
Further proof lies in the fact that Anna Kreisling is the Flight Director of AREA 51, a fact that every member of Congress knows, if they bother to read their Intelligence Reports, which 95% do not.
What really makes me mad is that all of Congress and the Senate and Joe Banana Head Biden care about are the size of Anna Kreisling's breasts and how great she looks naked.
They do not care about Nazi technical achievements or the fact that they are 75 years more advanced than anything NASA can build! They just want to see pictures of her beautiful Tits straining against a black lace bra!!
America has the dumbest leaders in the world! Donald Duck can do a better job than Donald Trump, and Joe Biden now has 24,786 children locked up in cages and he keeps saying that there is no crisis at the Border!!

President Vladimir Putin CCCP, 04.05.2021 01:09

Dear President Joe Biden USA,
So why did you bow to the Red Chinese demand that you remove the article,,The Most Dangerous Photo Recon Mission of World War II ???
I thought you said that America does not Censor or Remove articles??? Why do the Communist Chinese have so much power over you??
Anna Kreisling and 55,000 other Nazi's were brought to America in 1946 under Operation Paperclip. I have demanded that you arrest her and send her to Moscow for trial. But you refuse, but now you are censoring all articles about her?? Why?? Are you embarassed about your own history???

Dr. Alex Buchanan YALE, 25.03.2021 05:49

Here are Five Major points you should consider,
1. Virtually all the records of KG-200 were burned. Many of these records were burned by OSS and British agents. Why?? The biggest Secret of World War II was the co-operation between Himmler and the SS and OPERATION PAPERCLIP.
2. There is film footage of Anna Kreisling landing at Wright Patterson AFB in 1946 being greeted by Werner Von Braun.
3. There are over 878 pictures of German Nazi artifacts that have been found on Mars by NASA!
4. Why was Joseph Stalin obsessed about Operation Paperclip and the fact that Hitler was not found in Berlin!!
5. Finally, why did the United States develop two types of Atomic Bombs in World War II??? Look at the pictures of FAT BOY and the other Atomic Bomb dropped on Nagasaki,,completely different!! One of these Atomic Bombs was delivered to the USA from Nazi Germany as a gift from Heinrich Himmler. Why?? Again it goes back to OPERATION PAPERCLIP.

Chuck Nelson Las Vegas, 13.03.2021 09:07

Hello, if any of you want to see a full sized color picture of Anna Kreisling, get the latest brochure from CEASAR's PALACE!
She is photographed laying by the pool in an Orange Coral bikini with sea shells on her wrist, her skin is the most honey colored skin I have ever seen! Frost blonde hair, red lips, her breasts ,,,,WOW!! pushing up against the coral bikini top! This is a great picture,,,and she looks so relaxed. When Anna comes to CEASARS PALACE it is a very big deal.

Dr. Godfrey Epstein, London, 09.02.2021 07:37

When one reads Stalin's messages from World War II, you can tell how interested he was in the important people in the Third Reich. For instance Adolf Hitler was always referred to as THE GREY WOLF. Anna Kreisling was referred to as,,THE WHITE WOLF. Martin Bormann was referred to as ,,,The Black WOLF.
Why is this important?? Because it proves that these people existed and the Russian NKVD tried to keep tabs on these people. Remember that Stalin was enraged by OPERATION PAPERCLIP. When 55,000 Nazi's were brought to the United States to help America fight Communism and to go to the Moon.
Werner Von Braun especially requested the OSS to find Anna Kreisling and to bring her to the United States.
Many people in the USA are trying to destroy history, tearing down historical statues, telling everyone that Americans are racist dogs, but the truth is STALIN and the Communists were far worse.
The story of Operation PAPERCLIP is one of a great success! We acquired Rockets and Jet aircraft, and the greatest prize of all, the 55,000 Germans such as Werner Von Braun and Anna Kreisling.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 15.01.2021 08:08

At this time I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Ashli Babbitt. Ashli served 14 years in the United States Air Force and was a great American Patriot.
She was only 35 years of age and was very brave and courageous.
This is a sad time for our nation, CNN NEWS should stop calling Republicans and American Patriots,,,,Domestic Terrorists,,,they are not. They are brave Americans who are trying to save our nation. May God be with us during these sad times.

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 16.12.2020 04:24

A really great American has passed away, Chuck Yeager who was an Ace in World War II, and broke the sound barrier at Edwards AFB.
Both the Democrats and the Republicans should honor this great pilot instead of throwing cow manure at each other. This is why I fondly remember Germany in the 1930's. Adolf Hitler was a great leader who gave food and shelter to many starving Germans, he gave Germany hope again.
Every night when I listen to the Democrats and Republicans I ask myself,,," Are these people Americans??" They care nothing for the American People. Example when I travel into Los Angeles there are over 100,000 homeless people, many women and children, that are not being fed or cared for!! Hitler would never allow so many German Women and children to go hungry! This is a sign of a Great Leader, a man who cares for the dignity of his people.
This Christmas let us celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us remember that God Duty and Honor means that we love each other and care for each other.
May God bless all of you this Christmas!
Anna Kreisling KG-200

Anna Kreisling KG-200, 19.11.2020 05:26

I would like to thank CEASAR'S PALACE for making my 100th Birthday so memorable.
I also want to thank all the really wonderful people around the world who have blessed me with their friendship.
Remember if you want information about the Junkers JU-390, please read from the writings of Simon Gunson from New Zealand and Robert Arndt Jr.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 05:58

It first flew on October 20, 1943.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 03:51

Only the first prototype was built and flown, while the second (intended as the prototype of the Ju 390B ocean reconnaissance aircraft) was not completed. The Ju 390 was actually about as big as TB-4 prototype heavy bomber.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 03:45

The claim about a Ju 390 flying within 12 miles of New York to test the Ju 390's capability to hit Manhattan is false; the only Ju 390 version designed for air raids on Manhattan was the Ju 390C.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 01:09

The claim about the Ju 390 making a test flight to within 12 miles of New York has been debunked (Griehl 2006).

Griehl, Manfred, 2006. Luftwaffe over America: The Secret Plans to Bomb the United States in World War II. London: Greenhill Books. ISBN 978-0-7607-8697-0.

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 01:05

The Ju 390 wasn't yet built when the Allies were fighting the Nazis in North Africa. The rear fuselage of the plane in the photograph that you state is from 1942 doesn't seem to be as stretched as that of the first Ju 390 prototype. After all, Kossler and Ott (1993) state that the fuselage of Ju 390 V2 was several feet longer than the first Ju 390 prototype.

Kössler, Karl and Günther Ott, 1993. Die großen Dessauer: Junkers Ju 89, Ju 90, Ju 290, Ju 390 – Die Geschichte einer Flugzeugfamilie (in German). Berlin: Aviatik-Verlag. ISBN 3-925505-25-3.

Dr. Hans Ziegler, BERLIN, e-mail, 06.05.2016 05:45

Dear Christopher Shores,
Does anyone out there know what happened to Robert Arndt Jr.?? Most of our research backs up what Robert Arndt was saying about the Junkers JU-390.
First we have pictures of a Junkers JU-390 flying supplies to the Afrika Korp in 1942. This picture was taken by British Naval Intelligence.
Next we have the complete diagram of the RECON Junkers JU-390 that flew over New York on August 28th, 1943. It clearly states that it was designed for a four man crew, with eight huge fuel cells in the fuselage, this aircraft could stay airborne for 33 hours.
Again I am hoping that Robert Arndt is alive and doing well.

Jack Hudson, London, 07.01.2014 07:02

We now have photographic proof of a Junkers JU-390 flying supplies to North Africa in 1942. The white bands of the Afrika Korp are clearly seen and the photograph is from 1942. So this concept that the Junkers JU-390 first flew in October of 1943 is not true.

Kenneth Westerly, Detroit, 29.08.2013 19:10

I have just finished building a 1/72nd Junkers JU-290 Tanker Aircraft. A very beautiful and large airplane! Also a Junkers JU-390 Six engined Recon Aircraft which I have flying underneath it ready to take on more fuel for its flight over Canada and Michigan. Incredible and simple operation, yet very daring! There is no doubt among current KC-135 Tanker pilots that this refueling was done over Iceland before the Germans flew into Canada. All of our current B-2 Stealth Bombers would refuel over Greenland before penetrating Soviet Airspace! Also in 1943 there was no radar in Canada and Michigan that was in operation! No one in Washington D.C. thought that such a flight was possible! Just like they thought the Japanese were Never going to attack PEARL HARBOR. I do agree with Professor Barnhardt that this flight over New York caused President Roosevelt to reach an agreement with Hitler, that no Atomic Bombs would be dropped on Berlin or anywhere in Europe!

Prof. Spate Jones USC TROJANS, 30.07.2013 19:18

The Junkers JU-390 by 1945 was an obsolete aircraft. If you look at the 3 Mile Runways that were built in Norway in 1943 and 1944 you would understand that the SANGER ORBITAL NUCLEAR BOMBER was what the Nazi's were preparing for their attacks on America. The V-9 and V-12 Rockets would also carry Nuclear Warheads. However the most deadliest weapon in the NAZI Arsenal was DIE GLOCKE. Why? Think about it. If you are able to go through Time and to see the future, you can control the future. Also DIE GLOCKE allowed you to go from one Dimension to another. and lastly Gravity had no control or influence on this machine. This is why KG-200 had several of these machines installed in their aircraft.

Editor Peter Graves New York, 13.06.2013 17:05

Many historians here in New York have found some great evidence that the Junkers JU-390 Flight over New York can be verified.
1. At Noon on August 28th 1943, AIR RAID Sirens went off in New York and lasted for 45 minutes! The authorities said it was just a test, but now we know it was because a Six-Engined Junkers JU-390 was sighted over the Empire State Building flying at 8,000 feet!
2. Four phone calls reached the NEW YORK TIMES telling them that a German Bomber had been sighted over Michigan by two AT-6 Training Squadrons. Other phone calls came in and said that the Luftwaffe plane was heading to NEW YORK!
3. The German Navy was alerted on August 28th 1943 to be ready to rescue a large Luftwaffe aircraft approaching the coast of France. That this alert lasted eight hours.
4. We have the names of 16 Civilians who had their Kodak Cameras taken away after they reported that they had taken a picture of a New Army Air Corp Bomber with six engines! For six months the FBI and the OSS confiscated all cameras that were rumored to have taken pictures of the Junkers JU-390.
5. President Roosevelt sent an envoy to South Africa to meet with a Top Nazi Official to sign an agreement that the Atomic Bomb would not be used on Berlin or any German city. That Hitler was expected to honor this agreement and not target London, Moscow, or New York with any Atomic Bomb.

Mark, 21.09.2012 14:38

Only 2 have build and is too big as b-29

Col. Scott Thompson U.S.A.F., 29.11.2011 07:59

We now know that a Junkers JU-290 Tanker, refueled the JU-390 north of Iceland on Aug. 27th 1943. Then the Recon JU-390 penetrated Canadian airspace. In 1943 no one dreamed a German plane would fly such a dangerous long range mission, and there was no radar this far north in Canada and even across Michigan. Indeed the most dangerous part of this flight was Noon on Aug.28, when it passed over New York. Then we have another report that a JU-290 Tanker from the Portugese Azores refueled the JU-390 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as it headed home. Today in 2011 we do this all the time, but in 1943 the Germans were very carefully planning such a mission.

luiz carlos guimares camach, e-mail, 05.11.2011 14:04

I need to see the wepaons used and the radar on ju 390 and diffrent camouflages on this so beautiful warplane !

Steven, e-mail, 07.07.2011 05:02

What the hell is going on here? A retired nazi pilot,a USAF Colonel,A KGB guy,Joe Biden,A japanese person working on the now melted reactor {I hope you guys make it},someone from the CAF,Some guy probably from London, MSNBC News, and a guy called BIG TONY who runs a casino. cool but WTF is going on here!?

Ben Beekman, e-mail, 27.02.2011 21:27

In David Mondey's book, "Axis Aircraft of World War II" (Smithmark Publishers, East 32nd St. NY), he states that two six-engined Ju 390 prototypes were built and flown in 1943. The second one took off from Bordeaux, France, on a test flight and flew to within about 12 miles (19 km) of the U.S. coast north of New York before returning. It was proof that the specification for a bomber capable of attacking New York from European bases might well be met, but the scheme did not proceed any further due to more important problems confronting the Reich. The epic flight of the Ju 390 doesn't seem so far-fetched when we recall that other armed German aircraft such as the Fw 200 Condor and the Ju 290 were and had been ranging far out over the Atlantic on maritime reconaissance patrols for years. It was only a matter of time before someone would send a new, longer-ranged, prototype all the way across as a test. Historically, Junkers had been trying to get Deutsche Lufthansa interested in the four-engined version of the Ju 90 since 1937 as 38/40 seat airliners. Both Lufthansa and South African Airways eventually placed orders but the Luftwaffe stepped in and took over when the war began and the aircraft designation was changed to Ju 290 to reflect modifications necessary for use by the military.

david, e-mail, 09.04.2009 05:24

My grandfather marcel was captured by the germans in romania and was one of the few captured aerospace engineers the luftwaffe used in the junkers 390 program. this spared him from the death camps as he was sent to work refitting the aircraft bomb bay to acomadate a new german device. All he knew of the device he said he learned by overhearing the project forman mention its name. "die Glocke"

Simon Gunson, e-mail, 25.09.2008 06:10

Long after the war in 1968 Ju-390 project pilot Hans Pancherz who lived after the war in Barcelona, gave an interview about the Ju-390 and produced evidence from diaries and log books to substantiate a test flight he made to Cape Town and back.

In his post war memoirs Reichs armament's Minister Albert Speer wrote of a Ju-390 flight to Tokyo "via the polar route."

U-234 radio operator Wolgang Hirschfeld also referred to the Ju-390 flight to Tokyo in a book which he published in 2007. The U-234 was outbound for Japan in march 1945 when it collided underwater with another u-boat surfacing from beneath her. She put in to Kristiansand. There was a 72 ton discrepancy in her cargo manifest leaving Kiel and her unloading manifest at Portsmouth New Hampshire in 1945. Some of her cargo appears to have been flown to Japan.

A Russian website owned by Sergey Platov mentions a supposed Ju-390 flight to Japan on 28 february 1945 to deliver plans for Japanese construction of the Ju-390A series. Platov's site also claims a Japanese defence attache by the name Maj General Otani was also aboard the flight. I have found no other historic reference to Otani, but several Princes of the Japanese Royal Family masqueraded in the Japanese military under false names and ranks.

Prince Takeda for example was Lt Col. Miyata in Unit 731 and Prince Chichuba appears to have been Captain Wakabayashi.

In 1998 Polish wartime records were declassified and author Igor Witowski found file references at Berlin document centre and in Poland to the Ju-390 evacuating the Bell. device from Silesia to Norway. Witowski also found previously classified details of a Polish diplomat who witnessed the second Ju-390 being broken up on a German owned ranch at Psandayu Province in Uruguay, May 1945.

It appears that Pancherz's testimony after the war that only one Ju-390 ever flew was an effort to conceal the evacuation to Argentina of the Bell device.

There is considerable evidence however that after the Ju-390V1 was abandoned derelict at Dessau in November 1944 (and later destroyed in an air raid) that another Ju-390 was kept flying.

Colin, e-mail, 03.08.2008 17:30

I Study And The 390 is My Favroite Of All Planes In World war 2.

Gregory Ryder, e-mail, 07.07.2008 03:53

Ju390 is the aircraft used in 1945 to spirit away the super high tech secret project known as "The Bell" from its bunker. Apparently the Ju 390 and "The Bell" disappeared. This according to the book "The SS Brotherhood of The Bell" by Farell,available from "Military Issue" item #M103260. I think that this is more intriguing than the alleged recon of USA. inasmuchas there was also another bomber intended for the mission against USA., the Messerschmitt Me264 "Amerikabomber" with 4 engines. A model of this in 1/72 scale is available from "Historic Aviation" as item #96030D.

Simon Gunson, e-mail, 10.03.2008 10:24

Try this where I am involved in a lively debate on the topic:

Patrick O'Donnell, e-mail, 07.03.2008 17:32

I am very intrigued about the transatlantic Luftwaffe flight that was over American soil. I have yet to see proof that this really occurred, however. Does anyone have a link or a reference, to shed a little more light on the subject?

Simon Gunson, e-mail, 20.02.2008 06:38

Bradley, Albert Speer in his book "Inside the Third Reich" wrote about a flight to Tokyo "via the polar route." Later Dr. Wilhem Voss (Kammlerstab Prague) told British journalist Tom Agoston that the Ju-390 flew to Tokyo 28 March 1945. James is in fact referring to three Ju-290s flown in Deutsch Luft hansa markings, but registered:
KR+LP as T9+WK (lost over Russia)
KR+LM as T9+UK
KR+LN as T9+VK (lost over Russia)

Simon Gunson, e-mail, 20.02.2008 06:30

You guys may be interested to read some of my research about how the second Ju-390 ended up being dismantled on an airstrip in Uraguay: http://www.lwag.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3372

Also I can't seem to use the email links here but am equally interested in the Norway-Michigan-France flight.

What was the original source for this please ?

Herbert C Schneider, e-mail, 09.11.2007 21:11

The story of the transatlantic recon flight over Michigan and near New York City is very interesting, particularly because, as of the 1943 operational date, the United States and Germany had already been at war for over a year. It's hard to imagine that such a large and unique aircraft - nothing like it was in the United States' inventory - flying for hours at a ceiling of only 20,000 feet over heavily-populated areas, would not have been spotted by someone.

STEVEN, e-mail, 29.04.2007 15:20


James Newsom, e-mail, 08.03.2007 02:00

Six more Ju-390's were built in secret. They flew from Odessa to Japanese bases in China. Anna Kreisling a neighbor of mine was a co-pilot on the longest Recon flight of World War II. She took off from Bergen, Norway and overflew Michigan and New York City before landing at a Luftwaffe base in France.

Bradley Pierstorff, e-mail, 18.01.2007 04:12

This is my favorite German bomber of Wourld War 2!

P.S.If you know anything about it's first flight on the Eastren Front let me know.

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