North American XB-21


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North American XB-21

Similar in appearance to the Douglas B-18 Bolo, but intended to achieve significantly improved performance, the North American NA-21 bomber was developed at the company's Inglewood, California plant during 1935-3, the prototype being completed in March 1937. Powered by two 895kW Pratt & Whitney R-218.0 Twin Hornet engines with F-10 turbo-superchargers, the XB-21 carried a six-man crew and armament comprised single 7.62mm machine-guns in nose and dorsal turrets, plus a similar weapon in each of the ventral and two waist positions. Short-range bomb load was 4536kg, reducing to 998kg over 3058km.

Only the prototype was built.

North American XB-21A three-view drawing (574 x 745)

  Take-off weight18144 kg40001 lb
  Wingspan28.96 m95 ft 0 in
  Max. speed354 km/h220 mph

North American XB-21

Klaatu, e-mail, 09.05.2011 20:54

The principal reason why the Air Corps ordered the Douglas B-18 "Bolo" in preference to this airplane was because the B-18 was less expensive to buy.


Emerson Watson, e-mail, 28.09.2010 20:34

Wright Aero. had an XB-21 with two 3350 engines.


Francis Maigné, e-mail, 23.12.2009 00:02

B 21 (X)
NA 21: Bimoteur de bombardement moyen, multiplace en postes fermés, équipage de 6 membres, monoplan voilure médiane mi-basse cantilever, monodérive, empennage horizontal classique cantilever, train d'atterrissage escamotable, le train principal se re levant vers l'arrière dans les fuseaux moteurs, roulette de queue non rétractable. Construction entièrement métallique. 2 moteurs
tractifs de 18 cylindres en double étoile Pratt & Whitney R 2180 Twin Hornet de 2 x 1200 cv, (2400 cv), hélices tripa les métalliques à pas variable, E: 28,96m, Ptc: 18144 Kg, P /p: 7,560 Kg /cv, Vm: 354 Kmh, Auto: 3060 Km, 1 mt de 7,62 mm dans 1 tourelle dorsale, 1 dans une tourelle avant, postes de tir latéraux et ventral, 4535 Kg de bombes sur courte distance. 1939, 1 prototype.


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