Consolidated Model 16 Commodore / XPY-1


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Consolidated Model 16 Commodore / XPY-1

The Commodore twin-engined flying boat failed to gain military orders in the form of XPY-1. A total of 14, however, were ordered for commercial use. This was fortuitous, as the Commodore design is recognized as the basis for the important and famous PBY-5 Catalina. The Commodores were ordered by a US-owned South American-based airline called NYRBA which challenged Pan American's regional dominance and was later leveraged to sell its assets to Pan Am (circa 1930). Subsequently Pan Am went on to operate Commodores up to and through World War II, and some machines had short careers with successor operators.

Robert Jackson "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft", 2004

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 MODELModel 16-1 Commodore
 ENGINE2 x 575hp Pratt & Whitney R-1860 Hornet radial piston engines
  Take-off weight7983 kg17600 lb
  Wingspan30.48 m100 ft 0 in
  Length18.80 m62 ft 8 in
  Height4.76 m16 ft 7 in
  Max. speed206 km/h128 mph
  Ceiling3430 m11250 ft
  Range1609 km1000 miles

chris weicht, e-mail, 11.07.2015 21:00

In response to Jerome Butsko. Commodore NC664M was flown north to Fort St James, British Columbia and refueled (I have photo) then to Takla Lake, B.C. where the aircraft caught fire and burned at the former PAA facility.


Klaatu83, e-mail, 18.02.2013 16:14

"...a US-owned South American-based airline called NYRBA..."

The letters "NYRBA" stood for "New York-Rio(de Janeiro)-Buenos Aires". The Air Line was subsequently taken over by Pan Am, which continued to operate these Commodore airliners for several years thereafter.


Jerome Butsko, e-mail, 24.03.2012 23:21

I am researching Commodore NC664M, sold by PAA to Chamberlin Air in 1937and later(1943) to Alaska Star Any info on this history?


Robert L. Willett, e-mail, 25.02.2010 03:37

China National Aviation Corporation received two Commodores when Pan Am gave up on its Philippine routes, but they saw limited service. They were used extensively in the evacuation of Hankow when the Japanese were on the move west.


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