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Percival Gull Six

The Gull Six was a development of the racing light aircraft designs begun with Percival's D.1 Gull, retaining a fixed undercarriage and the low folding wings of the Gull Four. The Gull Six dates from Percival's move to its own factory at Gravesend and continued production at Luton in 1936. The Gull Six is famously associated with two pioneering women flyers. Amy Johnson recaptured the solo London-Cape Town (and back) record in a Gull Six (her last major event) and New Zealander Jean Batten was also to create a number of notable records in her Gull Six, and E.W. Percival himself was not averse to demonstrating the type's combination of speed and 3200km range.

 ENGINE1 x 200hp Gipsy Six piston engine
  Take-off weight1111 kg2449 lb
  Wingspan11.03 m36 ft 2 in
  Length7.54 m25 ft 9 in
  Cruise speed257 km/h160 mph
  Ceiling4270 m14000 ft
  Range1030 km640 miles

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