Percival Gull Four


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Percival Gull Four

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Barry, 01.12.2015 17:11

Designed by Edgar Percival, the Gull Four prototype was manufactured by the British Aeroplane Company at Maidstone Kent and the first 24 production machines by Parnall Aircraft at Yate Glos. By 1934 Percival had opened up a production facility at Gravesend where the remainder were manufactured. The Gull was manufactured in many marks using different engines all of which tended to be four cylinder inverted in line air cooled models.

Gull 4 D2
Engine : Cirrus Hermes 4 cylinder 130 h.p.
Span 36'2" Length 24'9" Height 7'4" Empty Weight 1.170 lb
Gross Weight 2,055 lb
Max Speed 145 mph Cruising Speed 125 mph Range 700 miles


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