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Agusta A.104

Light 2-seat all-metal helicopter developed from A.103 with single stabilised rotor, skid u/c and powered by one 120hp Agusta MV-A120 piston engine. First of two Prots. I-AGUM FF Dec. 1960.

  • A.104BT - A.104 with 270shp Agusta A.270 turboshaft engine. One built.

R.Simpson "Airlife's Helicopter and Rotorcraft", 1998

Agusta A.104

After the A.102, Agusta tackled other original designs and at the beginning of the sixties, the single-seat A.103 and two-seat A.104 were produced by the Cascina Costa works with a powerplant which was also original - the 140hp Agusta 1MV.

G.Apostolo "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Helicopters", 1984

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First of two Prots. I-AGUM FF Dec. 1960.

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