Vultee entered aircraft manufacturing in mid-1930s, having formed in 1932 the Airplane Development Corporation, which two years later was acquired by the Aviation Manufacturing Corporation. A Vultee Aircraft Division of the latter company was formed in 1936, becoming Vultee Aircraft Inc. when it acquired the parent corporation's assets in 1939. First product was the V-1 eight-passenger monoplane, but became better known for its military aircraft, of which most notable were the V-11 two/three-seat attack monoplane, built for Brazil, China, and Turkey, and a license sold to the USSR; the improved V-12 for China; more than 11,000 BT-13/BT-15 and SNV Valiant two-seat basic trainers for the USAAF and USN between 1940 and 1944; V- 48 Vanguard single-seat fighters for China and USAAF: and V-72 Vengeance dive-bombers for the RAF, USAAF and Brazil between 1941 -1942. Vultee purchased the Stinson Aircraft Division of the Aviation Manufacturing Corporation in 1940, producing Stinson Model 74s for the USAAF as L-1 Vigilant during Second World War. In December 1941 Vultee bought a 34 percent controlling interest in another subsidiary of The Aviation Corporation, Consolidated Aircraft Inc, with which it merged in 1943 to form the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation.

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