Current name (since 1995) for constructor of Mikoyan aircraft, comprising MAPO production factory and ANPK "MiG"named after A.I. Mikoyan Aviation Scientific-Production Complex (see Mikoyan & Gurevich entry). Part of larger MIG "MAPO-M"organization (see MIG "MAPO"). Currently producing MiG-21 upgrade as MiG-21 -93, MiG-29 Fulcrum lightweight close-air-combat fighter (first flown October 1977 and over 1,500 built, serving since 1983), improved MiG-29M (first flown April 1986) and MiG-33 export version, MiG-29K shipborne fighter prototype (first flown July 1988, first landing on aircraft carrier Admiral KuznetsovNovember 1989, and development restarted in 1996 after earlier program halt), MiG-35 multirole fighter (first flight 1999?), MiG 1-44 uniquely configured newgeneration combat aircraft (first seen February 1999), and MiG-AT/UTS/AC series of advanced and combat trainers. MiG-301/321 are reported hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft, thought to be under development. Also developing MiG-110 light multipurpose transport and MiG-115 and MiG-125 transports.

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