A division of the U.S. War Department, created in 1918. Responsible for U.S developments of de Havilland designs, and 14,000 were ordered, though not delivered. Division also experimented with other types of original design. In 1920 it completed its most remarkable product, the GAX (GA-1) very large heavily armoured pusher triplane (one 37mm cannon and eight Lewis guns), of which Boeing built ten. Also made TP-1 two-seat fighter and TW-1 trainer, but a special racer was canceled. The Bureau was later called Engineering Division, Air Service; subsequently Material Division Air Corps (1926). Moved from McCook Field (where GAX was built) to Wright Field October 1927. Numerous types and variants had associations with the Engineering Division, including Pomilio, Bristol Fighter, and Packard-LePere developments. Also VCP-1 single-seat fighter, which won first Pulitzer Race (1920).

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