Formed as part of Hawker Siddeley Group after acquiring Victory Aircraft Ltd. (Crown-owned) in July 1945. In 1946 Group took over Turbo-Research Ltd. Technical innovations brought company brief world fame. Built C-102 Jetliner, first jet transport on American continent, in 1949, though no sales followed. CF-100 was world's first straight-wing combat aircraft to exceed Mach 1 (in a dive, 18 December 1952). Type first flown January 1950 and developed as two-seat all-weather interceptor through five marks. About 700 built, serving in Canada and Europe and supplied to Belgian Air Force. Was to have been followed in production by CF-105 Arrow, with delta wing. First Arrow completed October 1957 and flew 1958; but project, February 1959 after expenditure of about $400 million. The Arrow was a victim of the widespread belief that the interceptor role could best be performed by a missile. Three years later Canada had to buy McDonnell F-101 Voodoo fighters from the USA. Also experimented with three-engined lift-fan Avrocar.

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