Claude Piel produced a series of light aircraft from the early 1950s, most famous of which was the Emeraude two-seater with, in its original CP.30 form, a 65 hp Continental engine. Hundreds of Emeraudes of varying types were built under license by companies in a number of countries. This company (instead of original Piel Aviation SA) continues to market Piel aircraft in plans form, including single-seat CP.80 Zef racing monoplane, CP.90 Pinocchio single-seat monoplane (single-seat variant of Emeraude), CP.328 Super Emeraude (also has been commercially built), CP.402 Donald single-seat high-wing cabin monoplane (first flown 1953), CP.605 Diamant three/fourseat cabin monoplane (first flown 1964 in CP.604 prototype form) and is certificated for commercial production, CP.751 Beryl tandem two-seat monoplane, and CP.1320 Saphir three-seat monoplane.

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