Automobil and Aviatik AG. was founded in 1910. An Aviatik biplane crashed as early as June that year, but company named as above in 1911. Made French Farman biplanes and Hanriot monoplanes, but developed original types also. On outbreak of war in 1914 transferred works from Mulhausen, Alsace, to Freiburgim-Breisgau. Developed B.I reconnaissance aircraft from earlier Pi 5. Although unarmed, B I was used operationally. C.I-C.III series (1915 onwards) were armed, and reversed earlier pilot-at-back arrangement. C.III used for bombing also. Company also made a few twin-engined Gotha bombers before working on larger R types. Designed postwar civil aircraft, but activities ceased 1919, and a new company formed to take over the concern, which went into liquidation.

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