Aeronautica Ansaido SA established late in First World War by engineering and shipbuilding firm of Gio. Ansaido (formed 1896). After the war a separate company was formed, Societa Aninima Aeronautica, Turin, though title was variously rendered. Ansaido achieved aeronautical eminence in 1917 by providing a single-seat fighter of original Italian design (Italy having previously used French types). Aircraft was A-1 Balilla. About 150 built; others, license-built in Poland, served well into 1920s. S.V.A.5 was also a fighter, though more notable for fast reconnaissance flights and record-breaking, which had Warrentruss wing bracing, later a characteristic of Fiat biplanes. Before Ansaido merged completely with Fiat, in 1925, company built A.300 two/three-seat multipurpose biplane, extensively produced and used. Hydrofoils fitted to a seaplane development of S.V.A.5 presaged later developments in UK and USA. Initials S.V. signified Savoia Verducci. Ansaldo/Fiat links were implicit in name Rosatelli. Pomilio name also linked by 1918 takeover.

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