Avions Amiot products were known formerly by SECM prefix, latterly as SECM-Amiot or generally, Amiot, after founder Felix Amiot. Amalgamated 1929 with Avions Latham.
Amiot 143
Amiot 101 of late 1920s was monoplane fighter; Amiot 122 was three-seat single-engined bomber, of which about 20 built by 1934. Type served with French Air Force and in Brazil. Firm later concentrated on large all-metal multi-engined aircraft, using light-metal stampings, though well before 1940
Amiot 350 / 351 / 354
introduced stressed-skin construction. In the 1930s works at Colombes and Caudebec were reconditioning several types of metal aircraft for French Government. Changes in structural techniques were matched by aerodynamic advances; thus Amiot 143, widely used by French Air Force in 1930s, attained less than 320km/h, whereas Amiot 350 series of 1940 were about 160km/h faster. As Avions, Amiot remained part of France's 'independent' industry.

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