Aeronautica Industrial SA, engaged from 1923 on aircraft manufacture, repair, and maintenance. In 1927 built some of earliest Cierva Autogiros, a type originated in Spain. H.M.1 and 5 trainers and H.M.9 glider tug built 1943; H.M.3 seaplane and H.M.7 cabin monoplane 1947; took over Aircraft Department of Iberavia SA (including helicopter designs); flew I-11 1953; built AVD-12 high-wing all-metal monoplane to designs of Emile Dewoitine mid- 1950s. Tandem-seat trainer I-115 went into production for Spanish Air Force at same period, also I-11B tourer/trainer. Repair work has embraced several modern types of helicopter, while fixed-wing production continued with Italian-designed Siai-Marchetti four-seater. Rotarywing work continued with AISA Autogyro GN, having jump take-off capability.

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