Founded 1958. Produces low-wing agricultural monoplanes developed from Snow S-2B, designed in the 1950s. Founder Leland Snow became Air Tractor president. Has built more than 1,650 Air Tractors, with radial pistonengined AT-401B (can be converted to turboprop power), turboprop-powered AT-402A (available since 1997), higher-powered AT-402B with 680 shp engine, heavier and 1,100 shp turboprop-engined AT-502A, 680 shp AT- 502B, AT-503A two-seater for agricultural work and training, AT-602 with 1,050 shp engine and the second largest Air Tractor model, AT-802 two-seater and the largest of all Air Tractors suited to agricultural and firefighting roles (first flown 1990), and AT-802 single-seat verson, available for purchase.

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