Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (current Chinese name Han Hsiang Aerospace Industry Co Ltd.), established March 1,1969 under auspices of Ministry of National Defense (reorganized 1996 under Ministry of Economic Affairs; to be privatized 1999?), in succession to Bureau of Aircraft Industry (set up in Nanking in 1946, moved to Taiwan 1948). In 1968 a branch of the Bureau built the first Chinese-constructed PL-1B, a version of the US Pazmany PL-1. In 1969 AIDC began production of Bell helicopters for Chinese
AIDC Ching-Kuo
Nationalist Army. Later undertook production of US Northrop F-5 Tiger II tactical fighter. Developed T-CH-1 turboprop trainer (flown November 1973; 50 production aircraft built) and AT-3 Tzu-Chiang advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft (first flown September 1980; 62 built 1977-1989, with upgrades thereafter). Has developed and is producing the Ching-Kuo indigenous defense fighter, which first flew in May 1989 and achieved initial operational capability in 1995 (to replace Starfighters and Tiger Us). Produces components for the F-16 fighter, and since 1995 has also been involved in non-military programs, including becoming a partner with Aero Vodochody of the Czech Republic in the Ibis Aerospace company (q.v.), and produces components for the Boeing 717, Falcon 900, and 200 bizjets, Sikorsky S-92 helicopter, plus engines.

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