Founded in Prague 1919. Owned originally by a lawyer, this company made accessories as well as building aircraft. Built copies of Austrian Phonix (Brandenburg) biplanes, but later developed own designs. A-11 and A- 30, both international record-breakers, were two-seat reconnaissance biplanes of 1920s and 1930s; A-34 was a light two-seater; A-35 a four-passenger monoplane; A- 38 a nine-seat cabin biplane. By early 1930s company was making A100 two-seat multipurpose aircraft and A102 fighter. Aero M.B.200 was French Marcel Bloch bomber, license-built, and partly subcontracted to Avia; Aero 204 was eight-passenger civil monoplane; a military development of this aircraft was designated Aero 304. A fast medium bomber was tested in 1938, but war prevented its production.

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