Aeroprogress was founded in 1990. The Aviation Department of the Khrunichev State Space Research Center is affiliated to Aeroprogress and has been responsible for designing several light aircraft. Also associated is Washington Aeroprogress in the USA. Aeroprogress offers the T-101 Gratch 10-seat civil/military STOL transport (first flown 1994), Aeroprogress/Khrunichev T-411 Aist and T-421 five-seat STOL multipurpose lightplane (first flown 1993), T-417 Pegas hot-and-high braced high-wing lightplane for Peru, T-420 Strizh twin-engined light aircraft with twin tail booms and an upward-lifting rear cabin door for cargo carrying, T-430 Sprinter business twin,T-440 Mercury twin-turboprop business aircraft, and other types.

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