Incorporated November 1928 at Cincinnati, Ohio. Famous for Aeronca series of high-wing wire-braced monoplanes. These had two-cylinder engines of Aeronca design, or those of other manufacturers and, despite low power, these aircraft were sometimes fitted with Edo floats. Original landplane model had empty weight of only 398 lb(180 kg). C-2 and C-3 series well known in 1930s, and C-2 held many class records. Refinement of C-3 continued through early 1930s. Also built low-wing cantilever type Model L, or C-70 from 1935. Flight of 10,000 miles(16,093 km) in early-model Aeronca (Peterborough, England to Johannesburg, South Africa in 130-hr flying time) proved dependability of very light aircraft and supported company claim to have built and marketed first airplane of this class in USA. Name Aeronca also used for strutbraced Scout and Chief series of high-wing monoplanes of the 1930s.

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