Followed Aerodynamics and Structures Inc. in the development of the Jetcruzer business and multipurpose aircraft, featuring composites-built fuselage, rear-mounted metal wings with winglets, metal canards, and rearmounted turboprop engine with pusher propeller. Original unpressurised Jetcruzer-450 prototype first flew January 1989, followed by first to production standard September 1992, with certification June 1994. Jetcruzer-450 not put into production but followed by lengthened Jetcruzer-500 for six persons; first flown August 1997 and to be pressurised in production form (deliveries starting 1999). Stratocruzer- 1250 is 13-seat intercontinental business jet, with basically similar layout except for swept canards, addition of fin and high-mounted tailplane, and use of twin turbofan engines; prototype not flown by 1998.

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