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How be gelikopternomu screws, Yuryev already knew - large-diameter with narrow lobes. A machine itself? Mnogovintovoy like predecessors? No, from an analysis of student projects, it was clear that the transmission from the engine to the propellers would be too heavy, a lot of weight and complex spatial farm, serves as support for a load and transfer system.

It seemed that the simpler and easier one - the only screw waved through lowering the speed gearbox. Alas, the students are well aware of mechanics, that moment will make a huge jet rotate himself corpus gelikoptera in reverse.

Yuryev found out in a scheme with additional steering screws located at the ends of the transverse farms right and the left of bearing screw. Continuing to create a turning cravings ago, another - ahead. Step screws, the angle of their blades installed changed, and the pilot could easily balance the machine, to deploy its right or left. If, however, forcing both screw pull ahead (of course, with varying force - for the moment parirovaniya jet carrying bolt), the problem is solved horizontal flight. For the transverse and longitudinal management Yur'ev provided on the case deflectors situation in which jet changed itself from a screw driver.

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