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Yakovlev Zhavoronok

This DPLA, named Skylark, is a VTOL autogyro derivative of Shmel-I. It is planned in two versions, Zhavoronok-I powered by a P-032 engine as before, and Zhavoronok-ll with a larger rotor and heavier payload made possible by fitting the Voronezh-built 54hp M-18 engine. This programme is a commercial venture by Yakovlev in partnership with NII Zelenograd, a specialist in microelectronics and instruments on the Moscow outskirts. To develop and market DPLA systems they have formed a joint 'scientific-production organization', NPO AVIKS.

The original wing is replaced by a pylon and two-blade rotor, which is powered for VTOL but freewheels in flight. The four sprung legs are joined to form ski landing gear. The entire kompleks would be vehicle-mounted, with a crew of three or four. The air vehicle is designed to make up to 300 flights by day or night in ambient temperatures from -40° to +50°C, carrying any of the previous sensors, including Elint, atmospheric sampling and spectral analysis over wave lengths of 0.43-12.5mm. Resolution would be 0.3-3.0m and maximum lateral navigation error 5m. A mock-up was exhibited at the Moscow aero show in 1992.

Bill Gunston & Yefim Gordon "Yakovlev Aircraft since 1924", 1997

Technical data for Zhavoronok-I

Rotor diameter: 4.2m, rotor diameter, Zh-II: 4.7m, fuel: 18kg, payload, Zh-I: 15kg, payload, Zh-II: 40kg, take-off weight: 130kg, operating speed: 30-100km/h, operating height: 5-2000m, range: 80km, flight duration: 2h

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