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Ward helicopter project

Other American inventors during this era who sought to solve the problem of mechanical flight by means of the helicopter, included John Ward of California, who obtained a patent on his contrivance in 1876. With its multiplicity of tubes, gears, and whirling propellers. Ward's aircraft resembled most closely a flying pipe organ.

Frank Ross Jr. "Flying Windmills", 1953

jack, e-mail, 07.04.2008reply

hahaha it looks like a bath tub!

Carl A. Helsing, e-mail, 07.03.2007reply

To put it simply,it resembles a toy flyheel inertia powered milk truck I had around 1950.The two little fans on this item are probably for separate whistle tones.It would seem anytime the "system" scans a fan image,the object to which it is attached is at least suspected of being capable of flight.The fantastic frantic fan finder.Which reminds me,I later had a little gadget with a helical plunger that set in motion a 4 blade propeller with a ring around the blade tips.I once had to retrieve it from a small barn roof.How simple "parts" of"real" things become plastic toys.(note:argue with the automaton)

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