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Sud-Est SE-3110

This helicopter still relied on the twin-tail rotor system used in the experimental SE.3101, which acted against torque and for directional and longitudinal control.

P.Lambermont "Helicopters and Autogyros of the World", 1958

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Another experimental helicopter derived from the SE.3101 a year later, which had a double anti-torque rotor and an enclosed cabin seating two side-by-side.

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Technical data for Sud-Est SE.3110

Engine: 1 x Salmson 9NH rated at 150kW, main rotor diameter: 12m, length: 11.13m, take-off weight: 950kg, empty weight: 670kg, max speed: 160km/h, cruising speed: 115km/h, rate of climb: 244m/min, service ceiling: 4500m, range: 300km

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