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A highly versatile and affordable single-place helicopter, the "Skylark" can be flown in the Experimental Aircraft category. Although this is one of the more affordable homebuilts, the airframe along with all major components have been designed for quality, dependability and durability.

Features of the "Skylark":

  • Full helicopter flight: vertical take-offs & landings; forward, backward & sideward flight; hovering.
  • Standard helicopter control system
  • All-aluminum main- & tail-rotor blades
  • Aircraft-grade steel & aluminum airframe & major components, plus all AN hardware
  • Full instrumentation



Technical data for "Skylark"

Engine:Rotax 582 rated 65hp, rotor diameter: 5.79m, length: 5.33m, take-off weight: 327kg, empty weight: 158kg, payload: 170kg, maximum speed: 153km/h, cruise speed: 113km/h, rate of climb: 5m/s, ceiling: 3750m


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timothy, e-mail, 17.04.2017reply

I want to know how much for a 4 seater and I live in Kansas and I wonder if I need licens to fly the copter or do I have to have some one to teach me how to fly it and I want to know how much for one because I am trying to find a cheaper way to fly to work and back

joseph williams, e-mail, 16.12.2016reply

how much does kit cost

Mayukh, e-mail, 06.04.2016reply

I want to make this helicopter.So will you please give some technical data and all about the mechanical Part of this air craft

sarang, e-mail, 27.03.2016reply

2 Strock 150 cc 5 engine instol and make helicopter .can possibel

Jean-Louis Noel, e-mail, 06.01.2016reply

What is the RPM of the main rotor?

Tamilvanan, e-mail, 26.11.2015reply

hai, iam from India how much cost for the complete set

ngszddq, e-mail, 30.08.2015reply

I am in China, how to get this

ngszddq, e-mail, 30.08.2015reply

Me and a few of my friends would be very intrested in this product.

Fred, e-mail, 19.04.2015reply

how much for complete set?

basaznew, e-mail, 16.04.2015reply

i like this helicopter and i need to buy this helicopter. so how can i get it.

micktarjick, e-mail, 14.04.2015reply

I'm from Malaysia..I love helicopter very much...if anybody want to make an investment in developing sports helicopter in Malaysia.... Welcome...I'm very interested with..I don't have fund..but I can provide place,developing permit and other facility...I'll give high commitment in developing this flying machine...

Jared, e-mail, 12.03.2015reply

I believe the Skylark helicopter is a copy of the CH-4 that was built by Augusto Cicar. Check out this post: /who-was-augusto-cicare /

lord malcolm, e-mail, 26.03.2014reply

hi there
evry one ask how much it for kit so how much is it
i would like oneso how to get intouch

Robert Stubbs, e-mail, 15.04.2014reply

Would. Like to know how much it cost

Robert, e-mail, 03.11.2014reply

How much dose a kit go for

杰米, e-mail, 04.09.2010reply


杰米, e-mail, 04.09.2010reply


杰米, e-mail, 04.09.2010reply


muse, e-mail, 23.10.2010reply

what is the type of the main rotor system??
is it semirigid rotor system or rigid??

Sterling Phillips, e-mail, 18.03.2011reply

I am interested in purchasing a Vortech Skylark. Will you have one on display at Sun & Fun this year? I want to check it out before ordering.

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