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Sikorsky "Cypher"

Sikorsky's "Cypher" UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) consists of two four-blade contra-rotating rotors, driven by a 52hp UEL AR 801 rotary engine, inside a 1.95m diameter graphite/epoxy shroud. It can be operated completely automatically or by ground control, with a pylon-mounted sensor pod. In US Army tests, it has searched and tracked man- sized targets, detected unexploded ordnance and taken part in drug interdiction exercises. It located underground structures and tunnels in Nevada for the US Department of Energy.

John W.R. Taylor "Images of America - Sikorsky", 1998

flying saucer, e-mail, 24.12.2022reply


david, e-mail, 05.01.2013reply

Please mail me the contact details of
the manufacturer

The hammer, e-mail, 22.09.2010reply

We could have had these for a song back in 1990 for border protection but the Border Patrol pilots balked at it 'cause you could teach a regular Agent (non-pilot) to fly it in a few hours. Now we're spending $$$millions on predators. Go figure>

Alexander Potterton, e-mail, 21.02.2011reply

What type of aircraft is it? It can't be fixed wing, as it has no does that, by necessity, label it a rotary-type aerial vehicle? even rotary vehicles, like the helicopter have some sort of small wings, for directional purposes

devin, e-mail, 21.06.2013reply

that thing is so much like the new dragon fire UAV but that has more of a shell around the framing

ethan ether, e-mail, 17.11.2012reply

Yeh its a paper mash up decoy ballon on a kite. ...

Nagesh Naidu, e-mail, 03.10.2009reply

Dear Ethan,

Greetings from an Indian bunch of off-beat aero model makers.

An oldies group we build for fun and of course to thrill kids.

Yes we have been building models of rare airplanes mainly in electric these days.

We look to your guidance in something you mentioned about a uav drone system.

Actually we came across the Cypher UAV and built a paper model.

Where ever you are, we pray good health and cheer to you and family.

Thanks and kind regards


Asher, e-mail, 25.06.2009reply

Please mail me the contact details of the manufacturer

ethan white, e-mail, 17.02.2008reply

Yes Here in Germany they have an even better uav drone system. and I have film to prove its existence.
delta shaped craft using almost silent electric muffled engines which are intergrated into its main body.
A Horten advanced prototype. email me

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