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First photograph released of the Shahed 274 five-seat helicopter

Development of the Shahed 274 helicopter is reported to have been undertaken by the Pasdaran, or Revolutionary Guards. The organisation may also be responsible for a new transport helicopter.


TYPE: light utility helicopter.

PROGRAMME: Sponsored (as X-5) by the Institute ol Industrial Research and Development of the IRGC; reportedly due to have made its first flight in 1997. First aircraft (71-832) handed over to IRGC 16 September 1999. International public debut, in Tehran, 30 December 2000. At least two more (74-001 and -002) in service by end of 2001. Further public appearance in air show on Kish Island, October/ November 2002. Current status uncertain.

CUSTOMERS: Total of 20 (other sources suggest 30) were reportedly planned to be built by end of 2004.

DESIGN FEATURES: Two-blade main and tail rotors; fully enclosed cabin and tailboom; upper and lower vertical fins. Intended applications include observation, rescue and light cargo-carrying.

LANDING GEAR: Twin-skid type.

POWER PLANT: One 313kW Roils-Royce 250-C20B turboshaft.

ACCOMMODATION: Seats for five persons including pilot. Forward-opening crew door and passenger door each side; baggage door aft of latter on port side.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005

Technical data for Shahed 274

Main rotor diameter: 10m, fuselage length: 9m, height overall: 3m, max. take-off weight: 1500kg, empty weight: 1000kg, max. level speed: 180km/h, service ceiling: 5200m, max range 600km

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Iran is a great country, but when the Islamic Revolution began to regress. These helicopters are worthless. Entire shooting part is granted to copy others

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من اطلاعاتی در مورد مقررات پرواز ایران ایر 5160 (سهمیه ایر فلوتsu) احتیاج دارم

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Mohamid wouldn't fly your trash

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