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PZL-Swidnik BZ-1 "Gil"

This orthodox helicopter had a two-bladed rotor mounted on a universal joint, and a small ancillary rotor with servo blades to regulate cyclic pitch and ensure stability in the main rotor. The latter was located immediately above the engine. The anti-torque tail rotor was placed at the end of a monocoque boom made of plywood.

Bronislaw Zurakowski, one of its designers, acted as test pilot during the early trials.

P.Lambermont "Helicopters and Autogyros of the World", 1958

PZL-Swidnik BZ-1 "Gil"

Two-seat light helicopter designed by Bronislaw Zurakowski, with enclosed fuselage, open cockpit, fixed tricycle u/c and one 105hp Walter Mikron 4-III piston engine. One Prot. SP-GIL FF 4 April 1950.

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Technical data for "Gil"

Number of seats: 2, engine: 1 x Walter rated 105hp, rotor diameter: 8.8m, length: 8.5m, height: 2.29m, gross weight: 580kg, empty weight: 380kg, cruising speed: 120km/h, rate of climb: 210m/min, absolute ceiling: 3000m, range: 275km

daisycutter, 26.02.2008reply

careful how you get out!

rockarolla, e-mail, 12.08.2007reply

You can see this helicopter in "Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego" in Krakow, Poland. They have nice stuff ;)

http: / / /wiki /Polish_Aviation_Museum

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