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1967 - project

Mil V-16

V-16 helicopter project of side-by-side twin rotor design with two high-power turboshafts, low-rotating turbines and vertical shafts.

V.Miheev "Mil MVZ - 50 years", 1998

1337painless, 08.03.2011reply

Why can't they use jet engines for the twin rotors?

Agent Tasmania, e-mail, 10.04.2010reply

@ lalala77777777: would you be refering to the V-22 Osprey? that's not a 'side-by-side helicopter' thats a tilt-rotor.

Mikes, e-mail, 25.06.2009reply

Actually the Russian "V" designation is for prototype helicopters, not VTOL aircraft.

CW, 16.02.2008reply

its basicly a flying B36 peacemaker

lalala77777777, 09.02.2008reply

funny how the american side by side chopper also has a V designation...

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