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Mil Mi-54

TYPE: Twin-turbine commercial utility helicopter.

PROGRAMME: Project announced summer 1992; at preliminary design stage by 1993, to replace Mi-2 and Mi-8; model displayed at MosAeroshow '92; single-engined version for Asian market also being studied; no further progress reported.

DESIGN FEATURES: Configuration shown in accompanying illustrations; four-blade composites main and tail rotors; high excess power will permit operation as Cat A helicopter from sites of limited size; intended for passenger/cargo, oil rig support, ambulance and executive duties.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tricycle type; single wheel on each main unit, carried on short sponsons; twin nosewheels; tailskid.

POWER PLANT: Two Saturn/Lyulka AL-32 turboshafts, each 574kW, mounted side by side above cabin.

ACCOMMODATION: Normal seating for 10 to 12 passengers.

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Mil Mi-54

SoLo, 20.02.2010reply

S-76? Much more like AS565 /EC155

ChopperFan, 12.09.2009reply

Looks like an S-76 all the way.

Rocketman, 14.04.2009reply

No, theres different design features.

SkyCaptain87, 20.07.2007reply


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