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Mil Mi-52 "Snegir"

Light utility helicopter to carry pilot and two passengers or 250kg. Advanced 4-blade rotor, T-tail, spatted tricycle gear. Designed for min cost, min maintenance, multi-fuel, all-climate. Prototype 1994, to be made (expected large numbers) at Mil Helicopter Plant.

Bill Gunston "The Osprey Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft", 2000

Mil Mi-52 "Snegir"

English name: Bullfinch This four-seat light helicopter project was promoted during the 1990s, but nothing came of the venture. The company unveiled a mockup on 1 June 2000 and announced that it was then hoping to resuscitate the Snegir, with a view to flying a prototype in 2001, although this failed to occur. By mid-2001, Mil was still seeking US$15 million to build, test and certify two prototypes. In early 2003, Kazan helicopter plant offered to provide funds to launch production of Mi-52.

Single- (Mi-52-1) and twin-engined (Mi-52-2 with 199kW VAZ-4265) versions are planned with commercial load capabilities of 350kg and 400kg, respectively. A military trainer is also envisaged. Unit cost of baseline version estimated as US$300,000. Progress AI-450 turboshaft mentioned as alternative power source, early 2003.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005

Technical data for Mi-52

Main rotor diameter: 10.00m, length, excl rotor: 8.71m, max. take-off weight: 1150kg, max payload: 320kg, max speed: 215km/h, cruising speed: 170km/h, hovering ceiling OGE: 1,600m, range with 250kg payload: 400km, range with max fuel and 160kg payload: 800km

another copy of the b206!, e-mail, 07.08.2007reply

This looks like another copy of the bell 206!
just looks abit more original compared to that sashed 276 or whatever its called!

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