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Mil Mi-40

The Mi-40 is a sort of 'rotary-wing infantry fighting vehicle' relying on the Mi-28's rotor system and powerplant. The Mi-40 programme was first launched as early back as in 1983 to be suspended soon since the company went for the Mi-42 helicopter featuring the unconventional NOTAR concept to compensate the main rotor's reactive torque. Due to the Soviet Union collapse and general economic crisis, the Mi-42 programme had to be cancelled. However, by then the Mi-28 combat helicopter had been built and passed many of its relevant tests. So, a decision was made to use its configuration for building an 'aerial BMP' (IFV) that was to replace the Mi-24 attack helicopter. With a crew of two, the Mi-40 will be able to haul eight assault troops in full gear, while carrying such organic weapons as automatic cannon, machineguns and ATGMs. According to the designers, the Mi-40's unification with the Mi-28 is expected to reduce the time for its development and testing.

Mil Mi-40

TYPE: Twin-turboshaft infantry combat helicopter.

PROGRAMME: Project announced summer 1992; redesigned model shown at MosAeroshow 1993; at preliminary design stage in early 1994, with initial government funding, but no further progress reported.

DESIGN FEATURES: Development of Mi-24 concept, to deliver seven troops to battlefield in armoured cabin behind flight deck and to provide fire support. Dynamic and avionics systems based on those of Mi-28.

LANDING GEAR: Retractable nosewheel type; twin-wheel nose unit; single wheel on main units.

POWER PLANT: Two 1,863kW Klimov TV3-117VMA turboshafts.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and navigator/weapon systems operator side by side; up to seven combat-equipped troops in main cabin; horizontally divided door in upward-opening/downward-opening sections on each side. Compartment at rear of cabin for gunner, with large side and rear windows and door on starboard side.

AVIONICS: Mission: Optics in mast-mounted pod, probably similar to those of Mi-28N.

ARMAMENT: Undernose turret for 23mm multibarrel gun; basic mission specifies up to eight air-to-surface or air-to-air missiles, gun and seven troops; provision for flexibly mounted 12.7mm gun at rear of cabin pod.

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Interesting. Been 10 years since anyone commented but hello to anyone reading this.

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It looks like it is useful for a search-and-rescue helicopter in the battlefields.

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Du yo have from the Mi-40 a Plan with the exact armament, please? Sincerely yours, RPB

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