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1964 - project

Mil Mi-3

One of the planned Mi-2 derivatives. Mock-up only. Project cancelled due to lack of suitable engines.

V.Miheev "Mil MVZ - 50 years", 1998

Andres Erdos, e-mail, 05.10.2012reply

The Mil Mi-3 was a Soviet light-utility helicopter originally designed in the 1960s as a heavier and larger version of the Mil Mi-2 helicopter. It is also a Russian designation for the Polish-Soviet co-operation on larger helicopters based on the Mi-2 that could replace the Mi-4 from 1971. The project never passed the stage of design. Due to problems in this cooperation, the Poles decided to build a completely new helicopter on their own, designated as PZL W-3 Sokół.
Another helicopter designated Mil Mi-3 was improved Mil Mi-1 with four bladed main rotor.

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