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Thirty years ago, the Mi-24 helicopter, developed in compliance with the ideas of General Designer Mikhail Mil, has taken off for the first time. Over these three decades the helicopter has gone through many flashpoints and the legendary Mi-24 has been designated the flying infantry combat vehicle not without reason. However, thirty years is a long life for a combat helicopter. Therefore, in early March the Mil Experimental Design Bureau demonstrated a fundamentally modernized derivative, designated the Mi-24VM (Mi-35M), of the Mi-24 helicopter that has made a perfect showing under complicated combat conditions. The conspicuous features of the modernization, offered by the Mil Design Bureau, consist in modular updating of the Mi-24. In this case, any module (unit) can be individually modernized in accordance with the customer's request and financial potentialities.

Installation of a new main rotor provided with blades made of glass fiber plastics, a hub furnished with elastolar bearings, and an X-shaped tail rotor developed for the Mi-28N helicopter, makes it possible to decrease the mass of the flying machine, increase its hovering ceiling and rate of climb, and improve its overall operating characteristics and invulnerability.

In modernizing the airframe, armament system and communications facilities, the Mil Design Bureau offers to install a shortened wing and nonretractable landing gear and retrofit the hydraulic system. In addition to this, the client may wish to replace a number of equipment components, as well as install new bomb racks, missile launchers, and radio set.

The primary emphasis has been placed on an increase of weapon effectiveness. The Ataka air-to-ground guided missiles (ammunition establishment has been increased up to 16 missiles) have been introduced into the helicopter's armament system. The missiles can also be used against air targets similar to the Igla-V guided missiles. The 12.7mm machine-gun mount has been replaced by a 23mm aircraft cannon. The most up-to-date BVK-24 computer and a laser range finder have been introduced into the heliborne equipment. A modernization program on this scale makes it possible to increase the accuracy against a single target 1.5 times, while increasing the kill zone 2 to 2.5 times when delivering cannon fire. The combat effectiveness of employing the guided missiles increases twofold on average.

The modernization will ensure the helicopter's round-the-clock combat readiness. The use of night-vision goggles with flight information displayed in the field of view, and equipping the helicopter with an optronic fire-control station comprising of thermal imaging and TV channels, control channel, and laser range finder, as well as display systems, enables the crew to detect and recognize targets at night and employ the heliborne weapons both by day and night.

It should be pointed out that this modernization program will prolong the service life of the Mi-24, designed thirty years ago, until the years of 2015 - 2020, and essentially increase the overhaul period of the helicopter and its accessories.

"Military Parade"

Mil Mi-24VM

Technical data for Mi-24VM

Crew: 2-3, rotor diameter: 17.20m, fuselage length with a gun: 18.57m, height: 4.39m, take-off weight: 10800-11500kg, empty weight: 8090kg, max speed: 310km/h, cruising speed: 260km/h, service ceiling: 5700m, hovering ceiling: 3100m, range: 500km, fuel: 2050l, armament: 23mm cannon, 4 x "Ataka" anti-tank missiles, 2 x "Igla" anti-aircraft missiles, 40 x 80mm rockets

Mil Mi-24VM

Comments, 06.07.2020reply

Verry Good Mil Mi 24 Soviet Union USSR

Joe, e-mail, 23.04.2016reply

Qnty 2 x Mi-24V needing overhaul around 5 month delivery

Please No Time Waster TireKickers

EUC Required for Inspection.

jtbd556 at gmail dot com

Cam, 24.08.2010reply

I like it! A nice-looking attack heli.

T.Shaffi, e-mail, 03.11.2010reply

Sir,My country Pakistan interested in inducting MI-24VM or MI-35 with armament and spare /service support to fight the terrorism we are facing.The attack heli which can carry troops also and fits the country budget is the ULTIMATE MI-35.
All concerned please let us know if there is a possibility to supply these aircrafts to Pakistan.Thanks.

emmanuel marsh, e-mail, 17.07.2011reply

hey there everybody. no offense to mig but did they hire the blind designer because everyone else was off, excuse my pun but the apache would terrorise this to bits

russian heli hater, e-mail, 17.07.2011reply

i havent seen an uglier helicopter. nothing gets better than the apache.

marcus, e-mail, 05.08.2011reply

$4,000,000 for an older reconditioned model Keanu.

Dshirva, e-mail, 21.09.2011reply

Emmanuel, it is not designed to combat other helicopters. It was designed to be a transport, then help support the disembarked troops. Hell, even the US has a few. The US military keeps a stock of Russian /Soviet equipment they use for black operations.

keanu, e-mail, 25.06.2010reply

anybody know what this bird sells for?
I am not exactly in the market to buy (a tad expensive I expect), but I am curious.

Nalaka, e-mail, 24.02.2010reply

ya i am from Sri Lanka great one we hav good exprnce with dis

merco1959, e-mail, 21.12.2008reply

This Beast means to do away with the Mil-28. Look at this thing's wings, then look at the Mi-28's wings: THE SAME THING. I want to see a large formation of these birds fly into the Caucus region, take Georgia, Azer and Armenia by storm, and have it become Russian soil once more.

Daniel Cifuentes, e-mail, 06.12.2008reply

Nice Bird. My friends of Nicaragua has some examples. Regards to the friends of MACEDONIA and not FYROM. To the Greeks, please have a more polite and mature attitude.

Andrew, e-mail, 29.11.2008reply

guess you mean you are from FYROM.. indeed.. great helicopter..

taco, e-mail, 12.01.2008reply

I'm from Macedonia, I have seen this "monster" in action they're great!!!!
Really mean that

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