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First displayed publicly in Moscow on 26 March 1966, the Mi-10K is a development of the Mi-10 with a number of important design changes, most apparent of which is a reduction in the height of the landing gear and a more slender tail rotor support structure.

It can be operated by a crew of only two pilots. This is made possible by the provision of an additional cockpit gondola under the front fuselage, with full flying controls and a rearward-facing seat. By occupying this seat, one of the pilots can control the aircraft in hovering flight and, at the same time, have an unrestricted view of cargo loading, unloading and hoisting, which are also under his control.

Jane's Helicopter Markets and Systems

Mil Mi-10K

(Korotkonogii, short-legged) presaged by special Mi-10 flown 1965 with single centerline nose gear and single spatted main gears of min length and weight, used to lift 25,105kg to 2840m (G.Alferov, 28 May 1965). This was restored to Mi-10R standard, but in 1966 OKB flew Mi-10K with four short landing gears reducing door sill height from almost 4 to 1.8m. New crew compartment with single pilot at original level and second in central all-glazed gondola facing aft with full controls for helicopter and load. Larger internal fuel cells, giving total with two external tanks of 9000 litres. Tail bumper and much narrower tail fin. Cleared for production October 1966, about 20 built. ASCC ‘Harke’. All versions being grounded Aug 1992.

Bill Gunston "The Osprey's Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft", 2000

The final derivative of the Mi-6 is the Mi-10K, seen in public on 26 March 1966. This differs from the Mi-10 in that it has much shorter landing gear and a thinner tail rotor support structure. A glazed gondola is fixed beneath the nose, with a rearward-facing pilot seat. From this position, the occupant can control the helicopter during hovering and superintend loading and un-loading. The maximum payload is 11000kg, but this can be increased to 14000kg by installing Soloviev D-25VF engines, each of which yield 6500shp.

G.Apostolo "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Helicopters", 1984

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Mil Mi-10K

Mil Mi-10K

Mil Mi-10K

Technical data for Mi-10K

Engine: 2 x Solovyov D-25V turboshaft, rated at 4101kW, main rotor diameter: 35.0m, length with rotors turning: 41.89m, height: 7.8m, take-off weight with payload on a sling: 38000kg, empty weight: 24680kg, max speed with payload on a sling: 202km/h, ceiling: 3000m, range with typical payload: 250km, max payload: 11000kg

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