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First turbine-powered helicopter built and flown in Germany, the five-seat Merckle SM 67 is very like the Alouette II in general appearance. Its development began as a private venture in 1956, but the third prototype, which flew for the first time on April 12,1961, was bought by the Federal Government and spent much of last year undergoing an official flight test and evaluation programme.

More refined than its predecessors, it has a fully enclosed cabin and is powered by a 406shp Turbomeca Artouste IIC shaft turbine, driving a three-blade main rotor and two-blade tail rotor.

"Flight", 7 June 1962

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The SM-67 was the first turbine-driven german helicopter. It was similar to the french "Alouette II" and the flight test stated sufficient result. But it was not build in large numbers, because the "Alouette II" was earlier available to the German army.

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Technical data for SM-67

Rotor diameter: 10.49m, overall length: 12.75m, height: 2.8m, gross weight: 1700kg, empty weight: 1037kg, max speed: 220km/h, cruising speed: 190km/h, hovering ceiling OGE: 3500m, range with full payload: 360km, payload: 300km

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