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Jovair 4A

Jovanovich persevered with the MC-4 design and after forming his own Jovair Corporation some years later produced N4071K in developed form as the prototype for a new 4-seat private or executive helicopter known as the Sedan 4E. The Franklin 6A-335 of 210hp was now installed and the fuselage offered comfortable accommodation and easy 4-door access to 3 passengers in addition to the pilot. A supercharged version, the Sedan 4ES, was offered with a 225hp Franklin 6AS-335. The Sedan 4E received type approval from the FAA in March 1963, and some two years later small-scale production of this version was begun; the current version, with a 235hp 6A-350 engine, is slightly heavier. In mid-1963 Jovair offered the stripped-fuselage Sedan 4A as an agricultural, training or utility cargo version, with provision for some 450kg of cargo or crop spraying equipment in place of the rear passenger compartment.

Thanks to Joel Lauwers from Belgium for the photo

candela alain, e-mail, 24.06.2010reply

artist and technical illustrator is it possible to obtain cutting views ,details of engine and more details of super struture all things of those helicopters are welcome i exchange by my own aeograph illustrations thank you

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