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MAI (Moscow Aviation Institute) founded 1930 and immediately began aircraft design and construction. Current design bureau formed by students in 1967 and was engaged in creation of piloted and unmanned light aircraft, which were developed according to requirements of various subsidiaries of the Ministries of Aviation Industry, Civil Aviation and Defence. By official decree of 11 August 1982. the Design Bureau was transformed into an experimental students' aircraft construction design bureau of MAI, although with a full-time engineering staff, to which students and lecturers were attached as required. By late 1980s, six experimental types had been built, comprising MAI-920 Kvant aerobatic lightplane, Photon research jet, PS-01 Komar and Elf-D UAVs and Elf and Junior lightplanes.


TYPE: Single-seat autogyro ultralight.

PROGRAMME: Prototype completed 1994; designated Aviatika-MAI-890A and powered by a 47.8kW Rotax 582 UL. Developed MAI-205 (marked only as "205") first flew 26 January 2001. Flight testing continuing in 2003 at Khodinka, Moscow.

COSTS: US$40,000 in agricultural version (2001). Development cost US$200,000.

DESIGN FEATURES: Conventional configuration, with fully enclosed cockpit, tail surfaces earned on tubular tailboom; two-blade autorotating rotor with optional pre-rotation for 'jump start'; rotor column folds for storage. Control movements emulate aeroplane, rather than autogyro, providing safer type conversion for former fixed-wing pilots. Ground-adjustable tab on rudder and each elevator. Rotor blade aerofoil NACA 23012; blade angle 4° for running take-off and flight; 10° for 'jump start'.

STRUCTURE: Fuselage, of aluminium tube with glass fibre fairings. Strut and wire-braced, fabric-covered tailplane.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tricycle; all wheels 300x125. Brakes on mainwheels. Steerable nosewheel.

POWER PLANT: One 84.6kW Rotax 914 ULS piston engine mounted behind top of cabin pod; two-blade pusher propeller. Fuel tank under engine, capacity 24 litres.

EQUIPMENT: Two 50 litre tanks. Optional Micronair AU7000 atomisers.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005

Technical data for MAI-205

Rotor diameter: 9.20m, fuselage length: 5.32m, height overall: 2.87m, max. take-off weight: 530kg, empty weight: 370kg, max. level speed: 115km/h, max. rate of climb at sea level: 162m/min, service ceiling: 1750m, take-off run: 30m, landing run: 15m

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